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Iridian 2015 Annual Report


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Time for our 2015 Annual Report

Published in: Business
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Iridian 2015 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2015 Year In Review
  2. 2. IRIDIAN: adjective irid·i·an [L, fr. Gk] a. of or pertaining to the iris of the eye Viewing your communications with a broader scope and a fresh perspective.
  3. 3. 2015 Year In Review 2 NEW YEAR • NEW WEBSITE • NEW IRIDIAN [ 2016 ] [ ] [ fresh perspective ]
  4. 4. 3 3 1 2
  5. 5. 4 My personal belief is that any time you are not getting better, then you are probably getting worse. At Iridian, we emphasize working to better ourselves every day and to continually improve for our clients and for each other. Our top priority is determining how we can best serve each client, with every interaction. Our mindset is not simply to meet expectations, it is always to go beyond what is expected, to do something unique and special. Our strategy is to lead our clients down a path that allows them to dictate their future, rather than having it dictated to them. We genuinely appreciate our clients, and place a tremendous amount of value on the relationships we form with them. At Iridian, I am so fortunate to have the pleasure of working with such a wonderfully talented group of people. It is inspiring to be amongst people who truly have a passion for their work. Someone famous once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Truer words were never spoken. Thank you and I hope we all have an even better 2016! Dan Douglas A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT TABLE OF CONTENTS 0403 05CONTENTS/ WELCOME A letter from our president PORTFOLIO: New Iridian website PORTFOLIO: Perkins County Health Services 0706 08PORTFOLIO: Sirius Computer Solutions - Lolo Latency IBM Campaign OUR SERVICES What we provide OUR TEAM Who we are 1010 11PORTFOLIO: Rotella’s Italian Bakery & Creighton Soccer Academy PORTFOLIO: Social Media Sampling OUR CLIENTS Who we work with 14 FUN FACTS & EVENTS Highlights from 2015 12 SOCIAL MEDIA 2015 Social Media Stats PORTFOLIO: Grover Ice 13 IRIDIAN WEBSITE 1. Home Page 2. Responsive Blog 2. Portfolio The new portfolio section allows us to really put the spotlight on all of the exciting work we do for our clients. Check it out at
  6. 6. 5 PERKINS COUNTY HEALTH SERVICES 1. Branding package 2. Identity design 1 2
  7. 7. PRINT DESIGN Like it or not, people will always judge a book by its cover, and the quality of your visual design is a direct reflection on your business. In a world where digital advertising has become disposable, print is making a comeback as the most effective way to legitimize your business, while also serving as a benchmark of quality. If your brochure looks low quality, your product seems second rate. Let us help you portray the brand image you’re working towards, and convey the message you need to communicate, as effectively as possible. BRAND STRATEGY A brand is more than just a logo. The first phase of brand development involves understanding what your brand is, and the landscape and issues that surround it. So we recommend that before focusing on the visual elements of branding, the organizations that work with us focus on brand platform development. It’s essential to look at the story you want to tell, the problems you solve, and the benefits you are giving your customers. If you’re still unsure about what your brand actually is, we’re here to help! 6 OUR SERVICES Iridian is a full service creative agency that has been helping organizations brand and market themselves for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on crafting better brands. Not sure what that means? Here is a breakdown of each of the services we offer: IDENTITY Arguably one of the most public facing aspects of any business, the logo identity is surprisingly the one thing many businesses tend to undervalue. It seems simple, but when you consider that your logo will be the iconic representation of your company for years to come, and will be used in a multitude of applications, sizes, and formats, it begins to become more clear just how vital a logo is to the foundation of a business. Our logo design process walks you through every decision we make, because your logo should be uniquely yours. WEB If you can’t recall the last time you picked up a phone book to find a local business, you’re in the majority. Today, it’s all about the web, and your online presence is often the first contact you have with a potential client. An outdated site, one that is not mobile friendly, or one that contains content that’s not specifically targeted to your online audience might be hurting you more than you know. We specialize in helping our clients create the most effective web presence possible. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY We live in an age when social media is a vital part of almost any marketing strategy. Social channels are among the first places customers visit to learn about and interact with your business, so it’s hard to understate the importance of a well planned social strategy. From auditing your current social channels, to consulting on best practices, to creating content calendars and guidelines, we have the experience to build a plan that fits your company’s social needs perfectly. MOTION Visual motion is a captivating way to display information, explain concepts, attract customers, and much more. From e-cards to animated ads, to motion graphic video for events, trade-shows, or whatever you can dream up, if you have a project you’d like to discuss, we’re happy to show you what we can do to help make those dreams a reality and help your company stand out among the competition. COPY WRITING Finding the right words can be a game changer when it comes to how people view your company, product, or service. Is your copy interesting, or dry? Are you explaining the true benefits to the user, or just touting features? If you’re not sure how effective your copy really is, or you just want a new set of eyes on your current materials, we’re here to help you mold your ideas into compelling copy for real customers. CONSULTATION If you’re not quite sure what you need, want to throw around some creative ideas, or just want an honest opinion about your current materials and marketing strategy, Iridian is here for you. Our group of creative minds will happily spend some time focused on coming up with the best ideas for your business and providing you with a plan to implement them.
  8. 8. SIRIUS COMPUTER SOLUTIONS LOLO LATENCY IBM CAMPAIGN 1. Landing page 2. Dr. Delay illustration 3. Postcard & Data Dash game 4. Lolo Latency illustration 5. Lolo Latency logo 7 1 2 3 5 4
  9. 9. 8 THE TEAM The Iridian team is a mix of creative and strategic thinkers who bring experience, passion, and fun to every project we take on. We have the knowledge and expertise to tackle projects big and small, and we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to create an end result that is as effective as possible. Meet the team below: DAN DOUGLAS / President Expertise: Relationship building and business development Joined Iridian in: 2010 Hobbies: Spending time with his family, watching movies and cheering on the Creighton Bluejays Favorite website: DAWN SAILORS / VP of Creative Expertise: Finding the balance between great design and effective communication on every project Joined Iridian in: 2011 Hobbies: Hand-lettering, refinishing furniture, DIY projects and blogging all about all of it Favorite website: CORRIE OBERDIN / Social Media Expertise: Helping clients navigate their many social media options through consulting, training and content development Joined Iridian in: 2010 Hobbies: Spinning yarn to knit and/or weave as well as finding pictures of cats on the internet Favorite website: ASHLEY STUHR / Art Director Expertise: Concepting and designing unique print materials for our clients Joined Iridian in: 2012 Hobbies: Road trips, live music, exploring Omaha and photographing all of it with her many film cameras Favorite website: JAN SAVOIE / Co-founder Expertise: Consulting with clients on their marketing strategy and crafting copy that truly communicates the clients’ messages Joined Iridian in: 1987 Hobbies: Traveling, landscaping, reading and spending time with her children and five grandchildren Favorite website: RACHEL BOSHART / Designer Expertise: Working with clients big and small on all things design Joined Iridian in: 2014 Hobbies: Organizing, watching documentaries and rehabbing old furniture Favorite website: KEITH SAVOIE / VP of Technology Expertise: Working within multiple programming languages, platforms and systems to help our clients with all things technology related Joined Iridian in: 1989 Hobbies: Tinkering with home audio/theater and computers Favorite website: ANDY WARREN / Web Developer Expertise: Creating beautiful WordPress websites for our clients and building everything our designers dream up Joined Iridian in: 2011 Hobbies: Bow-hunting, boating and playing Xbox at home Favorite website:
  11. 11. CASSEM TIERNEY ADAMS GOTCH & DOUGLASOUR CLIENTS We wouldn’t be where we are without the trust of our valued clients, old and new. This list represents those we’ve had the pleasure to work in partnership with over the past year. Thank you all! 10 • ALS in the Heartland • Bear Properties • Cassem, Tierney, Adams, Gotch & Douglas • Clairrant Partners • Creighton Soccer Academy • Design Basics • Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. • Grover Ice • H.A. Fisher Homes • Hiller Electric • Iowa School For the Deaf • Interiors Joan and Associates • Imperial Wagyu Beef • Industrial Packaging Corp. • KINI Radio • Memories for Kids • Metropolitan Utilities District • Mid America Computer Corporation • Nebraska Furniture Mart • Nouvelle Eve • NET • Perkins County Health Services • Professional Source USA • Rotella’s Italian Bakery • RTG Medical • Scholz Design • Shield Crest Irrigation • Sirius Computer Solutions • Skincerely Yours • St. Francis Mission • Taylor & Martin • Think Wagyu • Walentine, O’Toole, McQuillan & Gordon ® You’ll Find It Here For Less®
  12. 12. 11 SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2015 We share a LOT of messages each day – for ourselves and for our clients. We love interacting with customers on a daily basis, across many social media platforms, and love helping our clients do so as well! In 2015 we shared over 5,600 pieces of content to over 13,000 social followers across 7 social media channels. Iridian runs profiles across a variety of networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. Where will we take our clients next? Just follow us and see! +13,total followers ac SOCIAL MEDIA SAMPLING 1. Interiors Joan & Associates Houzz & Instagram 2. St. Francis Mission Twitter 3. RTG Medical Twitter 1 2 3
  13. 13. 12 QUICK STATS Iridian Social Media Accounts FACEBOOK 304 Likes 156 Posts LINKEDIN 73 Followers 150 Messages INSTAGRAM 22 Followers 62 Photos Shared 5,600 +21% ,434cross all accounts total messages shared in 2015 follower growth on twitter TWITTER 408 Followers 487 Messages PINTEREST 48 Followers 208 Pins Twitter was our clear winner this year – in addition to sharing our marketing ideas and the latest news, we were also able to network with industry oriented accounts and our followers grew by 21% over last year! 6social media channels utilized in 2015
  14. 14. 13 GROVER ICE 1. Identity Design 2. Informational Brochure 3. Exterior Signage 4. Website: 1 3 4 2
  15. 15. 14 EVENTS We always enjoy looking back on everything that’s happened and events that we have been privileged enough to be a part of. Here are a few selections that stood out to us as notable events of 2015. FUN FACTS NEBRASKA ADDY AWARDS February 2015 • Professional Recognition In late February, we attended the Nebraska ADDY Awards where we were awarded a Silver ADDY for our “All the Right Tools” campaign, created for Sirius Computer Solutions. The award was in the Direct Marketing category. The team is super proud of the win and had a great time at the ceremony that took place in Lincoln. SUMMER INTERN Summer 2015 • Teaching Moments This summer, we took on a design intern to support the creative team and help out with a variety of projects. Our intern, Rachel Schacht, came to us from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. We had a great time with Rachel, and hope that we imparted some knowledge that she can take with her as she gets ready to begin her design career. FIELD PAPER SHOW September 2015 • Inspiration & Fun Each year our creative team attends the annual Field Paper Show. This year, we were treated to a wide array of paper samples from multiple vendors, followed by lunch and an inspirational design history lesson from Chris Harrold, Creative Director & Business Development for Mohawk. Each year the Field Paper Show fills us with inspiration and creative ideas to take back to our clients. THE AIGA SHOW October 2015 • Inspiration & Fun We had several pieces progress to the second round of judging at this year’s AIGA show, and although we didn’t win, we all had fun attending the event. This year’s judges gave some truly inspirational talks before the event, and Dawn got to meet her lettering hero, Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom. We all left feeling inspired. SPOTLIGHT ON DESIGN November 2015 • Client Events For the second year in a row, we joined our client, Interiors Joan & Associates, in their annual event Spotlight on Design for Families, a fashion show held at the Interiors Joan and Associates’ Omaha studio. Bringing together fashion from local stores like Nouvelle Eve, food from Abraham Catering, drinks from The Tavern, and marketing assistance from us, the show was able to benefit Heartland Family Service this year. 1 ZAMBONI RIDE 6 LOGOS DESIGNED 10WEBSITES LAUNCHED 13NEW CLIENTS 22 PAPER SAMPLE BOOKS ACQUIRED 23DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGNS SENT OUT
  16. 16. 14450 Eagle Run Drive, Suite 120 Omaha, Nebraska 68116