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Ninja Riders: sensibilizzare i giovani a una mobilità più sicura attraverso il gioco

Presentazione dl progetto Ninja Riders all'evento "Behavioural change e sostenibilità ambientale: innovazione, strumenti, tecnologie" organizzato da Poliedra presso il Politecnico di MIlano - 16 maggio 2018

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Ninja Riders: sensibilizzare i giovani a una mobilità più sicura attraverso il gioco

  1. 1. Ninja Riders: sensibilizzare i giovani a una mobilità più sicura attraverso il gioco Irene Celino – Cefriel – 16 maggio 2018
  2. 2. THE NINJA RIDERS PROJECT • Through its suite of gameful digital tools, Ninja Riders (1) detects the youngsters’ attitudes and decision-making in urban mobility, and (2) promotes a cultural change to improve road safety • EIT Digital co-funded project (Digital Cities Action Line) running from January to December 2017 • Project partners: Cefriel (IT, coordinator), BSD (IT), Alfstore (FR), Technical University of Delft (NL) and InnoValor (NL)
  3. 3. ENGAGEMENTPREVENTION Pre-collision assist Anti-sleep alarm Electronic alerts Mobile phone block Driving monitoring Driving coach Points, coupons, discounts WHAT Psychological factors Preferences Attitudes Justifications Consequence awareness Personal reflection WHY Rule compliance Values and principles Emotions Dilemmas Mobility context Social context
  4. 4. THE NINJA STORIES APP – CONVERSATIONAL DECISION-MAKING • Mobility stories told by Ninja characters in a conversation aimed to get relevant data about context-specific decision-making • Gamified survey to engage the user to discover his/her “kind of inner ninja” • Conversational mode • Friendly language • Peer-to-peer discussion (no top-down “instructions”) • Psychometrics dimensions measured “in context” • App installation:
  5. 5. THE NINJA RIDERS APPROACH • Psychographics through psychometrics: youngsters’ road safety profile through decision- making assessment in the mobility context • Psychographics = Analysis of consumer lifestyles to create a detailed customer profile. Market researchers conduct psychographic research by asking consumers to agree or disagree with activities, interests, and opinions statements. Results of this exercise are combined with geographic and demographic characteristics to develop a more “lifelike” portrait of the targeted consumer segment • Psychometrics = Measurement or assessment of individual differences in abilities, aptitudes, attitudes, behaviour, intelligence, and other attributes through psychological tests (Definition source: Business Dictionary) + = + Solid psychological framework psychometrics New technological solution conversational gamification New young customer profiling psychographics (“why” data) Possibility to integrate other information analytics (“what” data)