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Analysis of a Cultural Heritage Game with a Purpose with an Educational Incentive



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Analysis of a Cultural Heritage Game with a Purpose with an Educational Incentive

  1. 1. Analysis of a Cultural Heritage Game with a Purpose with an Educational Incentive Irene Celino, Andrea Fiano and Riccardo Fino CEFRIEL – Milano, Italy paper:
  2. 2. Introduction and motivation Cultural Heritage (CH) Game with a Purpose (GWAP) Gameplay: quiz to guess a CH asset from four different images Purpose: ranking images of CH assets Collateral effect: learning about CH Evaluation of the CH GWAP: Effectiveness to achieve its ranking purpose Ability to engage and retain players Potential effect of the educational/cultural incentive
  3. 3. Indomilando gameplay Images of CH architectures in the city of Milano Churches, villas, buildings, schools, towers, … 1 name/title and 4 photos (of 4 different assets) Link to official asset record Map to explore CH assets the user played with
  4. 4. Intuitively, a photo is recognizable if it is correctly guessed more frequently Conservative measure: lower bound of Wilson score interval But some categories are more recognizable than others (e.g. buildings are difficult)  correction: standardization by asset type Final photo rank score: Indomilando purpose Computing photo ranking p: observed fraction of successes (=photo guessed) z2 α/2: (1 - α/2) quantile of the standard normal distribution n: total number of trials (=photo played)
  5. 5. Indomilando purpose Computing CH asset ranking Intuitively, an asset rank score corresponds to the average of its photos’ rank scores But each asset has a different no. of photos (1-40)  correction for number of photos But each set of photos can be heterogeneous (mix of good and bad photos)  correction for photo inhomogeneity Final asset rank score:
  6. 6. Indomilando purpose Evaluating ability to rank Comparison with no. of visits of assets’ Wikipedia pages (when existing) But no. of Wikipedia visits is more a sign of “popularity” than “recognisability” Comparison with ground truth Best photo of top-10 Wikipedia assets Manual ranking by 12 users Rank aggregation weighted by declared familiarity with Milano CH Good ability to rank and much more time-effective  Each manual ranker: avg. of 1 min 27 sec to rank 10 assets Indomilando: 72 players with avg. of 7.5 min to rank ~1400 photos and ~650 assets
  7. 7. Indomilando gaming flavor Evaluating players engagement ALP (Average Life Play): 7.5 min Left-skewed distribution (long tail) Median < 3 min Two user groups (+ “outliers”) Subjective analysis of engagement through user questionnaire Players like it 
  8. 8. Indomilando cultural flavor Evaluating educational incentive (1/2) Possibility to explore CH official records between game rounds (map exploration) Two rounds consecutive if < 15 min Distribution of “exploration” time Possibility to learn over time to recognize CH assets No. of correctly guessed photos as a function of the played game rounds
  9. 9. Indomilando cultural flavor Evaluating educational incentive (2/2) Subjective analysis of cultural incentive through user questionnaire What motivated you to play? Did you learn anything new about Milano?  guessing it right  leaderboard  learning something new
  10. 10. Conclusions Indomilando is effective to achieve its ranking purpose Resulting rank highly correlated to a ground truth Outcome achieved in a very limited time Indomilando shows a good engagement potential Most players find the game fun User group spending a significantly long time in playing Indomilando has a learning/educational effect Players are motivated to acquire new knowledge Interplay of ranking purpose and educational incentive to be further investigated
  11. 11. Indomilando promoted by Lombardy
  12. 12. Analysis of a Cultural Heritage Game with a Purpose with an Educational Incentive Irene Celino, AndreaFiano andRiccardoFino Thank you! Additional material can be found at