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Jenkins Continuous build System


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Jenkins Continuous build System

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Jenkins Continuous build System

  1. 1. Jenkins Continuous Build System Jenkins Continuous Build System
  2. 2. Executive summary • Continuousintegrationsystemsareavitalpartofany Agile teambecausetheyhelpenforcetheidealsof Agile development • Jenkins, acontinuousbuildtool, enablesteamsto focuson theirworkbyautomatingthebuild, artifact management, and deploymentprocesses • Jenkins’corefunctionalityandflexibility allowitto fit ina varietyofenvironmentsandcanhelpstreamline the development process forallstakeholders involved
  3. 3. Agenda ContinuousIntegration (CI) Whatis it? What arethebenefits? ContinuousBuild Systems Jenkins Whatis it? Wheredoes itfit in? Why should Iuseit? What can itdo? How does itwork? Whereis it used? How can Igetstarted? Puttingitall together Conclusion References
  4. 4. CI - Defined “ContinuousIntegrationisasoftwaredevelopmentpractice wheremembersofateamintegratetheirworkfrequently, usuallyeachpersonintegratesatleastdaily- leadingto multipleintegrationsperday.Eachintegrationisverifiedby anautomatedbuild(includingtest)todetectintegration errors asquickly aspossible”– MartinFowler
  5. 5. CI – What does it really mean? Ataregularfrequency(ideallyateverycommit),thesystem is: Integrated Allchanges upuntilthat point arecombined intotheproject Built Thecodeis compiledintoanexecutableor package Tested Automated testsuites arerun Archived Versioned andstored so itcan be distributedasis, ifdesired Deployed Loaded ontoasystem where the developers caninteractwithit
  6. 6. CI - Workflow Code Repository Developers Continuous BuildSystem Artifact Repository Test Reports Deployment Source&Tests Regular Interval Executable/ Package TestingResults
  7. 7. CI – Benefits • Immediate bugdetection • No integration step in thelifecycle • A deployable system at any givenpoint • Recordofevolution ofthe project
  8. 8. CI – The tools • Code Repositories • SVN, Mercurial,Git • ContinuousBuild Systems • Jenkins,Bamboo,Cruise Control • TestFrameworks • JUnit,Cucumber,CppUnit • Artifact Repositories • Nexus,Artifactory,Archiva
  9. 9. Jenkins Branched fromHudson Java basedContinuousBuild System Runs in servletcontainer Glassfish,Tomcat Supported byover 400plugins SCM,Testing,Notifications,Reporting, ArtifactSaving,Triggers,External Integration Underdevelopment since 2005 
  10. 10. Jenkins - History • 2005- HudsonwasfirstreleasebyKohsuke Kawaguchiof SunMicrosystems • 2010 – Oraclebought SunMicrosystems • Duetoanaming dispute,Hudson wasrenamed to Jenkins • OraclecontinueddevelopmentofHudson(asabranchofthe original)
  11. 11. Jenkins – Fitting in Code Repository Developers Artifact Repository Test Reports Deployment Source&Tests Regular Interval Executable/ Package TestingResults