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  1. 1. Type PublicIndustry Jewellery, DiamondsFounded 2000Headquarters Mumbai, IndiaKey people Mr. Mehul Choksi, Chairman, MrAdri Voorn, DirectorProducts Lamhe, Glitterati, Vivaaha, DER,Solitaire and SaumyaParent Gitanjali GroupWebsite Nakshatra Diamonds
  2. 2. Parent Company GitanjaliCategory Diamonds and jewelerSector Lifestyle and retailTagline/ Slogan Divine luck; Glow DivineUSP Beautiful, elegant and timeless
  3. 3. STPSegmentPatronized by all woman who adore the diamondwho buys diamond for prestige, for a status symboland to gain satisfactionTarget Group Upper middle and upper class from the urban areasPositioning Depicts the culture and tradition of India
  4. 4. SWOT AnalysisStrength1. Most famous and desirable brand for the consumers in India2. Celebrity brand ambassadors help the brand in associatingwith the audience3. Most trusted and praised due to its innovative designs4. It’s one of the exporting diamond product company5. It is one of India’s fastest growing and top of the mindjewellery brandWeakness1. Despite high brand presence, local and domesticcompetition makes it difficult to control the market share2. Global penetration is limited, which can be a huge marketOpportunity1. Needs to strengthen its foot in the areas like US, Japan,china and Middle east2.Needs to increase its retail presence in India3.Still competition from local vendors but it can be a marketleader by moving into and promoting its brand in tier III cities.Threats1.Fragmentation of rough diamond supply2.Valatility in the prices of Gold and diamonds3.Emergnce of new mining areas4.More demand into studded jeweler and solitaires