Techiqual skills development editing !


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Techiqual skills development editing !

  1. 1. Editing techniques<br />The most important reason for editing is to add continuity to the sequence otherwise you would just have a sequence of shots that are not in a particular order. Editing is a part of post production of film making. Good editing can make a bad production look good. Through the editing you can clear any makes mistakes that are made while filming. Editor requires his equipments as Video Tape Recorder mainly use to dump or upload the tapes, digital audio decks, video monitors, speakers and audio mixers.<br /> The first step of editing is rough cut where take only the best shot and arrange them according to the storyline. Then we need to check where the shots start and finish. After that we edit the shots, add effects and place them in a timeline. Some of the editing techniques are cutaways, reaction shots, overlapping edits, matching action etc. Sometimes we can use transitions rather than simple cut such as dissolve, wipe or fade. As the video clips get arranged in right order and edited, the further polishing is done. The video clips can be cropped, resized and colour corrected. Titles are inserted or superimposed.<br />This is a shot list. A shot list is where every shot is listed and the time at when it comes on the sequence. <br />