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Subject Matter

  1. 1. Subject Matter Detjona BorizaniMe and my group have decided to base our clip on children. So I have researched thehistory of thriller movies with children in them and I will be discussing how we can usetheir structure to help us decide on how to set out our video.So the first and most important thing I researched was what is needed to make a goodthriller movie that will sell. What I found out was that in a thriller you must havesuspense. To create suspense you can use different methods starting from the musicthat is used within a scene to lighting. Music plays a big part as if you chose the wrongtrack the scene will have no effect on the audience and it will not correspond with therest of the film. Depending on the scene you have to decide on what type of music forexample the genre and the tone of the track has to fit the scene. Lighting also plays abig part in creating suspense. If for example youre aiming for a very dark anddangerous scene you would use dark colours or setting and you would use very fierycolours to show that the character is angry it dangerous moments.In order to make our clip look more realistic we have to include things such as props tomake the child look like a child. Some of the things I found were school bags are themain prop to make them look like kids. Then comes uniform. Another thing that is veryvital is a scene in a school. This will show that the child is in school and that they mightbe getting bullied or whatever you want to portray.Script is also very important as if you have a child talking about politics then it doesntsound right. So I found out what 9 year olds like to talk about most. My research showsthat most of the time they talk about boys/girls, super heroes, games and friendship.What we need to do is fit those conversations into our clip to make our child looknormal. For example in Let Me In the girl talks to the boy about school and how hesbeing bullied. This is a prime example of what we might want to include in our work.In conclusion I think that the way you portray characters and settings have a big part toplay in how effective your thriller will be. For our group I have suggested that we usetwo children one boy and one girl. This will help the audience to understand them moreand it will also show a relationship between the two which will be very strong.