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Similar textual analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Similar textual analysis

  1. 1. Music videos: Similar Text AnalysisTitle /artist: Pink – PerfectGenre: rock, rock popTarget audience: teenagers/young adults 11- 25Lyrics: Made a wrong turn, Once or twice Dug my way out, Blood and fire Bad decisions, Thats alright Welcome to my silly life Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood Miss "no way, its all good", It didnt slow me down Mistaken, Always second guessing Under estimated, Look, Im still around Pretty, pretty please Dont you ever, ever feel Like your less than less than perfect. Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like your nothing You are perfect to me…Music: key board, drums, guitar and bassNarrative: The narrative is non-linear as it begins with the main character (female, early 20‟s)laying in her bed with her partner. She stares into the distance and spots a teddy bear fromher childhood which then triggers flashbacks from her past. These flashbacks make up mostof the video consisting of scenes. Where she is a child and being told off by her teacher forfighting a boy who stole her teddy, arguing with her mum about the outfit she wanted towear, getting caught stealing a dress after watching a group of skinny girls try it on, weighingherself then slitting her wrists and spelling the words „‟perfect‟‟ on her arm In the bath tub.She gets up from the bath tub and cuts her hair this symbolises her new life. There then is aflashback of her in an art gallery standing next to her work smiling for the first time in her life.The last shot of that flashback is of a man walking into the gallery which we realise is later tobecome her partner who is at the beginning of the video. It then goes back to her in her bedwhich was the beginning of the scene. She picks up the teddy and takes it to her daughter inthe other room she then mouths the words “you are perfect”.
  2. 2. The video is mainly narrative driven which I think works particularly well as the lyrics and themusic relate to the story line which is being performed. However Pink (the artist) is shown inmany scenes singing whilst a faint image of the narrative is being shown in the background.She also features as one of the characters in the scene in the art gallery. Showing Pink in thevideo lets the audience know who the song is by.The mode of address in this song is mainly third person as the audience is put in the maincharacters point of view as she shows us different moments of her life which got her to whereshe is now. This is effective as it makes us empathise with her as if we actually got to live themoments with her. An indirect address was used for the narrative part of this video as thecharacters in the video act as if they are not being watched by an audience whereas adirect address is used when Pink sings as she looks directly towards the camera as if she issinging to us.There are no obvious uses of intertexuality in the video but if you are a fan of Pink you wouldrealise that „‟Perfect „‟ is linked to her song „Raise your glass „‟ which has a similar narrativeand message to the song. In one of the flashbacks Pink see the main character in the artgallery and raises her glass to her.Themes: There are many themes that are being addressed. The main one which wasrecurring through the whole video was „‟ self-hatred‟‟. Through her flashbacks from all thedifferent ages the main character was not happy with her life or better to say herself. In oneof the flashbacks she watches a group of girls in the changing rooms. She sees there slim
  3. 3. bodies and becomes jealous she results to vandalising the toilets and writing „‟skinny bitches‟‟on the toilet walls.Although on the surface it may seem that she does not like the girl which is the reason for heractions the real reason is that she is not feeling happy with her body and wished she lookedlike those girls. There is a scene where she is in her bathroom whilst she steps on the weighingscale you see her sickly tiny frame and her spine sticking out of her back this shows that shehas been starving herself to get to the size that the other girls are at. She then carves thewords „‟perfect „‟ into her skin whilst laying in the bath this image is very alarming. Itrepresents self-hatred, how everyone is trying to be perfect and how no one is ever happywith themselves. Other themes in the video are bullying, peer pressure, freedom and beingtrapped.Ideology: The ideology in this music video centres on the concept of beauty, How beautyand is seen as only tall girls with size 0 frames and long hair. This video shows the struggle awoman goes through to find herself while nearly giving in to the idea of beauty andforgetting herself. The main message in this video is that everybody is perfect no matter whatshape or size or colour or height.Representations:The social issues that occurred in this video were mainly focused on the main character‟steenage life. The flashbacks show scenes of how she was teased as a young kid through toher teenage life. She never seemed to fit in. In all of her flashbacks she was either arguing orbeing shouted at by various people in her life. Until her big transformation she finally felt likeshe fitted in.The difference in social class was very apparent. This was shown in the flashback were shestole the dress. She was wearing a name tag clearly showing that she worked for the storeplacing her in the working class category, whereas the girls in the store were trying on clothesin a high end store which clearly shows that they are of a middle class background. Themiddle class girls were represented as stuck up, mean and spiteful. This was shown by the girls
  4. 4. looking appalled and taking photos of the working class girl as she was being kicked out ofthe shop after attempting to steal a dress.The main character was shown as a Goth in one of the flashbacks. The video stereotypes herby making her result to slitting her wrists. The video also stereotypes middle class people asmean and snobby as all the middle class girls where bitchy and stuck up.In the beginning of the video you see the couple being intimate with each other but therewas no use of exhibitionism. However the audience can clearly tell what they are doing bythe bare skin and the position of the characters. Some may say that the flashback of the girlwatching the other girls in the changing room can be seen as voyeurism as she is spyingthrough the door watching them. However I believe that this is a very effective way ofshowing how insecure she is of her body as she wants to be like them.Pink was the only well-known star in this video, she also starred in one of the flashbacks andused a motif from one of her previous songs „‟raise your glass‟‟ by raising her glass to the maincharacter.Technical codes:The first shot was from behind the wall. The camera tracks round into the bedroom this looksas though the audience is spying on the couple being intimate which is a sense of voyeurism.It then cuts to a medium close up (MCU) of the main girls face staring into space. Thecamera cuts to a close up (CU) of a teddy bear which triggers her flashbacks. During someof her flashbacks pink is superimposed in the shot while she sings and the action is going onbehind her.The camera does a pull focus and blurs out the scenes behind her and Pink sings for a whileuntil the camera pans diagonally into the action and while cutting Pink out of the shot. Whilethe girl is slitting her wrists the use of a CU of the sharp razor blades and her delicate skin areeffective as they emphasise the awfulness of the situation. CU of her facial expressions whileshe is slitting her wrists are used to show the audience how much pain she‟s going throughand to make us sympathise with her. The use of extreme close ups (ECU) of the blood in thewater is very shocking as the two colours juxtapose well together. A CU of her hand full of blood dropping the razor on the floor was used to symbolise the endof her old life. A MCU of the words perfect carved into her hand while the bath is now full ofblood shows the struggle she has been through to try to be perfect. This also ties all theflashbacks together and gives the audience a better understanding of the plot. There then isa CU shot of the teddy bear that she saw in the beginning of the video seeing this makes herrealise that she needs to stop. She gets out of the bath and there are CU‟s of scissors, cuttingher hair and her eyes damp and red from crying. This symbolises the start of her new life.
  5. 5. The scene where she is slitting her wrists there is a moment of silence where she is laying in thebath. All you can hear is the ambient sound of the tap dripping. This is very effective as thesilence is juxtaposed with the music from the rest of the song. It also gives the audience achance to digest what is going on. When the girl gets up from the bath the music then startsagain.The main use of editing was the superimposition of Pink singing while the flashbacks wereoccurring. At some points the flashbacks were shown behind pink as if they were beingprojected to a screen behind her. The clever use of the camera cuts matching the speedand mood of the music e.g. as she was cutting her hair the cuts were very fast as was themusic being a changing point in her life.Symbolic codes:(Mise –en- scene)In nearly every shot the main character is by herself this shows her attitude towards the rest ofthe world. The video is set in the suburb in America. The flashbacks take place in school, inher house and in her workplace. These locations immediately give the audience an image ofa normal life. Which we then find out is clearly not the case. The girl‟s costume is ordinary girlyfashion. We see in one flashback she tries to go to school with heavy make up on and gothicclothing but gets stopped by her mum and gets made to change. The only time she isdressed in her own style is towards the end of the film where she finally broke past the peerpressure. During the bath scenes the girl is dressed in Barbie pyjama‟s symbolising who shewants to be like. This is an enigma code.
  6. 6. Cultural codes:There are not many indications of iconography in this video to show particular culture codesbut little subtle things can help us guess. I believe this video is based in modern times as theway the characters dress is contemporary. I also predict that this video was based inAmerica as the girl scores an „‟F „‟ on her test whereas in England we do not have thosegrade boundaries. The houses indicate it was set in the suburbs of America making the maincharacter an average working class girl.Audience Readings:The preferred reading of this video was for the audience to understand the message that it‟sokay to be different and that there are other people like you in the world. The oppositionalreading of this video would be people thinking that this video is promoting and supportingself-harming and bullying.Overall I think this video is excellent. It has both narrative and performance and portrays avery strong message that seems to be forgotten in this day and age. That the image themedia portrays is not the right image for everyone. Everyone is beautiful in their own way andthough it may not seem at the time someone out there thinks you are perfect just the wayyou are!Link : Similar textual Analysis