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Script draft


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Script draft

  1. 1. Script<br />Black screen with a quote in red writing.<br />-High angle over the shoulder shot of Bethany drawing on the floor.<br />Mum (vo)<br />Bethany come and helps me set the table, Bethany; don’t make me come up there...<br />-medium shot of Bethany hiding the papers under her bed<br />Mum (vo)<br />5..4..3..2..1<br />-Close up of door being slammed open <br />-tilt up revealing the moms angry face (from feet to face)<br />Mum:<br />Go and set the table<br />-Tracking shot of Bethany leaving room<br />Mum:<br />*sighs* this room is a mess<br />-pov shot of the messy room, camera spots papers sticking out under the bed.<br />-close-up of hands looking through paper, hands stop at one drawing of a kid and a big knife cutting mum’s hand off.<br />Cross cut<br />-in the kitchen, Bethany has a big knife and a chopping board <br />Bethany <br />Mum, come and see me chopping carrots<br />-mum enters room, walks into frame<br />Mum:<br />Go on Beth, show me then princess <br />-close up of hands, Bethany grabs mum hand lifts the knife up<br />Mum<br />Beth ...what are you doing, Beth let go your hurting me<br />-knife lowered quickly near mum hand loud scream from mum, fades back to reality.<br />-long shot of mum crouched on the floor flicking through the papers with a worried expression.<br />-close up of mums worried face, eye line match of another drawing, close up of a drawing (mums dead on the bed with a little girl standing next to her smiling with a pillow)<br />Crosscuts <br />-close up of mum sleeping <br />-slowly a pillow appears in frame over mum’s mouth<br />- birds eye view of hands on either side of pillow holding pillow down, mums eyes wretch open ,muffled cries of mum <br />-cuts back to reality <br />-medium shot of Bethany sitting at the table with mum <br />-medium close up of Bethany playing with the knife and not eating her food<br />-medium close up of mum looking stressed and frustrated <br />-pull focus revealing Bethany staring sinisterly at mum with a crazy smile, whilst continuing to play with knife. <br />-shot reverse shot,<br />Mum<br />Why are you staring at me like that?<br />-pan of the doors locking by themselves<br />Bethany:<br />I’m just thinking of ways to kill you mummy<br />-close up of mum’s facial expression<br />-extreme close up of Bethany face<br />end<br />