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Questionnaire research


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Questionnaire research

  1. 1. Questionnaire:<br />Courtney Lang<br />What is your gender?<br />Female |||| (4)<br />Male |||||| (6)<br />How old are you?<br />10-15 | (1)<br />16-25 ||||| (5)<br />26-35 | (1)<br />36-45 || (2)<br />46+ | (1)<br />What is your preferred film genre?<br />Comedy ||| (3)<br />Romance | (1)<br />Adventure <br />Action ||| (3)<br />Thriller || (2)<br />Western<br />Sci-fi<br />Horror | (1)<br />Other <br />How often do you watch a film?<br />1-3 times a week ||| (3)<br />4-7 times a week ||||| (5)<br />Once a month || (2)<br />Twice a month | (1)<br />Never<br />Through what media do you view films the most?<br />Cinema |||| (3)<br />DVD or Blue-ray |||| (4)<br />Internet || (2)<br />Rental<br />Television | (1)<br />Other<br />Do Thriller films appeal to you?<br />Yes ||||||||| (10)No <br />How do you find out about films?<br />Trailers |||| (4)<br />Posters<br />Friends/family || (2)<br />TV advertisement | (1)<br />Online | (1)<br />Magazine/newspaper || (2)<br />Other<br />What attracts you about a Thriller film?<br />Storyline ||| (3)<br />Actors/Actresses ||| (3)<br />Reviews |||| (4)<br />Producers/Directors <br />Feeling of suspense or fear<br />Other<br />Would you prefer a Thriller trailer to be....?<br />Suspenseful ||| (3)<br />Revealing || (2)<br />Mysterious | (1)<br />Dramatic || (2)<br />Scary || (2)<br />Which Sub-genre of Thriller do you prefer?<br />Horror thriller || (2)<br />Crime thriller | (1)<br />Psychological thriller <br />Action thriller |||| (4)<br />Other ||| (3)<br />