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Client Case Study - Corporate Health Partners


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Here's a quick case study to show how I treat every client need strategically. What began as a website copywriting project became a full brand refresh that helped my client standout and succeed in a crowded marketplace.

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Client Case Study - Corporate Health Partners

  1. 1. Project OverviewThe team at Corporate Health Partners (CHP), a company that offers structured, measurablewellness programs for businesses with mid to large-size workforces, approached me to write newcopy for their existing website. Upon reviewing CHP’s market strategy, competitive landscape,current branding, content and site structure, I recommended more than just new words to conveywho the company is and what it does. I felt new copy needed to coexist within an updated brandand refreshed website that was more inviting to potential clients and optimized for today’s digital-social-mobile marketplace.The CHP team agreed, and we embarked on a rebranding of thecompany. Incorporating understanding of the target market’smindset and CHP’s differentiating advantages, I created updatedbranding (including basic identity elements such as business cardsand letterhead) and completely rewrote and redesigned theirwebsite. In tandem, I led the production of testimonial videos to beused on the website, as well as for in-person sales presentations.The initial project blossomed into an ongoing relationship in which Iprovided creative strategy, creation of marketing materials, ads andclient case studies, public relations support and advisement onsocial media campaigns. I also served as liaison for CHP duringconsideration of the development of a new app and proprietaryhealth tracking portal. The new approaches served the companywell, and the branding and website helped CHP capture attentionand generate interest in its market.Eventually, the CHP team negotiated a merger with an Atlanta firmoffering similar services. The client reported that the branding andmessaging I developed was heralded as highly appealing andpresented CHP well to its new business partners and associates.To follow are representations of some elements of the CHP rebranding projects, starting with a brieflook at CHP “before” the new creative strategy was ■ (615) 292-0899 ■ msg2mkt.comPO R T F O L I O EX A M P L ECorporate Health Partners RebrandingCorporate HealthPartners Project:Immersion in CompanyStrategy & CompetitiveMarketDevelopment ofCreative StrategyUpdated Branding,Graphic Standards,Corporate MessagingNew Website Strategy,Design & ContentProduction of VideoTestimonialsOngoing Marketing,Advertising & PR SupportOngoing StrategicAdvisement
  2. 2. CHP’s Branding Before the UpdatePrior to my involvement, the CHP branding was quite conservative, from the tree icon in the logo tothe language on the company website. The tree icon did not reduce well, so it lost its clarity whenplaced on business cards and used in smaller applications.The website was static, not optimized for SEO and did not adequately relate to potential clientsCHP’s many differentiating factors and successes. There were no calls to action, no compellinglanguage to invite more interaction by interested parties. Additionally, the site was built in a platformthat made it a bit challenging for the team to maintain and update autonomously.I spent ample time with the CHP to understand their company, its core focus, who they market to,who their competitors are and what had and had not worked to date in the effort to grow marketshare.
  3. 3. CHP’s Branding After the UpdateOut of respect for the equity CHP had built in its previous branding, I freshened the logo withouttotally overhauling, leaving the word mark in tact while bringing in a more stylized tree icon withmore contemporary colors. For messaging, I incorporated bold, conversational language that morequickly, clearly explained CHP’s services. For the website, I used featured text, click-throughs, on-page video and new navigation to create a site that was truly engaging, interesting and optimizedto help CHP show up in web searches.
  4. 4. Corporate HealthPartners Website:Fresh BrandingClear, ConversationalLanguageCompellingVideo ContentAbundant Click-throughsfor User EngagementCall-out Copy &Highlighted Text