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Skills of the modern marketer. Econsultancy infographic


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The Skills of the Modern Marketer research set out to answer one question: how true is it that the skills and the types of people that are most in demand are those which underpin the kind of marketing that is outlined in the manifesto?

The report defines the soft skills needed to be successful in the organisation and the deep vertical knowledge areas that marketers see growing in importance in the coming years.

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Skills of the modern marketer. Econsultancy infographic

  1. 1. Disruptive Innovators Change Agents 1 ~ Journeymen l . I When we interviewed senior marketers about what they looked for in new recruits, a surprisingly strong emphasis was placed on soft skills. They need individuals who can navigate increasing complexity, cope with rapid change and take greater accountability. 8 Today, marketers increasingly sit at the board table and are vital in shaping strategy. E Digital thinking is embedded in marketing strategies. Q Marketers are commercial, customer focused and understand why data is exciting. SOFT SKILLS Very important to being an effective marketer A’Il| liiL', «’ ‘iii eipinii r"= ,I¢‘I~‘“Illl= _l“l= l -1 t<= i:ni llplplllntilllfiiiaw = .lI'}= ]_Il’i. “ui I= o=_ini a‘iit= iii= i;4t= ie gilnnkly‘ ' l l l l l l l l : ‘nlIliiw ‘iui ITl= nl| vivliiii 1 L= .ii= ll= ,ll ii‘Il'lIlt(iII; -: ":3: TIM I. inioi: iii‘t= .Iln1y = _l'nlI| i‘§1l»“‘IIi m= .It(= i uniuiniuuiluiuia: iisiwiasiui cilL1,u: .iI: .Ii(= i I-il= o=. w l l JIM. Sill? “ AIM. flit”/ ii NV! -i Y‘lV‘. . 59% Cilia“ nmi= Ir = ):1,, u=i = mu: i 51% » = :i: t%9* 0 44/0 hllliitninininial 37% 28% ll’ lVilulilIl= i Cillliianii "A'l= I‘Ii £‘Il3.| [ll‘i'l| 'l-“i. ,~"'5 ~7iIlIl'P: .|| iVil= II‘, li= i ‘riteiitqsiiluig-1 iiiteilkaiilnigt ! !:. I‘r. -.i £Il'i'fl'§Y; O Lnill. " . » *1 . . 5 _. ., ,.. i L 4 i. , ‘ 4 ~ ‘V ': ~-7: Information courtesy of Econsu| tancy’s Digital Transformation unit. Contact us to find out how we can help your people achieve digital excellence: transformation@econsu| tancy. com - Tel. 44 20 7269 1450