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  1. 1. ENERGYIrene Quiñones y Ana Cuesta Santiago 2ºAHaga clic para modificar el estilo de subtítulo del patrón
  2. 2. IN D E X1.-Energy Definition.2.-Types energy.3.-Energy Sources.4.-Renewable and Non-Renewable energies.5.-Environmental Impacts6.-Energy Power Station.7.-Wind Turbines.
  3. 3. Energy Definition• Energy is the capacity of an object to realize a function.Energy is equivalent to the capacity of pulls or pushes against the nature forces,along a certain length.
  4. 4. Types of energy• Mechanical Energy: There are two types of mechanical energy: Kinetic and potential.• Kinetic energy: Is the energy which is in motion.Some examples of kinetic energy are moving water and wind.•
  5. 5. Types of energy• Potential Energy: is when an object with energy is moved from their stable place of equilibrium. For example: a roller coaster.
  6. 6. Types of energy• Electrical Energy: Is the energy that make electrically powered machines work when a supply of electricity is connected to it.This energy can be a secondary source of energy too.
  7. 7. Types of energy• Electromagnetic energy: It is reflected from objects as electrical and magnetic waves that can travel through space.• An example: the needle of a compass.
  8. 8. Types of energy• Sound energy: This energy is associated with the waves of the sound that transmitted vibrations.The sound waves produced by objects require some types os materials to travel through.• For example: the sound of a guitar.•
  9. 9. Types of Energy• Chemical energy:Is the type of energy which is stored in substances.During the chemical processes this energy can be released or absorbed.
  10. 10. Types of Energy• Nuclear Energy:This type of energy is stored in the nuclei of atoms.It can be released through fission or fussion or radioactive decay.•
  11. 11. Types of Energy• Thermal energy:This energy is obtained from the vibrations of particules in some matter.Also,this energy is the part of the total in internal energy of thermodynamic system that result in the temperature.
  12. 12. Energy Sources• This are natural resources which produce different types of energy.This energy can be obtained to produce heat,light and power.• There is two types of energy sources:• Non-renewable energy sources:This type of energy came from limited natural resources.There is a process called Regeneration .The main sources of energy that we use at the moment are:
  13. 13. Non-renewable energy sources• Nuclear energy:Which is stored in the nuclei of the atoms.There are two kinds:Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.In the nuclear power station use fission energy.
  14. 14. Non-renewable energy sources.• Coal: This type is a useful resource because it is burned for the production of electricity or heat and is used for industrial purposes too.There two ways for extracting coal:Open-cast mines(when is close to the surface) and Underground mines(when is buried deep below the surface).•
  15. 15. Non-renewable energy sources• Petroleum:It is a natural occuring which is obtained from the buried remains of descomposed plants and animals. It can be transport by oil trankers (specialised ships) and oil pipelines (enormous steel pipes).
  16. 16. Non-renewable energy sources.• Natural gas:It is a natural ocurring which is very used as an important energy source in many applications. This type can be obtain from deep underground natural rock formations.•
  17. 17. Non-renewable energies and the environment.• The non-renewable energy sources causes poblems in the envioronment which are difficult to solve:• Increased greenhouse effect: When fossil fuels are burned it release carbon dioxide, so this increased the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the temperature increased.• Acid rain:It is a rain which posses elevated levels of hydrgoen ions. This isaused by burning petroleum and coal.
  18. 18. Non-renewable energies and the envioronment.• Oil spills: It is the release of liquid petroleum into the sea, sometimes because of oil tankers accidents.• Nuclear waste: It emits radioactivity which is dangerous to all living beings, so it must be stored in extremely safe conditions.•
  19. 19. Non-renewable energies and the environment.• Rising water temperature: Thermal power stations produce hot water which causes a temperature in river and sea water to rise.• Atmospheric pollution: Traffic and other activities produce heavy metals,gases and particles in suspension into the atmosphere.
  20. 20. Renewable energy sources• Renewable energy sources are unlimited natural resources.• There are five types of renewable energy sources:• Hydraulic energy: It is obtain by the movement of water in currents, seas, rivers, etc. It is produced by dams to store the river water and it is used to produce electricity.
  21. 21. Renewable energy sources• Solar energy: This energy is able to take advantages of light to transform it into chemical energy. It is produced by thermonuclear radiation from the sun. For example, hot water, solar panels and heliostat fields.
  22. 22. Renewable energy sources• Wind energy: It is able to convert the wind into a useful form of energy. For example wind turbines, windmills and windpumps. It was used to move sailin ships too.• It energy is produces by the radiation on the atmosphere.
  23. 23. Renewable energy sources• Marine energy: It is the energy carried by tides, salinity, ocean temperature differences and ocean waves. It creates a vast store of kinetic energy.• Geothermal energy: this is a thermal energy produced and stored in the Earth. It also determines the temperature of matter.
  24. 24. Renewable energy sources• Biomass: It is biological matter from living organisms tha can be used directily or transform into another energy products such as biofuel.• For example organic waste, sewage.
  25. 25. Environmental impacts• This is causes of human activities which are negatives aspects on the biophysical environment. It include pollution, environmental degradation, resource depletion and climate changes etc. The level of understanding of Earth has increased in recent times by the science with the application of the scientific method.
  26. 26. Energy power stations• A power station is a facility for the generation of electric power.• The centre of all power stations is the generator, a machine that change mechanical power into electrical power creating by motion.
  27. 27. Wind Turbines• French engineering firm has discovered an eco-purpose for the towering structures.It is called WMS1000 and it is created by the Eole Water.This is a wind turbine which transform the humidity of the air in water.First, all the air is picked and processed directed through an electric cooling compressor situated behind the propellers,after this, the humidity is extracted and finally it produces moisture which is condensed and collected. One of this wind turbines can produce 1,000 liters of water every day, depending on the level of humidity.
  28. 28. Wind Turbines• I think this invention will be really good as it could cure the drought in many areas and could nourish more than a thousand people.These turbines can be very beneficial to many people and greatly enrich the population.They said that the problem is the money because it is very expensive but I think there are a lot of ways to get money so I don’t think this is a problem.
  29. 29. Wind Turbines