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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The Holy Mass is not boring.
  2. 2. Have you experienced listening to children speaking in a language you don’t know?
  3. 3. Why do they laugh? What’s sofunny about their story? Why isthe story they’re telling me not amusing for me?
  4. 4. What we don’t understand doesn’t mean a thing to us. That’s why there are people who say, “ The Mass doesn’t mean a thing to me.”
  5. 5. What is the Holy Mass?It is the sacrificeof the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
  6. 6. Jesus Christ is offered to God through the priest.
  7. 7. In the Last Supper, Jesussaid: This is MyBody which shall be given up to you. He thus converted the bread into His Body.
  8. 8. AT THE START OF THE MASS,The priest approaches thealtar, kissing it as if he werekissing Jesus Christ.
  9. 9. The priestmakes the Sign of the Cross, recalling thatthe Mass is therenewal of thesacrifice of the Cross.
  10. 10. In thePENTITENTIAL ACT,all of us together ask forgiveness for our sins.
  11. 11. In the LITURGYOF THE WORD,we listen to God’s Word withattention in order to put it into practice.
  12. 12. THE EUCHARISTIC LITURGY is the central part of the Mass.
  13. 13. In thePRESENTATION OF THE GIFTS,the priest presents the bread andwine. We offer our life to God.
  14. 14. THECONSECRATION is the principal moment of the Mass. Jesus Christ, throughthe priest, converts the bread andwine into His Body and Blood.
  15. 15. We pray together the Our Father -the prayer of God’s children- and the priest gives us COMMUNION.
  16. 16. In order to receive Communion, we must observe theEucharistic Fast, and we must be in the state of grace. If weare conscious that we have a grievous sin, we go first to Confession.
  17. 17. Upon ending the Holy Mass, the priest blesses everybody andbids farewell to us.We give thanks to God.
  18. 18. Those who attend Mass must go tothrough all places teaching others what they have learned.
  19. 19. The world is waiting for Christ. We Christians are called to be thelight of the world, the salt of the earth.
  20. 20. Pray to Jesus to teach you how to attendthe Holy Mass.
  21. 21. THE END