George eliot (marry anne evans)


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George eliot (marry anne evans)

  1. 1. 1819 - 1880
  2. 2.  She used a male pen name, she said, to ensure her works would be taken seriously. Also as her life was very scandalous, many believe the reason she used different name is simply because she wanted to keep her privacy.
  3. 3.  Birthplace: Warwickshire (1819) Parents: Robert and Christina Evans Siblings: Christina, born in 1814; Isaac, born in 1816 and twin brothers who survived only a few days into March 1821. Half brother and half sister: Robert (1802) and Fanny (1805)
  4. 4.  Marry Anne was considered rather intelligent. Ages 5-9: Miss Latham’s school, Attleborough Ages 9-13: Mrs. Wallington’s school, Nuneaton Ages 13-16: Miss Franklin’s school, Coventry After the age of 16 she started self-educating by being allowed access to the library of Arbury Hall.
  5. 5.  Evans was 16 when her mother died, leaving her to take care of her father and be a housekeeper. When she was 21 her brother Isaac married taking over the family home. Evans moves to Coventry with her father. There she meets Charles Bray who was a wealthy man and became intimate friends with him. Also starts questioning her religious faith. Her after dies later on when she was 30. 5 days after she travels to Switzerland with Bray.
  6. 6.  Moved to London with the intent of becoming a writer and calling herself Marian Evans. Contributed essays and reviews for the journal of the man whom she had stayed with while in London, a certain John Chapman.
  7. 7.  Philosopher and critic met Evans in 1851 and by 1854 they had decided to live together. He was married to Agnes Jervis with whom he had had 3 children. They travelled to Germany for the purpose of research. Evans worked on translation of theological texts. They considered themselves married and everybody else considered them a scandal.
  8. 8.  While writing for the journal Westminster Review she started mocking the way women writers wrote at the time by writing an essay naming it ‘’Silly Novels by Lady Novelists’’. (1856) Came up with the name George Eliot and decided to be a novelist.
  9. 9.  Adam Bede (1859) – Instant success, everyone wanted to know who this new writer was. Admitting she was Marian Evans Lewes. It made a huge shock for her admiring readers but it never lowered her popularity. 18 She was completely accepted to polite society in 1877. 15 years of writing novels Daniel Deronda (1876)
  10. 10.  George Lewes gets ill and dies in 1878. Evans finds solace with John Walter Cross who is twenty years younger than her. She later on married him and changed her name to Mary Anne Cross. John tries to kill himself during their honeymoon but survives. They return to England where Eliot gets a throat infection which couples with kidney disease and leads her to death in 1880 at the age of 61.
  11. 11.  Even after her death they didn’t let her have a memorial stone in Westminster Abbev’s Poets’ Corner. They allowed it one hundred years after. Several people claimed to be George Eliot before Mary Anne came out. It is said that after an affair with Evans, famous British philosopher wrote an essay on repugnancy of ugly women and all of Evans’ friends knew it was about her.
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