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Czech Republic Culture


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About Czech Republic Culture

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Czech Republic Culture

  1. 1. Culture in Czech Republic «ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA» -İREM DERELİÇAY-
  2. 2.  Country in Central Europe.  Neighbours: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland
  3. 3.  Flag Coat of Arms Red-White: Bohemia Blue: Moravia Yellow: Silesia   Football and ice hockey teams Uzun yıllar böyle kullanılan bayrağa hem Polonya bayrağı ile aynı özellikleri taşıması hem de Avusturya bayrağı ile aynı renklerde olması nedeni ile mavi bir kısım eklenme yoluna gidilmiştir.
  4. 4.  Currency: Czk / 1€= 3TL = 25 CZK  Population: 10,52 milion (2013)  Czech People: % 94,2  Slovak People: % 1,9  German People: % 0,4  Polish People  The most crowded city: Prague and Pilsen.
  5. 5.  Religion: The second largest atheist population in Europe.  %60 of the population have no religious beliefs.  Today, some churches and monasteries unused concert hall, serves as a museum. Dont use them as a religion
  6. 6. City with 100 towers  Architecture: Gothic, Roman, Baroque, Renaissance, Modern and examples of Art Nouveau.  Religious and politics motifs.  Dvořák, Smetana ve Mozart worked.
  7. 7. Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)  The Guinness Book of Records: the largest ancient castle in the world.  Area: 70,000 m2, 570 meters in length and 130 meters wide.  Gothic  The Summer Shakespeare Festivals
  8. 8. Charles Bridge(Karlův most)  In Vitava River  King IV. Charles – German Peter Perler in1357 &15th centry : 135797531(Polindromik)  Gothic- between Stones there are eggs.  620 metre long- 10 metre wide : no vehicle traffic  30 sculptures on the bridge: touch them!  Musicians, painters, puppet theatres, gift shops
  9. 9. St. Nicholas Church/Cathedral (Malá Strana)  Baroque  17th centruy  St. Nicholas: protector of passengers, women, children.  On December 6, he asks children if they are happy or not, with his sledge  Today, fake St. Nicholas  Halloween: 31th October >6th December < Christmas: 25th December
  10. 10. Halloween  October 31- November 1 => Summer ends, winter comes.  Children wants candy, fruits, gifts from houses.  Fire : to chase evil spirits.  Masked balls, horror film sessions and trips to haunted houses.  Apple candy
  11. 11. Christmas feast  25th December- 7th January : major festival, public holiday.  Symbolizes birth of Jesus Christ  Decoration; Gifts, sending cards  Traditional Czech films.  Golden pig: don’t eat anyhting until the dinner.
  12. 12. Christmas Family meal:  Fish, meat, ginger breads.  Carp (kapr), potato salads(bramborový salads).  Fish scale: under the plates to fertility.  First drinking shot, then having dinner.  Bell rings, giving the presents : for children gifts in big socks.
  13. 13. New year fair  Gifts, christmas decorations, special cheese, toys  Czech Tredelnik, pancakes, Christmas cookies
  14. 14. New year celebrations  Full of entertainment in the streets  Firework shows, wish lighthouses,
  15. 15. January 1th, lunch:  Lentils with sour souce (fertile)  Meat with sauce
  16. 16. Beer Traditions (pivo)  The most consumed beer in the World.  143 litre per head in a year.  Beer brands: Pilsner Urquell, the world's first pilsner=> Efes Pilsen  Budweiser Budvar, Gambrinus, Radegast, Staropramen, Krušovice, Starobrno, Bernard.
  17. 17. Beer Festivals  Pilsner Fest: in Pilsen, 2 days fest, local music bands.  The Czech Beer Festival (Český pivní festival): in Prague, 17 days in May. -More than 70 brands of Czech beer.
  18. 18. Happy Name Day (svátek)  Names for everyday of the year  Names for each day  Catholics and Orthodox  No new names, it’s forbbidden to be baptized by priest.  Gifts, presentes, flowers, box of chocolates especially.  No even number (2-4-6)(in funeral), but odd number(1-3-5)  6th of May: Radoslav(masculine)- Radoslava(feminen)
  19. 19. Happy Easter!  A festival, holiday-Rebirth of Jesus Christ, spring anniversary  End of March-Beginning of April  Coloring eggs, gifting chocolate eggs, visiting relatives and cemeteries, tree branch braid (girls are hit to be young)  Lighting a candle, cooking easter cakes  Easter Monday: young boys give baseball cap with ball to their girlfriends => to wish their health and beauty.  Young girls give ribbon to their boyfriends to tie baseball cap
  20. 20. Wedding Ceremony!  Starts around 11.a.m until the night.  Bride and groom break plate and sweep=> to ensure their happiness.  Drinking soup with only one spoon together.  Close friends of groom kidnaps the bride => symbolizes protect her  Attached together by a scarf=> to be depented on each other.  Bride’s bridal veil & groom’s shoes are wandered around to get money from guests to honeymoon.  Wedding soup: Broth consisting of water, bones, meat and vegetables.
  21. 21. Turkish Coffee  Cafe: local newspapers on the walls, wooden indoors, little fume.  Drink «Turek» : Turkish coffee
  22. 22.  Thank you for your attention. İREM DERELİÇAY