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I lab ida value proposition - md - state street - 10 jan 2014


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I lab ida value proposition - md - state street - 10 jan 2014

  1. 1. Ireland. Ireland. Innovation delivered. Innovation delivered. Presentation by: Mark Durkin DRAFT
  2. 2. Contents • New service proposition - IDA collective • Competitive landscape – IDA, our clients • Anticipate & innovate • The investors perspective • Client conversion – solution, approach, examples • Delivering against Horizon 2020 • London • Q&A
  3. 3. Collective Opportunity Opportunity for IDA collectively Cross divisional value proposition Maximise existing and target client conversion Abstracts the complexity of investing in Ireland Simplifies the decision making Optimised for client on boarding
  4. 4. Global Competitive Landscape Increased competition Competitive advantage erosion Lean & Mean Access global markets Traditional business models reengineered Increased regulation Agile new entrants Mobile Apps / Web tech New delivery channels identified – global reach Paradigm shift Traditional companies – innovate Gain CA – Innovation iPhone – early adapters Speed to market is key Lead by example Mainstream
  5. 5. IDA – T+1825 - Anticipate - Post Financial State Aid Future proof our offering Today, tomorrow, beyond - Anticipate, influence
  6. 6. Innovation Innovation Why? To remain relevant is not about doing things right… To survive To reinvent its about doing the its about doing the right things right things… is not about doing things right To develop a CA
  7. 7. The Irish “Crowd”… where the world works 7
  8. 8. We live in an Era of Change... 8
  9. 9. The contribution of intangible assets (eg patents, brands, software, etc) to Company Value 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. Perhaps the most significant change.......get ready.... 11
  12. 12. Financial Services Technology “IFSC&ICT” Innovation Incubator platform is great, but it is a “one shot” event. How to ensure a constant stream of Irish innovation for Global companies ? Need to create a Global platform which can constantly bring Irish innovators, freelancers, solvers together to address complex industry needs 12
  13. 13. Innovation happens Beyond the Four Walls 13
  14. 14. The Investors Perspective Property Risk Unknowns Resources (HR) Invest Champion Challenges Competition Internal Competition Concerns Positives Talent Tax rate Track record Education For good projects / funding Success / career development skills
  15. 15. Help to Convert Targets Beach-Head strategy Differentiator Need to help our clients convert Crossing the Chasm Start small – grow Support infrastructure – Packaged solutions Ireland Inc. proof the concept Google at the start – Google today Sweet spot PayPal at the start – PayPal today
  16. 16. Crossing the Chasm – The Solution The value proposition is Ireland Lab (iLab) - iLab makes easy the complexity of investment - By simplifying the decision making process - Transforming established barriers to investment Landing platform, launch pad / external RDI expansion option fostering open innovation / collaborative
  17. 17. Crossing the Chasm – The Solution iLab is a configurable solution that mitigates investor risk Resources Risk Invest Champion Competition The Chasm iLab methodology Configurable solution for emerging Configurable solution for established
  18. 18. The New Approach – Agile Programme Cross the Chasm Mobilise & Accelerate Ireland Lab Initiatives Remove / mitigate the risk Rapid mobilisation & accelerate to market Rapid on-boarding Make the invest decision easier IDA Ireland conduit – ecosystem of support Implementation Configurable solutions for emerging Configurable solutions for established iLab
  19. 19. iLab – Support Programmes iLab – A Complete Solution IDA SSC - Tax Credits Work Permits CBI Applications Grant Support Accelerator Programme - Rapid client on boarding & Mobilisation Incubator Environment - Open Innovation Collaboration Agile Teams Sector Support - Ideation Collaboration Platform Tools: Crowdsourcing
  20. 20. iLab – Sector Support Examples iLAB Conferences Showcasing “Why Ireland” for Financial & Banking Technology
  21. 21. Why Ireland for Investment • We take the uncertainty out of the investment decision and allow Ireland Inc. the opportunity to answer the questions “Why Ireland” • iLab allows us to better connect with our clients • Make the decision to invest – easy and seamless • Support the “Invest Champion” to realisation
  22. 22. Why Ireland for Investment • • • • • Expert team Mobilised Delivering - project plans Producing tangible results Proving the concept “Why Ireland” Sustainable
  23. 23. iLab – Helping Deliver – Horizon 2020
  24. 24. London – The Competition We are already playing catch up, lagging behind London Level 39 – Early Level 39 - Later Now in its second year, the London Lab is run by Accenture in collaboration with a group of the UK’s leading financial service institutions, angel investors and venture capital firms. Joanna Shields, CEO to Tech City UK, the British government organisation charged with trumpeting startups in London: “Fin-tech is a lucrative and exciting growth market It’s also supported by the Mayor of London, the City of London Corporation and the Technology Strategy Board. “The FinTech Innovation Lab London is a great step forward that will enable entrepreneurs to develop new ideas and cement London’s position as a global leader in financial services and technology innovation.” Antony Jenkins, Group CEO, Barclays.
  25. 25. To learn more log on to +353 1 603 4000 Thank You Questions & Answers
  26. 26. Existing activity – Crowdsourcing