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Struggle (camera script)


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A script I wrote for a young boy living in a working class area, developing a love over time with his prized possession BMX, only to have it stolen.

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Struggle (camera script)

  1. 1. Struggle. By Isaac Reeder. Student No: S166317 Fda Visual Media UCS Module Screen Writing
  2. 2. 00EXT. INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, DAY A rural and run down industrial estate. 1. WIDESHOT OF LOCATION We see battered buildings, cracked pavements, over run grass. /INT. RED VAN, DAY 2. MIDSHOT OF JED IN VAN DRIVING JED sits in a battered red van casing the street. /EXT. STREET, MOMENTS LATER. DAY 3. CLOSE UP OF JED FINISHING CIGARETTE JED finishes his cigarette, butts it out and moves quickly towards a BMX chained to a post. 4. MIDSHOT OF JED LEAVING VAN 5. LONG SHOT OF JED STEALING BMX EXT. STREET, DAY ALEX appears looking for his BMX, he wears thick black glasses, a grey hoodie, a navy blue backpack, navy 3/4 shorts and some battered vans. 6. CLOSEUP OF ALEX’S FACE WHEN BIKE STOLEN ALEX Shhhhhit (whispered) 7. O.T.S SHOT OF VAN DRIVING OFF WITH BIKE VAN speeds off down the road. 8. LONGSHOT OF ALEX CHASING THE RED VAN ALEX notices and gives chase. /INT. RED VAN, DAY 9. P.O.V SHOT OF JED LOOKING IN CAR MIRROR JED looks back in his mirror at ALEX and continues driving.
  3. 3. 2. EXT. ROAD, DAY 10. LONGSHOT OF ALEX SPRINTING ALEX sprints hard and fast, taking short cuts after the van. 11. LONGSHOT OF ALEX SPRINTING EXT. ALLEY WAY, DAY 12. LONGSHOT OF ALEX SPRINTING DOWN ALLEY WAY ALEX sprints down an alley way tracking the van. 13. P.O.V SHOT OF RED VAN Eye balling the van as it turns he turns down the nearest alley. 14. LONGSHOT OF ALEX SPRINTING DOWN ALLEY WAY ALEX eventually loses sight of the red van. 15. P.O.V SHOT OF RED VAN GOING OUT OF SIGHT /INT. RED VAN, DAY 16. P.O.V SHOT OF MIRROR JED loses sight of ALEX in mirrors and begins to slow down and drive at ease, puts radio on. 17. P.O.V SHOT OF DASHBOARD, SPEEDOMETER SLOWING DOWN 18. CLOSE UP OF JED DRIVING WITH RADIO IN BACKGROUND EXT. ROAD, DAY 19. LONGSHOT OF ALEX WALKING OVER BRIDGE ALEX wonders down road clutching backpack looking lost. Walks over a bridge and see’s the red van pulled over in the distance. 20. P.O.V SHOT OF VAN IN DISTANCE ALEX begins to sprint over the bridge after the van. 21. MIDSHOT OF ALEX RUNNING OFF
  4. 4. 3. /INT. RED VAN, DAY 22. MIDSHOT OF JED WITH FFET UP IN RED VAN SMOKING JED has his feet up on the dashboard of his red van, smoking a cigarette, he then spot’s ALEX sprinting down the road again 23. P.O.V SHOT OF ALEX RUNNING DOWN ROAD IN REAR VAN MIRROR He puts his keys back in the ignition and rev’s off. 24. MIDSHOT OF JED STARTING UP CAR AND PULLING AWAY EXT. ROAD, DAY 25. WIDESHOT OF ALEX CHASING RED VAN Just as ALEX catches up to the van the van starts up and spins off from its spot 26. LONGSHOT OF VAN PULLING AWAY FROM ALEX’S REACH Looking around the area ALEX bends over in exhaustion and breathes heavily, realising he is quite a distance away from home. 27. MIDSHOT OF ALEX IN EXHAUSTION 28. P.O.V SHOT OF ALEX LOOKING AROUND ALEX walks away in defeat. 29. LONGSHOT OF ALEX WALKING AWAY FADE OUT EXT. CORNER SHOP, DAY FADE IN 30. MIDSHOT OF ALEX WALKING DOWN ROAD ALEX spots a skateboard sitting outside of a corner shop with no one else around. 31. CLOSEUP OF SKATEBOARD 32. CLOSE UP OF ALEX LOOKING AROUND ALEX creeps towards the skateboard, gives one final look around and snatches the skateboard from the shop. 33. MIDSHOT OF ALEX WITH SKATEBOARD (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. 34. CLOSEUP OF SKATEBOARD BEING SNAGGED 35. LONGSHOT OF ALEX PLACING BOARD ON FLOOR WHILST RUNNING AND ATTEMPTING TO SKATE ALEX doesn’t know how to ride a skateboard, owner comes out the shop and see’s ALEX trying to ride away, catches him. 36. MIDSHOT OF SKATEBOARDER COMING OUT OF SHOP AND SEEING ALEX ON HIS BOARD SKATEBOARDER Little fucker, oi! 37. O.T.S SHOT OF SKATEBOARDER CHASING AFTER ALEX ALEX hears the owner and franticly moves his feet, getting caught up he trips over the board and awaits the arrival of the skateboarder. 38. LONGSHOT OF ALEX SKATING 39. CLOSEUP OF FEET GETTING IN A TANGLE 40. LONGSHOT OF ALEX FALLING OFF SKATEBOARD Receiving a beating from the skateboarder who then skates off, he gets up realising his glasses have been broken in the scuffle. 41. P.O.V SHOT OF SKATEBOARDER BEATING UP ALEX 42. O.T.S SHOT OF SKATEBOARDER SKATING OFF ALEX dusts himself off and looks at his watch. 43. MIDSHOT OF ALEX GETTING UP 44. EXTREME CLOSE UP OF WATCH The time says 3:20. 45. CLOSE UP OF ALEX FACE ALEX sighs and begins his long walk home after admitting defeat. 46. WIDESHOT OF ALEX WALKING OFF DOWN THE ROAD FADE OUT