Sinister trailer analysis.


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My sinister trailer analysis.

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Sinister trailer analysis.

  1. 1. SINISTER
  3. 3. PLOT• Novelist Ellison Osborne and his family move into a new house which has had a family murdered in before they bought it, he uses the murder’s to fuel his new book he is writing, as he goes up into his loft he discovers a box filled with tape reels and a player, once he begins investigating the tapes he discovers that they are the murders of the family who lived here before, all by a man names Bogore, who eats the souls of children who witness him in photo’s. As the plot deepens you discover that his children wind up witnessing some of the tapes and photo’s and begin to act very strangely in their home, drawing on the walls and other abnormal things, days later Ellison decides that the tapes are doing too much damage to his family and burns them, but discovers that they return back in his loft every time they are destroyed.
  4. 4. Features of the trailer• The first thing which the audience will notice when the horror trailer begins is that there is a young childs voice which instantly gives the viewer a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. It also gives the viewer a sense of the setting in the film, that the family have recently moved into a new house which also gives a feeling of the unknown. There is an equilibrium at the beginning of the film as the atmosphere is calm which is created by the slow editing and fades between clips.
  5. 5. How the intensity escalatesThe trailer begins to become scary when thefather of the family goes into the loft anddiscovers a large box. After watching a film reelwhere it appears the previous family are beinghanged, the film gradually becomes more scaryas the father investigates the story behind thefilm tapes.
  6. 6. The Investigation• Once he begins to investigate the tapes in his loft he finds that they are all serial murders dating back to the 60’s, all containing a symbol from a man named Bogore who eats the souls of children and lives in images of himself, children who were exposed of the images would often experience Bogore’s wrath. He then discovers his children have seen the images and are being attacked by Bogore too.
  7. 7. Ellison’s familyOnce his children become exposed to Bogore’stapes he notices they are acting very strange,drawing images on the wall and coming to standstills for numerous periods, he realises they haveseen the tapes too. Just before this happens in thetrailer the text “Nothing can save you” which givesus the information that once you see the photos,nothing can save you. He also has Bogore’s symbolstart to appear in blood all over his house.
  8. 8. End clips• At the end of the trailer you hear the tape reel turning over and over again in the background along with clips of the family being attacked by someone, with weapons such as axes and knives, also numerous illustrations of death around the house too, it then cuts to Ellison looking in his loft to find 5 children covered in paint, whispering to him as they watch Bogore, then to be attacked by him, the credits then show and leave the viewer on a cliff hanger wanting to know more.