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Sinister sa


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sinister film review.

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Sinister sa

  1. 1. Isaac Reeder SINISTERThe film Sinister is an Action/Adventure horror film released in October 12 th 2012. Thedirector is called Scott Derrickson, the producers are called Jason Blum and BrianKavanaugh-Jones, and the executive producers are Scott Derrickson and Charles Layton.The film opens by Ellison Oswald and the rest of his family are moving into their new house,supposeabley the family who lived there last had been murdered and this sparks off his newnovel he will write. He discovers a box in the attic which holds tapes of the last family’smurders and he becomes determined to solve the mystery. A man named Bagul, who liveswithin these tapes and photos, and is also known as the eater of children’s souls. His ownchildren then become witnesses to Bagul and begin to be overtaken by his demons.The narrative structure for Sinister follows Tzvetan Todorov’s narrative structure for films.The Equilibrium at the start of the film is that the family are moving into a new house with afresh start, and hopefully a new best-selling novel for Ellison. The disruption within the filmis that Ellison finds the box of films up in his attic; this breaks the normality of the family’snew house and has an effect on the environment. His thwarted attempts failed as hewatched all the tapes and got in contact with the deputy, but gets nowhere. He then findshis children doing strange things, the girl drawing the past family over the walls, and his sonscreaming in a box. Eventually his resolution is to burn the box filled with tapes and player.Ellison then finds glowing green liquid in his Coffee, who then passes out, waking up tohimself, his wife and son being bound and gagged. Bagul then taking his little girl, Ashley,and takes her into the film. It follows the theory perfectly apart from there being noresolution with a happy ending, but being a horror film I wouldn’t expect a resolution tohappen.Sinister’s horror genre title would be a Supernatural horror. The typical Supernatural horrorfilm portrays death, afterlife, the devil and evil. Within Sinister you discover that most ofthese are included within the film if you look close enough. In terms of the history of thegenre, the film fits in well with all the other Supernatural films made, the brackets are allmet considering the storyline of the film and what is included, it has been well thought out.The characters within the film follow a normal pattern of which would usually be included.The family who move into the new house consists of A Husband & Wife, and a little boy andgirl. The fathers name is Ellison, the Wife is called Tracy, the daughter is called Ashley andthe little boy is Trevor. The main demonic character that the film is based around is the soul-snatcher Bagul, who targets Ellison’s two children who eventually become exposed to histhreats. Bagul is obviously the traditional Villain and has all the right features to play thepart such as the scary facial features, all black clothes, creepy, eerie videos, and his ability tocontrol the souls of children. The hero of the film is the father of the family, Ellison. Hebegins to take advantage of Bagul’s story to write a best-selling novel, but when hediscovers the tapes he is in a constant battle in keeping his family together and discovering
  2. 2. Isaac Reederwhat Bagul does and how to end it. Unfortunately the hero is unsuccessful in his attemptsand does not follow the usual flow of films, it ends with him losing his daughter to Bagulwhile the rest of his family is tied up.The binary opposition of Sinister is definitely Good vs.Evil. Ellison is trying to banish Bagul and understand what and why he is doing what he does,Bagul is watching his family’s every move, waiting to pounce at the right time. Eventually heis successful and evil triumphs over good.Overall I think that Sinister is a success. It follows the usual concepts of Horror/SupernaturalHorror. The story line fits in well with the traditional films and also provides a very goodwatch and a few scares too. The characters fit the typical bill of the horror tradition and hasthe viewers focused on the children and what will happen next. The main horror charactertoo is a typical character, scary, ghoulish and a soul catcher, the particular abilities thatBagul has too also entices the viewer in my opinion. A scary supernatural horror film at itsbest.