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My analysis of SAW Trailer.

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Saw trailer

  1. 1. SAW 1Isaac Reeder
  3. 3. PLOT• 2 males awake in a small white room, one in a full bathtub who is a photographer named Adam, another called Dr. Lawrence Gordon, both men are each chained to pipes at either side of the room with a dead body in the middle and a revolver and cassette player in each hand. Each male has a cassette to play telling them how to get out, they are both given hacksaws too, but to cut their feet off, not the chains. Dr. Gordon is also told he must kill Adam before 6 o clock or his wife and child will be killed too.
  4. 4. John Kramer (JIGSAW)• The Jigsaw killer in SAW is also called John Kramer. As the film progresses you find more out about him and the other victims he has murdered and how he has done it. He also uses Billy, a puppet to give his video messages out, and wears a pigmask when facing people. After every victim he cuts a piece of their skin off in the shape of a Jigsaw piece. He also recruits apprentices throughout the series.
  5. 5. Features of the trailer• The trailer shows Jigsaw right at the start saying his famous catchphrase “I want to play a game” it then begins to shows snippets of the film, and the main characters Dr Gordon and Adam trying to sus out what is going to happen, also clips of what he has done to other people along the way, it shows quick edits as the music pace quickens to match the intensity, altogether there are around 40 edits. It also uses sped up edits to make you feel unaware and uncomfortable of whats happening.
  6. 6. The Officers• During the film the police officers begin to investigate what’s happening with John kramer, and look over clips of what he has recorded, they notice a familiar background and track his location from it to an abandoned warehouse, They catch him but he manages to get away, slicing one of their necks and the other having 4 shotguns shot in his face. Later on you find out the one who had his neck sliced is still alive and still tried to shut down the case, yet again finding one of his apprentices and shooting him.
  7. 7. The Twist• At the end Dr. Lawrence Gordon cuts his foot off and shoots Adam in an attempt to save his family. The apprentice walks in and tells him hes too late, just as he goes to kill him Adam attacks the apprentice, killing him with the top of the toilet lid. Dr. Gordon then goes to find help, leaving Adam on his own. The dead body in the middle then stands up and takes a bloody, shot-up face mask off and tells him the key to his chain went down the sink when he first awoke from the tub, walks out and shuts the door on Adam leaving him to die in the pitch black.
  8. 8. CharactersJohn Kramer Jigsaw Adam AmandaDr. Lawrence Gordon Detective David Tapp Detective Steven Sing Alison Diana