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Saw II essay

  1. 1. Isaac Reeder SAW IISaw II is a horror film released on October 28th 2005. It is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman,Produced by Gregg Hoffman, Mark Burg and Oren Koules and the screenplay is done byDarren Lynn Bousman and Leigh Whannell. It stars Donnie Wahlberg, Franky G, GlennPlummer, Beverly Mitchell, Dina Meyer, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Erik Knudsen, Shawnee Smithand Tobin Bell. The film shows Jigsaw finally being tracked down by the police after hisantics performed in the first SAW, but manages to turn it around by unveiling a gameinvolving 8 people, including the officer’s son. Showing you their actions through a TVmonitor and from the perspective of the 8 people trying to escape.The narrative structure of SAW II doesn’t fit TsvetanTodorov’s theory in my opinion. Butbeing a slasher/thriller horror film I also don’t think that it is expected to. Rather thanfollowing the Equilibrium that is usually shown in the start of films this one starts withMichael awaking to find two halves of a spike-filled mask locked around his neck, with thekey to unlock it lodged in his eye, without the key the two sides will crush his face, breakingthe equilibrium barrier straight away and separating itself from the usual horror films. Wethen find out that 8 victims are being kept hostage in a house by Jigsaw, being told thecombination to get out is "at the back of their minds" and can be determined by "followingthe rainbow” which leads to the characters having a number on their neck leading to thecombination of the lock to escape, the house is also rigged with a dangerous gas which willkill. Throughout the film the gas picks off people one by one, making it harder for the othersto get out, also turning each other on each other. The ending of the film has someequilibrium as the police officers son is safely stored away as it was a trap to lure the officerinto trouble, with a person from the first SAW leading the boy out of trouble as she knewwhat to do, however it leaves the officer locked in the room which SAW I was made in, andleft behind, breaking all equilibrium of a happy ending as the main character is left behind toslowly die.SAW II’s genre title is a gore horror film. Compared to the last SAW made that this carries onfrom, it is a lot more psychological than the last one and is all about teamwork in order tosurvive. Of course they fail and turn on each other in order to come out alive, in an attemptfor ‘survival of the fittest’. But there still is a lot of blood along the way, including a baseballbat covered in nails that is lodged into the back of someone’s head, and coughing up bloodtoo. Although it has some gory moments throughout the film I wouldn’t class this as a ‘Gore’film, I think it has this title mainly from the impact of the blood-fest the last SAW left uswith. It is more to see if the officer can rescue his son in time rather than watching theinnocent bodies being decapitated.The characters in SAW II the usual normal everyday people, who are turned onto each otherby the same villain that was the main source of the killings in the first SAW. There is a maincast of 10 people in the film. Including Jigsaw, The police officer, his son, a girl from the lastSAW film and the rest of the people trapped in the house trying to escape. They all seem
  2. 2. Isaac Reederlike normal people when first met, but when the environment sinks in they adapt to theirsurrounding’s they turn crazy with the desire to escape and save their own lives. One by onethey’re picked off, whether it is through the gas being leaked in or by each other, leaving thepolice officers son and the girl from the last SAW to escape, only to find out she was thereto help the son escape in the first place, which was a big set up to lure the officer intodanger.Overall, I think that SAW II doesn’t follow a narrative structure to what other horror filmsdo, however it most definitely fits within a horror bracket of a film and is covered with goreimages too. The SAW franchise has clearly worked as they managed to squeeze out 7 otherfilms too, it is certainly worth a watch.