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WASH systems strengthening in the Central African Republic


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Water for Good (WFG) works exclusively in the Central African Republic (CAR), a country facing extreme economic fragility. The road blocks set up by the non-state armed groups, which control nearly 80% of the territory, have a significant impact on the country's economy. WFG has been operating in the CAR since 2004, initially as a borehole drilling organisation, and shortly thereafter, as a handpump maintenance service provider. It has created a circuit rider approach for preventative maintenance and uses an electronic reporting system.

After joining Agenda for Change in 2017, WFG opted to adopt IRC's systems approach to go beyond their preventative maintenance programme and work towards universal, sustainable access. WFG opted to pilot a district-wide approach in Mambéré-Kadéi, while maintaining periodic preventative maintenance in other prefectures. In the pilot area, WFG focused on the following system blocking blocks: infrastructure, monitoring, finance, planning and institutions. At the same time it is helping to build up regional capacity for systems strengthening.

In conclusion, WFG believes it is possible to strengthen systems in fragile states, thanks to their organisation's long-term presence in CAR, their ability to plug short-term projects into the larger roadmap, and their ability to work with systems champions. The intention is not to build parallel systems, but to champion a roadmap that is both supported by all WASH stakeholders and adequately funded.
Presentation by David De Armey, Director of International Partnerships, Water for Good at the WASH Debate "Sustainable WASH service delivery and local WRM in fragile states: how far can you get?", in The Hague, the Netherlands on 20 November 2019.

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WASH systems strengthening in the Central African Republic

  1. 1. WASH Systems Strengthening in the Central African Republic
  2. 2. Source: OECD Fragility Framework Fragility in the Central African Republic
  3. 3. Professionalized Preventative Maintenance Services
  4. 4. Systems Strengthening in the Central African Republic
  5. 5. WASH System Building Blocks
  6. 6. WASH System Building Blocks
  7. 7. WASH System Building Blocks
  8. 8. WASH System Building Blocks
  9. 9. WASH System Building Blocks
  10. 10. Takeaways & Opportunities ● Systems exist, even in fragile states. ● Short-term projects vs. systems planning. ● Fast coordination is key. ● Avoiding parallel systems.