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Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) should be linked to integrated water resources management (IWM). First because water quality/quantity for WASH is dependent on water resources management and secondly because sanitation service waste can pollute water resources. Linking WASH and IWRM is needed to ensure sustainable WASH services. WASH/IWRM linkages are an integral part of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) and of the new WASH strategy of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Addressing these linkages from a narrow problem-based perspective seem most feasible but they can also be addressed within the wider, holistic context of a catchment or a landscape approach. There are examples of both approaches in Dutch-funded projects in Ethiopia (narrow perspective) and in Mozambique and Tanzania (holistic perspective). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is promoting improved WASH/IWRM linkages through awareness raising, rolling out sustainability tools, integration in proposals, and improving access to analytical tools and financial mechanisms. Presentation by Pim van der Male, Netherlands Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, given at the IRC WASH Debate: Linking WASH and IWRM programmes to achieve SDG6, 22 November 2017, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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  1. 1. WASH and IWRM IRC – Debate 22 November 2017 Pim van der Male -IGG
  2. 2. Linking WASH and IWRM, Why?
  3. 3. Linking WASH and IWRM, Why? • Sustainability! • SDG 6 • WASH strategy 2017-2030  Long term resource availability  Protection of ecosystems from pollution and depletion  Taking into consideration claims of other water users (e.g. agriculture.)
  4. 4. Linking WASH and IWRM, how ? • Narrow: • Holistic: WASH IWRM WASH IWRM landscape
  5. 5. Linking WASH and IWRM, how, how better ? • Raising awareness/Documenting and sharing experiences • Further roll out sustainability tools and M&E requirements. • Integration in assessment of proposals (FDW) • Improve access to analytical tools • Improve access to budget for retrofitting programmes. • Integrate in BeMo and Q@E process?
  6. 6. Thank you!