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Prepared for the RNTC Multimedia Journalism & Water Course presentation, 9 Nov 2013

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  • Mention examples of UNICEF – mass arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh caused by large-scale drilling of deep wells by UNICEF and govt, very slow response, Source headline “shifting the blame” – UNICEF not amusedWHO – an article about South African govt criticism of UNICEF/WHO JMP report’s “misleading” use of data – WHO staff member said publishing this kind article would damage WHO’s relationship with IRCA Source article on a critical World Bank evaluation of the Global Water Partnership, which has been picked up by NGOs, lead to an accusation by the GWP director was orchestrating a malicious campaign to damage the GWP.
  • WASHCost figures: US$ 36-358 for improved sanitation, basic sanitation US$ 7-26. Burundi civil war ended 2005 - 68-76% of all mortalities in Burundi could be linked to inadequate water supply and sanitation (USAID, 2012).
  • Stay up-to-date – news services and tools

    1. 1. Stay up-to-date – news services and tools RNTC Multimedia Journalism & Water Course presentation 9 Nov 2013
    2. 2. How do you stay-upto date? • • • • • • • • Subscriptions or events/workshops? Internal sources or external sources? Paper or electronic - email or web-based Free or paid subscriptions? Academic or practitioner news? Local or international? Live, daily, weekly or monthly? WASH only or broader (development, your profession)? • Pre-defined or personalised? • Third party or colleagues/friends (social media)?
    3. 3. New services and media News services Mass media Professional media Social media Aggregate Govt or interest group controlled Society / Association journals etc Discussion forums Select Independent news agencies Trade magazines Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ Add value Citizen journalists Institutional news Target Public opinion Professionals, funders, supporters Peer groups, CoPs
    4. 4. News services Mass Media News aggregators - News pre-selection - Reputation monitoring, effectiveness of mass media campaigns, trend monitoring Social Media Aggregators - Reputation monitoring, effectiveness of mass media campaigns, hype monitoring News Selectors - select and present most relevant news by region, topic etc Added Value News Services - Summarise news, provide links to related news and resources, include new events and funding opportunities, user interaction (share, comment, submit news)
    5. 5. International WASH news services • E-Source - • IRIN – water and sanitation • Circle of Blue - • OOSKAnews - • Global Water Intelligence
    6. 6. Characteristics of WASH sector news • Low profile in mass media • Professional media incIude a lot of PR aimed at mass media, funders/sponsors and supporters • No independent, critical WASH media • Debates in social media and corridors
    7. 7. E-Source
    8. 8. Blogs
    9. 9. Twitter!/dietvorst/sanitation-updates
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Personalisation – My Source • Personalised news by e-mail or as a news feed in for example Feedly
    12. 12. Personalisation 2 – Trove -
    13. 13. Data journalism - 1
    14. 14. Data journalism - 2