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Visual Impressions of the 5th World Water Forum


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Visual Impressions of the 5th World Water Forum

  1. 1. Visual impressions of the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul. March 16 – 22, 2009 By Nick Dickinson, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre Sütlüce side of the beautiful Golden Horn in Istanbul on Monday evening at the 5th World Water Forum.
  2. 2. Each section of the forum had security check points. This check point was found in the middle of the bridge separating the two sides of the Golden Horn.
  3. 3. The 5th World Water Forum was under way by the time that the bridge was finished and these workers had a chance to mount this creation on the newly built walking bridge.
  4. 4. The Gender and Water Alliance stand on the other side of the river from the NGO village. It is a 20 minute walk between the two.
  5. 5. Henk Holtslag interviewed in the Dutch Pavilion on low cost technologies, which can be produced locally. Big Noise Films, produced a report that was broadcasted by Democracy Now.
  6. 6. Also present were institutes like the Mexican institute of Water Technology. Many private sector organisations stood in contrast to the low cost, small scale technologies that Henk Holtslag was promoting.
  7. 7. Bosch showing their Vivagua, latest and greatest, water dispenser with three filters including reverse osmosis and UV treatment.
  8. 8. The French Water Partnership Pavilion was the source of a constant buzz of activity. In the background, the Holland Pavilion is also hosting presentations.
  9. 9. In the NGO village, opposite side of the river of the country pavilions, the CGIAR Challenge Program introduces their work to Turkish school children.
  10. 10. A panel of speakers during the Scaling Up WASH in Schools session, organised by UNICEF.
  11. 11. Enticing illustrations on water being presented in the Turkish GEA Search and Rescue, Ecology and Assistance Campaigns Group stand.
  12. 12. WASHCost is presented late in the evening to a small group of invited participants in a session hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Feedback is positive albeit the hour!
  13. 13. IRC stand at the end of the day, shared with ODI and the RiPPLE programme, in the NGO village. This stand was generously provided for free, courtesy of the forum organisation.