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Pumps and businesses


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Published in: Business
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Pumps and businesses

  1. 1. Foundation ConnectInternationalStichting Connect InternationalFoundation ConnectInternational
  2. 2. Who we are• Dutch Foundation (1997).Foundation Connect International• WASH projects – SMART Tech business cases.• Self help projects.• SMART Centers mainstreaming SMART Techs• Projects to processes. Giving to businesses.
  3. 3. Hand geboorde puttenFoundation Connect International
  4. 4. Foundation Connect International
  5. 5. Foundation Connect International
  6. 6. SMART Centre SMART Centre SMART CentreUMBRELLAFoundation Connect InternationalProduct FinanceAwareness
  7. 7. Two finance tools• Conditional Cash Transfers• Low interest rate WASH creditsFoundation Connect International
  8. 8. Conditional Cash TransfersFemal Head of HH receives 10 €/month.•Children good/diverse food + go to school•Sleep under mosquito nets•Careful with sexual behaviors•Improved agriculture•Make use of medical facilities•Set up small businesses•Proper water and sanitation facilitiesFoundation Connect International
  9. 9. €Foundation Connect InternationalConditional Cash Transfers
  10. 10. Low interest rate creditsFoundation Connect InternationalSMARTCenterVillage bank orselfhelp groupBeneficiaryStart capitalGuidanceLoan voucherCompany orshopVoucherVoucherMoneyRepaymentloan
  11. 11. SMART Centre functionFoundation Connect International
  12. 12. Foundation Connect InternationalSMART Centre Tanzania