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Phase out strategies in WASH


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Presentation by Pim van der Male, Senior Policy Officer Water Management at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the Max Foundation-IRC Event: Phase out strategies in the WASH sector, 31 May 2017, The Hague, The Netherlands -

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Phase out strategies in WASH

  1. 1. Phase out strategies in WASH Pim van der Male
  2. 2. Phasing out, exit or transition? • From exit to transition, lessons and measures. • Transition is relative, programmatic synergy needed. • Focus on sustainability is key, but not limited to transition countries.
  3. 3. Domestic resource mobilization & sustainability • High aid dependence and SDG funding gap. • Providing right conditions to tap into domestic capital. • Global lobby for innovative financing and local resource allocations.
  4. 4. Sustainability tools for new way of working • Sustainability clause, check and compact. • Systematic application helps to increase levels of functionality.
  5. 5. Future outlook on sustainability & transition • Guided by SDG 6. • Increased focus on environmental sustainability. • Sustainability tools further rolled out. • Redefining ‘Trade’ ? • More flexible transition pathways?
  6. 6. Thank you!