Life Cycle Cost Approach to planning and budgeting, Ghana


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Prepared by Chimbar Tom Laari; presented at the Triple-S Annual Review and Planning Meeting (ARAP), Fort Portal Uganda, 6th-11th May 2013

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Life Cycle Cost Approach to planning and budgeting, Ghana

  1. 1. Life Cycle Cost Approach toplanning and budgetingChimbarTom Laari2012/2013ARaP inUganda
  2. 2. WATER SERVICES THAT LAST …2WHY THE EXPERIMENT• District planning and budgeting notguided by functionality and servicemonitoring data• Inadequate budgeting for postconstruction support(rehabilitation, replacement andmonitoring etc)• Districts adopting ad hoc approachof addressing breakdownmaintenance and facilityreplacement
  3. 3. WATER SERVICES THAT LAST …3EXPERIMENT : ADOPTING LIFE CYCLE COST APPROACHTO PLANNING AND BUDGETINGThe pilot intends to:– Provide a framework for comprehensiveplanning and budgeting for waterservices– Provide a framework for predicting facilitybreakdown and planning formaintenance, rehabilitation andreplacementDuration: Feb. 2013 – June 2014
  4. 4. WATER SERVICES THAT LAST …4• Analysis of existing approach toFacility maintenancePlanningBudgeting• Building district capacity to useservice monitoring data to plan andbudget for:New facilitiesFacility maintenance andreplacementBackstopping of communitywater management teamsHOW ARE WE DOING THAT?
  5. 5. WATER SERVICES THAT LAST …5EXPECTED RESULTS• Quick response tobreakdown maintenance• Reduced service downtime• Planned replacement