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background to developing this .mobi solution for hotel and tourism mobile marketing

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  1. 1. January 13, 2011 Mobile Marketing for Travel Brands- Case Study We have completed our research and launched our travel on the go mobile website for travel brands. The mobile website, which is best viewed with a Smartphone, is http://travelonthego.mobiThe first question we asked was should ICAAN and the thousands of Searchwe build mobile apps or mobile websites. Engines and Mobile Directories thatThat was really a no-brainer, because get the information on new dotmobi sites.apps have no place replacingwebsites. We spent months planning our entry into the Smartphone market and our stepsThe Second Question was should we go along the way are documents with Hubwith the crunch approach, rendering articles and our own website. http://SmartphoneTraveller.comregular websites into tiny version of thesame for mobile devices. SmartphoneTraveller is a great name but our research and trials indicated it wasThirdly we wondered should we not the best name for our particularuse .mobi or .com. The .com is most objectives in publishing travel brandspopular, but the Dotmobi has some to mobile phones. In effect buildingspecial appeal. SmartPhone enabled websites for travel brands.This last question is extensivelydocuments in our hub page The aim of the campaign is to generate direct bookings for hotels and tourism operators from Smartphone travelersWe choose DotMobi and it has been the on the go and on their mobile phoneright decision on a number of counts. anywhere and at anytime.Most notably is the adoption on .Mobi by 1
  2. 2. Comsumer Focus Look to SmartPhone Traveller is the real for travel stories, guides and travel advicewebsite that describes the initiatives. It in the future.expands beyond the concept of themarketing and covers details of the entire We will have insightful travel stories ofplatform and technology integration. It will destinations and our own travelalso be a consumer focus for our travel experiences with the SmartphoneTravellerpublishing. in our pocket.Travel BrandsTravelOnTheGo.Mobi is We help hotel and tourism It is a personal mobilethe ICANN registered clients enter details into website with 12 pages ofdirectory and search arcRes. arcRes publishes information and a bookingengine that we will use to this info out to the engine for the brand.promote hotels and tourism TravelOnTheGo Mobileoperators that sign up to marketing directories, It may be linked fromour mobile marketeting mobile advertising sites existing websites. Theplatform at and mobile travel portals regular website may and applications. be coded to know when a Smartphone is viewing itSign up is easy with arcRes arcRes also publishes its and to automaticallypublisher and details and content to a personal redirect to the appropriatefeatures are on our real Brand at website with hotel and and brand colors etc. 2
  3. 3. .mobi marketingTravel On The Go Brand Websites Travel On The Go Brand website are also promoted by the directory listing and arcRes powered marketing to on multiple channels, to Smartphone travelers and regular Internet users. A search on Google desktop or mobile will display the TravelOnTheGo Mobi directory along with hotels that are linked to it. 3
  4. 4. BookHotels at Travelonthego.mobiThe first phase of our marketing was target for hotel and accommodation. Restaurants,car rentals and tourism will follow. The search features are being expanding to includesearch filters and category listing.In other words, a SmartPhone Traveler will be able to filter the display by a number ofparameters, such as family hotels, romance etc as well as features, rates and specialpromotions. 4
  5. 5. January 13, We publish to SmartphoneTravellers putting your hotel in the palm of their hands Your Rooms in their hands Your Bookings in their hands Your Last Min Special in their hands Your Photos in their hands Your Brand in their hands Promoted with TravelOnTheGo.Mobi Sign up now | Visit Mobile Directory | More InfoAXSES SCIPO Box 16 B, Baslen HouseKingston Terr: St. MichaelBarbados246 429