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Hotel & Trourism Marketing with Social Media Index Engine


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An AXSES Hotel and Tourism Marketing Service with SocialIndexEngine. For hospitality and destinations. Subscribe to arcRes Special Marketing and our Social Indexing Engine package. |

Destinations Marketers join the revolution and take your travel planning and bookings to new heights with

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Hotel & Trourism Marketing with Social Media Index Engine

  1. 1. [1] TRAVEL SPECIALS & PACKAGES ADVERTISING Publish your promotion with arcRes Travel Broadcast and niche marketing VIDEO, ARTICLE & TRAVEL BLOGGING Video and Articles are the Best way to promote your hotel and tourism brand SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & INDEXING Social indexing helps you get listed by the search engines and authority sites Travel Promotions + Social Media PackageTRAVELPROMO
  2. 2. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 2 Your key to success Pump your information and brand message out to hundreds of sites. Using RSS feeds, Direct Connect and Content Publsihing, your special promotions and brand messages are syndicated to 1000s of travel sites. In turn, many of the same sites have a following of travellers who subscribe to emails and updates. The coverage is vast. Included in this document is a representation of the coverage, services and options. AXSES Featured Products Social Media Promos Tourism Marketing Hotels, travel destinations & tourism companies Specials Marketing combined with AXSES Social Marketing For Travel gives you coverage in several hundred channels including: YouTube and Video Sites, Bookmarks, Directories, Social Media, Blog Sites, Article Sites and Travel Directories. We publish your specials, your packages, your unique offers and your brand to your Facebook Reservations Page as well as the AXSES network, 100s of travel sites and to many more affiliate sites. We focus on your core values and your unique selling points to publish, animate, blog and create a social index and let travellers find you! AXSES technology and marketing systems helps you create the content that travellers seek: Travel reviews, tips, guides, personal accounts and travel shopping services. Travellers visit many shopping sites where they can compare, save and reserve options. They are looking for special deals and unique packages that they can book from the hotel and tourism supplier directly. Good content must be published across the Internet. AXSES’ systems allow us to Broadcast your message to hundreds of sites and add value to your brand. More Info Free Video Tutorials
  3. 3. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 3 Specials Marketing/Advertising Channels Once your information is loaded in arcRes it is immediately available to a large number of travel portals and channels. Some of these are our own marketing channels, where we list the latest deals. Some are 3rd part special deals and promo sites like Craigslist. Some are Social Sites and Web 2.0 properties. arcRes specials are also published as RSS feeds to the RSS aggregators who feed them to many travel portals. RSS feeds are also subscribed to directly by travellers and independent channels. These include: a. arcRes Direct Submissions of Specials and Packages • Craigslist • Twitter (VacationSpecialDeals) • Facebook (VacationSpecialDeals) • • (features your property for one month) • | | | (magazine) • iPhone and Smartphones Travel Shopping Applications • Web 2.0 properties, articles and blogs b. AXSES Network listing • arcAds distribution & publishing network (Ezine and Web 2.0 properties where we place tourism advertisements) • Syndicated to ezines and article sites like • AXSES Affiliate network of sites like RealHolidays, CaribbeanHopping, TravelAgentRes and others, where advertisers may be featured on a random basis. c. arcRes Broadcast and Syndication • 100s of independent travel sites using arcRes syndicated news and RSS Feeds (feeds will include your destination and property) • The RSS feeds are send out by RSS aggregators to thousand of sites. Subscribe at
  4. 4. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 4 Video Blogging Video is the foundation of our publishing to Social Media and Article Directories. We may write several articles which are published with this video. Articles are a catalyst to promoting your video, spreading your message and creating the social index. For more about video blogging, see an AXSES site We suggest you create a destination package (like a tour) for this custom marketing! One article will be made into a video, posted to YouTube and submitted to Video and Web TV sites. The video will be posted to bookmarks, social media, blogs, travel article sites and travel directories: Video Blogging via YouTube is the strategic post - we embed this with article/blogs and post to bookmarks. In addition the video is published to most major video hosting sites.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 5 Articles & Travel Directories Social Index We will create several articles based on the information provided about the package we market and information on your destination. Expect to be listed in over 100 travel directories and have articles in several hundred sites. Directories are added constantly - We use many PR5 sites. The objective is to get links to your site, help you get found on search engines and to provide information to travellers who search these sites. These are one-way links which are favoured by Google and other search engines. The directories are important in building your backlinks, index and exposure. Article site for ranking - Google has depreciated directories over the years because they are “link sites” with little rich content. While standard directories still give backlinks, article directories with good original content are favored by Google and other search engines. We submit to a wide range of directories that link to travel stories, tips and articles on holidays, travel and tourism. The basic service covers directories with a page rank of less than 3. Optional services are also available for directories of PR3 or more. These include manual submissions, which can be made to places like, and many more. Most of these can only be submitted to by accredited authors. More - See our video on Article Marketing
  6. 6. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 6 BOOKMARK SITES Will Include Sites Such As StumbleUpon. General A Dozen Per Network BLOG SITES Sites like Tumblr, in all several blog sites per network. We may employ several networks PRIORITY SOCIAL SITES 1. Facebook * 2. Twitter 3. LinkedIn There A Dozen Or So Social Sites Per Network MOBILE SmartphoneTraveller Applications: Your specials are posted to our smartphone apps. Upgrade to a mobile website for advanced mobile marketing Sites listed may change at any time. More info at: Get Free training video tutorials and case studies on all of this at Social Indexing - Bookmarks, Blogs & Social Sites These are the cornerstones of the social media. The bookmarks are like directories, but generally, they have higher social value. Used correctly, bookmarks, blogs and social sharing sites can greatly enhance the value of video, articles and all aspects of the marketing campaign. We constantly change and adjust our linking strategies and the sites we use to obtain best brand recognition and brand integrity. Listed below are examples of the major sites we work with at this time. The standard indexing services will create links to your site from our own network of social profiles. We offer an optional service to create a set of custom profiles for your business/target market.
  7. 7. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 7 FACEBOOK TRAVEL MARKETING & BRAND MANAGEMENT AXSES Facebook Travel Marketing and Bookings Application, gives independent hotels, small chains, and B&Bs, the ability to take their marketing and promotion to the next level. It boosts travel & hotel direct bookings and provides a simply and effective way to advertise brands and give customers the ability to get quotes, compare options and book right on Facebook page. The arcResBookings app loads and manages your brand content, rates, rooms and photos, saving hotel staff a lot of time in setting up and maintaining good content on Facebook. arcResBookings combined with special marketing helps you maintain your visibility on Facebook and consistently maintain your competitive activity with up-to-the-minuet specials and deals that keep your Fans engaged and increase your revenue and direct bookings. Your Mobile Website, Marketing & Mobile Bookings Engine, in Minutes • directory listing • dotMobi publishing to 1000's of directories • Your hotel special promotions displayed on network of 100's of travel sites • iPhone and Android application • Advertised on the Internet and direct to mobiles/smartphones • 14-Page mobile optimised website • Booking engine - no commission, no transaction fees Its no longer optional, smartphones are becoming the primary means of access to the web. More and More travelers are using smartphones to plan and research travel. If you don’t have a mobile optimised website, travelers using their mobiles, visit less pages, move away quicker and book less. MOBILE TRAVEL - MARKETING TO SMARTPHONE TRAVELLERS
  8. 8. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 8 Social Index Engine Package ArcRes Bookings and social (buy 4 arcRes Modules under) Set up $200 Monthly 100US 25% off on Social Indexing and video blast (1). Min 3 month at $500 pm custom profiles monthly extra arcRes Modules i. arcResBookings for Facebook ii. arcRes Facebook Special Offers iii. arcRes Specials Marketing iv. arcRes Packages Marketing v. arcRes Mobile Marketing vi. arcRes Offers Facebook Posts vii. arcRes Bookings Engine viii. arcRes Publishing/Reporting 4 modules required for Social Indexing engine above. All arcRes modules are included in the Silver, Gold and Premium Social Network Marketing & Management Packages
  9. 9. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 9 arcRes Modules All arcRes modules are used in Silver, Gold and Premium Packages. We use arcRes to market your brand, to publish brand content, specials packages and promotion in channels and to update brand networks, tweets profiles and affiliate sites. We also use other tools to allow us to be most effective and deliver a professional and effective campaign. Our team is international. With strategic marketing partners in Canada, America, Europe and Asia. You may find out more on each module with the links below. i. arcResBookings for Facebook Builds your reservations fan page,. loads and manages brand content, seasonal rates, rooms, photos and booking options. ii. arcRes Facebook Offers Builds the Special Offers Fan Page, like Page. Loads and manages all Facebook Specials and Facebook Packages iii. arcRes Specials Marketing Publishes and manages travel special and promotions on 100’s of sites. iv. arcRes Packages Marketing as in specials Publish and manage travel packages on 100’s of site. v. arcRes Mobile Marketing you will be listed on a websites in a destination directory. The launch is accompanied with an advertising package for Silver, Gold and Premium. vi. arcRes Facebook updates as in The advanced arcRes posting tool can update Facebook events, news, activities, guests comments and reviews. vii. arcRes Bookings Engine The booking engines is uses in many marketing channel to provide instant quotes, interactive services on maps and bookings. You may use it as your own website bookings engine at no additional cost. viii. arcRes Publishing/Reporting arcRes will track all booking request on channel and shoppers sent to your website (tracking must be installed). It will report and book the specials, packages and offers that the clients have selected. The online report is available 24/7 from an internet browser. ix. Central Reservations Systems for tourism destinations, destination authorities, hotel and tourism associations and tourism marketers. See the very latest in booking system. The
  10. 10. SOCIAL MARKETING, STRATEGIES! JUNE 24, 2011 10 “We do it for you marketing and management” Silver Package: $5,950 US set up Monthy $1,900 US Includes all arcRes technology modules plus Silver Social Network Marketing & Management. Set up YouTube channel with 1 video, 8 article and video blasts. 1. Strategic Planning 2. Custom Report 3. Custom Web Presence 4. YouTube Channel 5. WordPress Blog 6. Facebook Fan Page 7. Set up your Twitter Feed 8. Set up LinkedIn Profile 9. Automated Message Campaign 10. Video and Article Burst Campaigns 12 videos 11. Managed Pay-Per-Click SE Sponsored Ads 12. Mobile Marketing Campaign. Advertising 13. Ongoing Management and Expansion. 14. All arcRes modules Deployed see details on page 10 Gold Package: $9,100 US set up Monthy From $2,900 US As above: Set up YouTube channel with 3 videos, 10 blogs and video blasts. Active Facebook updates twice a day, active tweets and profile updates. Active email campaign and articles. Package described in details under. Premium Package: $12,150 US set up Monthy $4,400 US As above: YouTube channel with 6 videos, 20 blogs and video blasts. Active Facebook updates twice a day, active tweets and profile updates. Active email campaign and articles. Package described in details page 10 Social Network Marketing & Management
  12. 12. HOTEL&TOURISM MARKETING AXSES TOURISM MARKETING & PUBLISHING PO Box 16B, Baslen House Kingston Terrace Bridgetown, St. Michael, BB11090 Marketing Powered by AXSES’ arcRes Publishing arcRes Powered Tourism Publishing DESTINATIONS MARKETERS Take your travel planning and bookings to a new level with Hotels and Tourism Operators Tel 246 429 2653 AXSES INC. 211 Kennedy Rd Boutiliers Point Nova Scotia Canada, B3Z 1V5 Subscribe to Specials promo