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PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 1 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 2 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 3 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 4 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 5 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 6 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 7 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 8 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 9 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 10 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 11 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 12 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 13 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 14 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 15 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 16 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 17 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 18 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 19 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 20 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 21 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 22 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 23 PersonaHolidays Value Proposition Slide 24

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PersonaHolidays Value Proposition

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Truly amazing personal holiday planner that is highly interactive, intensely visual, respectfully personal, intuitive and immediate! Live Demo

Personal holidays analyses personality archetypes and map them into the travel personas. It matches travelers to hotels and activities that have similar character. The result is a vacation planning solution that provides very specific personal recommendations that are intuitive and instant.

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PersonaHolidays Value Proposition

  1. 1. Person Holid ys P Personal Holiday Planning PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  2. 2. CEO COO Product Location Proof Of Concept Use of Funds World Market Ian R Clayton Kathy Lynn Ward PersonaHolidays International 500% More Engagement Marketing 1 Million Hotels Key Investment Merits - Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  3. 3. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Travelers Want a Personal Recommendation, Not More Choice Booking Travel is Frustrating But it’s About to Completely Change here is how and why the change is coming You probably understand the frustration of booking travel. You go to many sites such as Expedia, and Google, searching for a destination and hotel of your dreams. ose sites try to direct you to the best options - but how do they know what’s best for YOU? ey don’t. And how do YOU know which choice will give you the vacation experience you crave? You don’t. Like most travelers, you may look at over 20 sites in the process of planning a holiday. And aer wading through endless search boxes, clicking, swiping & tapping away, you might be so frustrated that you don’t book at all! Or, if you do book, you’re disappointed when you go on vacation & discover that the hotel is nothing like what you expected. But that’s about to change because we know the hotels and we understand you. We don’t give you more choice, we give you a personal recommendation. Friday, 4 August, 17
  4. 4. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays A Personal Solution to A Global Problem personalization the new driving force in travel What makes us different? e deeper understanding of why an individual travels. Take Lucy for example: Maybe Trust is her driving force, so she wants somewhere her family can rely on, probably a chain hotel. What about Bachelor Jack: Maybe he’s a bit of a maverick seeking new experiences abroad and quirky accommodation. We get it. And we’ll help the spectrum of travelers find what’s right for them. e big problem is that todays travel systems and services don't really know you. Sure they have piles of data - too much really. But they don't know who you are. ey can’t say this is the right area, the right people, the right decor or ambience because they don't know whether you are a connoisseur, a trendsetter or a maverick and they don't classify hotels according to personality. Friday, 4 August, 17
  5. 5. Person Holid ys P SolutionA new way to market travel e PersonaHolidays Channel Highly interactive, intensely visual, respectfully personal, intuitive and immediate! PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  6. 6. Scientifically-based personality and branding analysis to help build a purposeful brand identity that aligns with their target personality. is is integrated with the MatchMaker.Travel engine that powers all PersonaHolidays Channels Person Holid ys P Visual booking technology - an intuitive graphical user interface that instantly displays options and choices in a visually compelling display. 1 2 3 PersonaHolidays Delivering Accurate Personalized Recommendations Behaviour Responsive Inference Engine Personality Branding Visual Nuclear Fast Search Matching A Behaviour-responsive technology to analyze and match travelers up with hotels of similar character. e database of triggers and responses began with a break down of dating systems, now integrated with the Fascination Advantage® Archetype. for mobile travelers seeking authentic personal holidays PersonaHolidays perfected for over a decade, combines three innovations in travel planning and booking technology to create a personal recommendation TM Friday, 4 August, 17
  7. 7. Person Holid ys P1. Behaviour Analysis Expert System matching hotels & travelers by personality PersonaHolidays - A personalized travel planning experience that matches travelers to hotels and activities based on character. It is an Expert System that analyses behaviour and delivers products that match by personality. at is, it gets to know the personal characteristics of visitors discreetly, without being obtrusive and it pairs visitors up with hotels of like character. It does not pry, ask questions or conduct surveys; it simply learns from experience, building intelligence on a guest’s personal triggers and instantly matches these with hotels and activities of complementary characteristics. It is a constantly tuned database of archetypes and behaviour! Friday, 4 August, 17
  8. 8. Person Holid ys P Personalization Persona Matchwords link travelers with hotels of matching character arcRes Software personality matching visual travel planning arcRes Software bookings Expert Behaviour Analysis arcRes software graphical user interface immediate intuitive blistering fast PersonaHolidays Integrated Fascination Advantage® Matchwords Engine travelers matchwords 2. Personality Profiling Friday, 4 August, 17
  9. 9. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays PersonaHolidays is an application of MatchMaker.Travel the Travel MatchMaker Engine and graphical user interface that interact with the arcRes database. arcRes provides the connection between PersonaHolidays and other systems. It is the glue to 3rd party booking engines, hospitality integrators and multichannel marketing systems. Behaviour Analysis - Expert Systems - Visual Travel Planning - Personality Matching - Personality Branding instant, visual, personal 3.Visual Bookings Technology It is build on the latest app development framework producing instant results at the speed of thought TM Friday, 4 August, 17
  10. 10. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays immediately personal and spot on Personal Recommendation PersonaHolidays Advanced Graphical Display is….. highly interactive, intensely visual, respectfully personal, intuitive and immediate! As a Connoisseur you love total relaxation in the ultimate luxury. Connoisseurs will enjoy the resorts and villas on the west coast of Barbados because of their understated elegance. Here you can be yourself, with your every need catered to by genuine unpretentious staff intent on providing a top-class holiday experience. Friday, 4 August, 17
  11. 11. generates the travel matchwords and updates supplier data Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Suppliers Hotel Resort Villa Apartment B&B Attractions Activities Fascination Advantage® Branding acRes Systems behaviour analysis matches travelers and hotels by personality immediate, intuitive, visual personalized travel planning Immediate Personal Recommendations Matchwords Engine dynamic friendlyfun-loving serene adventure quietstylish Friday, 4 August, 17
  12. 12. Person Holid ys P Proof Travelers stay longer, do more and love the experience PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  13. 13. Person Holid ys P Travelers stay longer and do more 0.53 3.44 0.53 3.44 500% Increase in Engagement PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  14. 14. Person Holid ys P 3 times more clicks 0.924 2.989 300% Increase in Conversion PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  15. 15. “This system knows me better than I know myself” Person Holid ys P User Feedback Survey - Reliable Experience - Spot on Uniquely fast No one does what it does User’s Comment - Intelligent PersonaHolidays “This system knows me better than I know myself” In our survey, 587 voted that it captured their interest; 7 did not Travelers Stay Longer, do more and love personalization Traveler considered delaying wedding: “The choice was perfect. But it was going to be closed for the dates.” In our speed tests, it was 7 times faster than the competition “This system knows me better than I know myself” Friday, 4 August, 17
  16. 16. Person Holid ys P Value Proposition PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  17. 17. - Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidaysValue Proposition For Travel destination marketers, hotel and tourism associations, chain hotels and online travel planning and booking services Who want to Attract, engage and convert more bookings using the latest behavior analysis, AI, psychology and personality matching technology ..... without having to redesign, rebuild or reengineer their existing system - or buy expensive technology PersonaHolidays’ Matchmaker.Travel Engine Is an instant, psychology based personal recommendation engine that matches travelers with hotels based on personality. It can be easily added to any destination marketing, travel planning or bookings systems to help travelers find the perfect holiday vacation based on a unique personality pairing and behavior matching algorithm Unlike Traditional booking system that do not provide personal recommendations and overload travelers with too many choices that are not personal TM Friday, 4 August, 17
  18. 18. - Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Traveler Focused Solution for Hotels and Distributors PersonaHolidays solves the personalization problem for travelers. This makes it valuable to hoteliers and distributors serving travelers with online travel planning and bookings. Hotels want to differentiate their property and are seeking channels that build and promote their brand. -We help hotels establish highly relevant personalized brands and personal brand messages. -We provide collateral in web services and videos that reflect the core value of the hotel personality -We provide distribution and channel technology that is brand centered and personal Destinations are looking for channel technology that helps them build sharing relations with hotel and tourism partners. They want to provide brand centered travel planning and booking capabilities at a reasonable cost. They want to enhance existing booking and planning technology so that it is brand centered and personalized for travelers.They want to increase engagement and bookings. -PersonaHolidays is an immediate and cost effective solution Online Distribution Channels like metasearch agents, channel management systems, vacation rentals and the sharing economy understand the need for better personalization and want to provide accurate personal recommendations. -PersonaHolidays can be layered onto their existing technology providing an immediate cost effective solution without having to re-engineer their software or build new systems. Friday, 4 August, 17
  19. 19. - Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Benefits of Guest Centric Personas Every hotelier and tourism company needs to have a clear picture of their target market. e only practical way to do this is to develop personas of their ideal guests. Knowing who you are marketing to is essential in todays highly competitive and fragmented travel marketing world. Personalization Now Today’s highly sophisticated databases contain massive personal knowledge. We know travel preference, preferred shopping channels and behavior based patterns that provide a high level of personal detail. Artificial Intelligent (AI) systems are now sophisticated inference and learning machines that can predict behavior. Today we can discern the personas of travelers and hosts with psychological profiling like Myers Briggs and brand profiling by Sally Hogsheads’ Fascination Advantage. e tools are available to build highly personal travel planning and booking systems. But, no one has done it well, until now! Clear Focus In our PersonaHoliday marketing we first identify the host and brand persona to create the travel matchwords. is defines the market keywords, the brand identity, the messaging, the advertising and the promotional focus. It allows us to be very specific in developing highly effective and targeted sales funnels and marketing campaigns. Matchmaking PersonaHolidays Matchmaker.Travel AI systems go to work as soon as a traveler visits the site. Every action is evaluated against all experiences and matched with our vast databases of psychological triggers. It instantly creates a persona profile for the traveler. e Travel Persona is then matched with compatible hotels and holidays. is process finds the very best fit and delivers a concise recommendation. It oen will deliver 3 options - Luxury, Mid Range and Budget. Travelers can adjust their search criteria and profile as they wish. personalization with a clear focus TM Friday, 4 August, 17
  20. 20. Person Holid ys P Business Plan PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  21. 21. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Technology Licensing Matchmaker.Travel engine PersonaHolidays technology is flexible and adaptive. It can be integrated with any booking system or travel planning platform. It may be licensed to Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), OTA, chain hotels, association, business centers, and any group or organization servicing travelers or clients who travel. More about licensing PersonaHolidays Channel Brands may also subscribe to the Global PersonHolidays channel e Business Scenarios Demo A live demonstration of can be seen on the site TM Friday, 4 August, 17
  22. 22. Person Holid ys P Team PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  23. 23. Person Holid ys PNoted for out-of-the-box thinking, Ian won e Atlantic Canada Business Innovation Grant for geographic data sharing (info-atlas) between private sector, education and government. PersonaHolidays Ian moved the idea of an info-atlas to the Caribbean and started the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia in 1994 (3 million unique visitors/year). e company developed one of the first dynamic packaging systems using matchmaker technology. It created one of the first booking engines for independent small hotels on Facebook and was featured in the New York Times for its use of social media in tourism. Graduated Concordia University - First Class Honors; B.Com. Marketing & Business Systems Concordia and McGill University - Masters Computer Science M.Sc ABT Kathy-Lynn Ward has been leading a team of web developers and programmers at AXSES SCI Tourism Development from its inception in 1995. Kathy is the creative genius responsible for development of the arcRes Bookings Platform, the Facebook Booking Engine, Bookable-ads, Visual Bookings and the new PersonaHolidays. Kathy-Lynn Ward won the Award of Excellence for Tourism Services at the Barbados Tourism Awards in 2009. She is considered to be one of the brightest minds in computer programming in the Caribbean. Graduated University of the West Indies - First Class Honors; B.Sc. Computer Science Advanced Google Analytics Certified Professional Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO AXSES Author: Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series (i)| Rogues in Paradise* Publisher/Manager of the West Indies Cricket section of the international website Ian R. Clayton CEO AXSES, Author/Publisher i. Website, Digital Media*, Technology* * coming soon AXSES AllCast Marketing & Production Friday, 4 August, 17
  24. 24. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Examples & Demos PersonaHolidays App MatchMaker Engine http://MatchMaker.Travel Search with Personality: http// Archetype search: Contact Us: Do the Fascination Test Full Deck Includes market research, business plan and startup venture partners More Information Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Resources TM Friday, 4 August, 17

Truly amazing personal holiday planner that is highly interactive, intensely visual, respectfully personal, intuitive and immediate! Live Demo Personal holidays analyses personality archetypes and map them into the travel personas. It matches travelers to hotels and activities that have similar character. The result is a vacation planning solution that provides very specific personal recommendations that are intuitive and instant. See business details and licensing at See the full deck at


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