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Newswire: Startup takes guest reviews to new heights


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Taken from the Press Release and animated with images and added description. This Slideshare gives a good breakdown of the latest technology by HplidayHotelReviews.

The system are being rolled out now!


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Newswire: Startup takes guest reviews to new heights

  1. 1. Animated Review Videos & Personalization: The Latest Innovation in Hotel & Tourism Marketing Startup launches innovative tourism reputation marketing with animated review videos and personality matching PUBLISHED BY NEWSWIRE.NET HOLIDAYHOTELREVIEWS.BIZ 5 STAR REVIEWS ( -- April 14, 2016) Hastings, Christ Church -- A new reputation marketing platform for hotels and tourism operators launched by Startup HolidayHotelReviews. The new innovative service does several things and perhaps its most intriguing feature is how it animates reviews with professional videos that show and tell what guests see, say and experience. Participating suppliers are also included in HHR travel planning sites where travelers are paired with hotels based on similar characteristics. HHR’s fully automated review gathering, monitoring, presentation, syndication and Reputation Marketing help hotels and tourism companies achieve better customer reviews and increase online visibility, engagement and bookings. Author: Ian R Clayton Office: 246 427 2004 Cell: 246 237 2008 Email: iclayton (at) 15A Pavilion Court, Hastings CH.CH., Barbados
  2. 2. Building & Marketing 5-Star Brands With Innovative Video Distribution HolidayHotelReviews has created proprietary tools and strategies tailored to hotel and tourism marketing, in order to help its subscribers build five-star reviews and syndicate them to the leading digital media. Hotel and tourism clients receive customized five-star review videos and graphic productions of their holiday property. The visual content is integrated into their own website and social media and shared to top digital networks with full-time results monitoring. Keeps Travelers on Owners’ WebSites & Facilitates the Review Process The HolidayHotelReviews platform also consolidates five-star reviews from other systems such as TripAdvisor and to one location, allowing hotels to feed the optimized content to their own online channels, such as their website and social media. This makes it easier for website visitors to find all five-star reviews in one place and it keeps them on the hotel or tourism website. Guests are also able to submit reviews to other platforms without leaving the hotel website or Facebook page. Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO of HolidayHotelReviews says that having the reviews on the hotel website is a very significant advantage on its own. "It keeps travelers engaged and on the hotel website. Too often a visit to TripAdvisor may be the last the hotel sees of the potential guest as many end up in a booking funnel outside of hotel control." Reviews are Critical in Travel Shopping With figures showing hundreds of thousands of hotels and holiday accommodation available throughout the world, offering millions of guest rooms, the need to stand out and attract guests is of increased importance. Also, travelers almost always book accommodation online, presenting a further challenge for hotel and tourism operators to woo potential customers “It's vital that they establish a solid, online reputation through trusted reviews by fellow travelers.”   According to the 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey, 97 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 read online reviews to assess a product or service, meaning that reviews are just as trusted as word-of- mouth referrals. Reputation marketing system operator HolidayHotelReviews recognized the opportunity to develop a service assisting hotels in building a positive name online. “It's vital that Hotels and Tourism companies establish a solid, online reputation through trusted reviews by fellow travelers"
  3. 3. Broadcast Syndication Additional services offered by and its network of sites include broadcast media content-sharing via press release syndication. Personality Matching The HHR holiday-planning sites (like match travelers up with hotels of like character based on a proprietary profiling system incorporating 40 different character dimensions. This is a major departure from traditional booking engines and hotel search systems that focus on budget, location and amenities. HHR adds a new dimension: to personalization: A vast database of personality traits, triggers and options are interlinked and matched to properties similarly classified in an intelligent system that learns with each click.  For in-depth details of how Holiday Hotel Reviews works, visit the website: ABOUT AXSES AXSES launches new Startup, an innovation in the use of guests reviews and review gathered, building, syndication and sharing. !5 A Pavillion Court Hastings, Christ Church BB11042 Barbados Source: newsroom/pr/00092390- holidayhotelreviews.html Ian R. Clayton is a part-time Newswire Journalist, author and publisher and CEO of tourism development company AXSES. He is a #1 bestselling author on Amazon with his latest book WEBSITE. >>>
  4. 4. Case Studies One of the very first clients for the new service was Atlantis Submarines, Barbados. The Atlantis submarines operate in many holiday destinations offering deep sea underwater adventure tours to vacationers. The Subs are manufactured in Canada to highest standards for safety and comfort. The Barbados operation signed up for the beta program which included: several video productions, a joint press release, building of the BarbadosubTours network and creating the automated systems. The HHR systems take care of creating social media content, building the video platform and publishing all content to the network and syndicated media. See Case Study reputation-marketing-atlantissub-case-study Poinsettia Ocean View Villa Resort is an exclusive resort on a hilltop garden on Vigie Bay and above a shallow draft marine in Castries. It consist of just 7 spacious, safe and affordable holiday villas set around a pool, roof top terrace and tropical gardens. Poinsettia management was an early adopter of the HHR innovative video marketing service. Several Videos have been created and syndicated. Poinsettia has excellent reviews and we wanted to showcase the uniqueness, privacy, space and freedom of the villas. What better way than animating reviews. In the video below Cristine B left a 5- star review saying that although she had traveled the world and stayed in many places Poinsettia villas was “one of the most well equipped holiday villas, with lovely views over the harbour.” See the Review Here: visit Poinsettia at Atlantis Submarines Barbados PoinsettiaVilla St. Lucia AXSES !5 A Pavillion Court, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados