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e-commerce travel and tourism platform

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Arcres E Coomerce Marketing

  1. 1. knowledge engineering arcRes e-commerce Marketing e-commerce marketing & management | direct marketing websites & portals | global distribution | social networking | channel management | advertising management | hospitality management | affiliate marketing | collaborative marketing | SEO marketing Intellectual resource & knowledge management
  2. 2. Knowledge engineering . arcRes e-commerce platform Website Booking Engine for hotels, villas, cars, activities, channel management, GDS, marketing tools, e-commerce management <ul><li>all payment and guarantee options supported </li></ul><ul><li>no commissions </li></ul>FREE BOOKINGS ENGINE IF HOSTED WITH AXSES
  3. 3. Knowledge engineering . Easy to use admin tools WEBSITE BOOKINGS FREE IF HOSTED WITH AXSES All inventory options All payment options All Guarantee options Full control of content Research Newsletter Client Management Database Marketing Flexible Family plan & ages Flexible rules & policies Groups – Specials – Packages Themes Management Co-Marketing (Partners Program) Distribution | GDS | Affiliates FaceBook
  4. 4. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Facebook arcRes for GDS arcRes for e-Specials arcRes for Affiliates arcRes for Google Maps arcRes for Your Website arcRes for Bookable-ads arcRes for Portals arcRes for RSS Marketing arcRes Marketing Suites http:// arcres .com/ ecommerce -and-travel-marketing. cfm arcRes for Partnerships
  5. 5. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Tourism Website Database of lookers and bookers
  6. 6. Knowledge engineering Transaction details for hotel and partners Selling property tracked on partner record arcRes for Tourism Partnerships Properties selects partners Selected partners displayed Final bookings page
  7. 7. A RC R E S Knowledge engineering Property description and photo Quotes Room descriptions Rates Specials automatically shown through RSS feeds. Bookings … all shown in Facebook and updated easily in arcRes. arcRes for Facebook
  8. 8. Knowledge engineering arcResBookings added to Facebook page live example Facebook Demo Installation Requires arcRes approval 1-246 429 2653 facebook http://axses- facebook .com Database of lookers and bookers arcRes for Facebook
  9. 9. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Bookable-ads For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries
  10. 10. . . Knowledge engineering For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries arcRes for e-Specials
  11. 11. . . Knowledge engineering Distribute globally with RSS feeds - travelers get latest specials mailed to them feeds/BarbadosVacationSpecials.xml Approx 100 sites arcRes for RSS Marketing
  12. 12. arcRes GDS Knowledge engineering 3000 million reservation per month 400,000 travel agents 40,000 iDS arcRes for GDS
  13. 13. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Portals For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries 30 Caribbean Sites
  14. 14. Knowledge engineering Transaction record show agent. Custom reports available Caribbean Specialists Resources Links to: Barbados Sandy Lane A Bookings Barbados Service direct on Travel Agents site * Axses supplied agent website * Agents own website arcRes for affiliates For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries
  15. 15. . . Knowledge engineering Themes, Packages, Specials, Portals Comparison Shopping, Quotes, Bookings 130 Barbados Operators using arcRes features/channels 68 One or more themes (average 3) 81 44 Specials and RSS Channels (#1 on MSN) 55 40 Bookings Engine operators website 37 Specials on website 29 Packages (14 RealHolidays) 22 Comparison Shopping 16 Distribution ________________________________________________________ 130 Barbados operators using one or more features/channels (above) Hundreds more, using arcRes Search and Directory listing 800 archives entries (attractions, tours, information etc) | 1000 villas, home rentals | 229 hotels, apartments, guesthouses arcRes Channels
  16. 16. . . Knowledge engineering arcRes Suites E-commerce platform for multiple Direct channels, GDS/PMS Integrated, Themes Marketing, CRS Website bookings Built to manage Websites Content | Bookings Information Distribution SEO | Marketing | Direct Mail Reports & Analysis Supplier status management E-commerce: arcRes & arcAds Affiliate marketing Facebook
  17. 17. Knowledge engineering . LEADING DESTINATION MARKETING
  18. 18. Knowledge engineering AXSES 12 AWARDS of Excellence International award for advanced travel technology
  19. 19. Knowledge engineering AXSES PEOPLE Directors Ian Clayton: CEO John Gibbs: Managing Director Kathy-Lynn Ward: Director Operations & Programming Programmers/Technical Shelly Burke Hussein Grant Kris Gooding André Rock Marketing and Support Julia Hyndman: e-commerce Marketing Ann-Marie Morris: Web Marketing Janelle Knight: Web Marketing St Lucia Partner: Glace Graphics
  20. 20. . Knowledge engineering AXSES Direct Cost effective Established Creative Market Leader Technology Leader Caribbean International Potential innovation works
  21. 21. . . knowledge engineering Nautilus Beach Apartments - August 2009 “I can’t sing the praises of AXSES enough. I think they are doing a fantastic job in terms of tourism marketing. The staff are very knowledgeable and always willing to assist clients.   Each step along the way during the last decade, they have made our advancement into the wireless world that much easier. For example with regards to GDS and with tailor-made marketing initiatives for the property.”
  22. 22. . . knowledge engineering Proven marketing success T h a n k Y o u
  23. 23. AXSES builds &quot; supplier-centered &quot; &quot; supply chain management systems &quot; Featuring Direct Sales & facilitating Global Distribution knowledge engineering AXSES MISSION helping suppliers excel advanced technology – training & support – supplier tools
  24. 24. Internet is about being direct! It is the most efficient marketing and distribution medium ever Made for Direct Business Direct Sales | Your Brand | Your Technology | Your Control 2006 40% direct | 2007 50% plus | 2008 60 % plus In 2 years: 65 % Direct In 2006 the major hotel brands were 81.4% direct vs. 18.6%. Merrill Lynch, HeBs putting the pieces in place for direct sales and distribution marketing
  25. 25. MILESTONES 1996 Launched . Established AXSES SCI, Barbados. 1999 Launched dynamic packaging 2001 Launched Reservations system 2002 Launched BookingsBarbados, affordable bookings & reservations 2004 Launched 2005 Launched Integrated GDS solution with Reserv 2007 Launched 2008 Bookable-ads, Bookable-maps Caribbean marketing launched 2009 FaceBook Travel platform 2009 collaborative destination marketing 20 AXSES Tourism websites already marketing Barbados via the Caribbean Knowledge engineering
  26. 26. Knowledge engineering Technology: Complete, integrated “TRAVEL PLATFORM” Hotels | Apartments | Villas | B&B | Guest Houses | Condos Timeshare | Cars | Activities | Attractions | Flight Bookings Integrated Marketing GDS/IDS/CRS Direct Marketing Channels | Caribbean Marketing Network Unique Theme Marketing systems | Channel Management | Affiliate Marketing Direct Mail Database & Mailing System | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Adwords, banner and Links | Ads management (ArcAds) Interactive maps | Blogs | RSS | FaceBook | Cells & PDAs | Wikipedia | Research Quotation Systems, Reservation Systems Real Time Bookings | Up-Sell | Specials & Packages Dynamic Packaging | Specialised Rate Plans | Groups Management Easy to use, powerful tools Admin systems (media, content) | Customer Relations Management | Multi-Language Reporting |Allotments & Allocations | On-request availability | Block dates Search Engine | Newsletter Tool | Mail Systems Tool | Portal Tools Content Management | Property Management | Accounting Calendars | Guest Books | Availability calendars | PhotoGalleries | Virtual tours | Flash | Video | Postcards | e-Books | Trip Advisor | Links Management