adventure-travel destinations marketing


Published on, is a new travel marketing site offering travelers the option to book direct with hotel owners and tourism operators in the destination. The site allows hotels and adventure actives to advertise adventure packages and specials for direct bookings. Advertisements can be simple links of adventure

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adventure-travel destinations marketing

  1. 1. Adventure Travel DestinationsMarketingSource: http://Adventure-Travel-Destinations.comAdventure Travel Destinations is an AXSES site and a part ofthe AXSES Tourism Marketing network. AXSES builds travel sitesfor the Next Generation Travel Shopping where the Traveller connectsand books directly with the tourism owner and supplier. The networkfacilitates distribution via GDS and OTS channel management but itsprimary focus is to provide a medium where supplier can bypass themiddlement and build sustainable brand integrity and loyalty.In, hotels, tourism operators anddestination associations and tourism authorities may advertise theirTravel Specials and travel Products directly to the traveler. Thetourism supplier simply set-up and manages their information in acentral resources called arcRes Publishing.arcRes distributes suppliers products and brand info to 100’s of AXSESsites and affiliated Channels including many specialized nichemarketing sites similar to Adventure Travel Destinations. The networkdistribution includes mobile phone applications, Smartphone mobilewebsites and Social Media, Web2.0 sites like Facebook.The network is marketed by a team of professional writers creatinginteresting and unique stories on adventure destinations as well asromantic holidays, family vacations, cultural experiences, nature,getaways and island escapes.The AXSES team also creates videos, manages video blogs, videodistribution, travel blogs and publishing for tourism suppliers as largeas a destination to as small as a tour guide or guest house.
  2. 2. For the Hotels, Destinations and Tourism Suppliers including Car rentalCompanies, Restaurants and Activities the AXSES Network offersonline Bookings as well as advertising and promotions with easyto use admin and tracking tools that report exactly what is workingand where. The network of sites are visited by 1000’s of travelers.Suppliers may choose to pay by the click or by annual subscriptions.Travel companies using the subscription service report an averageCost Per Click (a visitor who clicks to their site) of under 20 cent, afraction of traditional advertising.Travelers get a unique service and save bybuying directTravelers like to deal direct! We have proven this over and over againby offering them the choice. Given the choice for the same package 9out of 10 travelers visiting our network choose to buy direct. EvenExpedia freely admits that for every $1 purchased on their site at least1$ is lost by Expedia visitors who chose to seek out the supplier andbuy direct. The clincher is that they must perceive that the rates arefair. In many cases hotels and Tourism Suppliers have tended toexpect that their websites can fetch a premium rate. This is simplywrong thinking. We see travelers checking a hotel website rates andbooking elsewhere because they get a better deal in distribution.Best rates available guaranteeA Cornell University study shows that travelers will not favour hotelswhere the rates are not perceived as being fair. Chain hotels haveunderstood that they loose direct business to their distributionpartners who usually sell well below rack rates. As a result most chainsnow offer “Best Available Rate Guarantees”, and have seen a shiftfrom distribution back to direct sales. Small hotels are not as quick todo this and have become increasingly dependant on the distributionchannels. This is not sustainable in the long term, and many a smallhotel has been burned when they just could not meet the demands ofa distribution partner.With our direct marketing sites, like, travelers are encouraged to connect directly withlocal hotels and operators. In return travelers get many privilegesincluding best rates and unique specials, packages and services only
  3. 3. available when booking has several traveler services andfeatures including blogs and a friends mingle where adventuretravelers can share holiday experiences, hotel reviews, raves andrants.In the vacation-specials pages we provide a list of travel expertsselections of adventure holidays specials and packages from aroundthe world.In the Destination Guide pages we list adventure packages andadventure holiday specials by geographic region.The focus of the site is to offer travelers the best rates forbooking direct with local destination experts, adventure companies,and destination hotels. The adventures packages can include uniqueand little know expeditions, adventures, tours and activities that isoften available only when dealing directly with the local hotels anddestination suppliers.We do supplement packages and specials with the best adventureholiday packages and specials from independent travel agents, travelexperts and travel adventure companies, with good local knowledge.Adventure Travel destination Resources  Hotel & Adventure Travel Marketing & Promotions Free Trial: Publish your Hotel & Tourism Vacation Deals, Vacation Specials and Holidays Packages in 100s of top travel marketing channels  Top 10 Reasons why Travelers Book Adventure Holidays Direct!  Video on arcRes Publishing Specials-Marketing This video explains how arcRes can help you publish your packages, special promotions, product and brand information to 100s of site like adventure travel destinations, Facebook, smartphones and more  More on Next Generation Shopping