Adventure Travel Destimations Marketing CASE STUDY


Published on is developed in xhtml and is mobile aware and smartphone ready. This AXSES case study explains how AXSES can get your travel sites linked by blogging and SEO optimisation.

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  • The site is down and here is the problem. It was hosted and managed by a 3rd party. They messed up and could not recover from what seemed a simple server issue. all was lost - luckily we manged to keep the url. Pretty bad and we are mad with them. They say they will get it all back but is 4 months now and still promises. Everyone can make mistakes. These guys make a living doing this work and I am giving them a chance. If it does not get fixed pretty soon we will do it ourselves and let everyone know just who they are!.

    The lesson - don’t subcontract hosting unless u have FTP access, we could have fixed - they did not!!
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Adventure Travel Destimations Marketing CASE STUDY

  1. 1. Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing. Tourism Marketing Expertise. tourism development SEO Ranking: Adventure Travel Marketing Best Practices for Best ResultsSEO: Adventure Travel | Romantic Holidays | SeoRank tableGoogle Ranking Examples | Free Consultation | CommentsCASE STUDY - AdventureHoliday Travel MarketingSite: http://adventure-travel-destinations.comSelected by builtwithas an example in travel marketingThe chart shouls the top 10 keywords used on theadventure travel destinations landing page. It hasan overall SEO Score of 70/100 - room forimprovement!Adventure travel destinations is promoted with quality informative blogs, ezine articles and video publishingthat create tracking. The target (pages) mentioned in the article anchor text create quality-authorativebacklinks that are useful to adventure travelers. The site is SEO optimised for the keyword target praphses;adventure travel, adventure destinations, adventure holidays, adventure vacation special andadventure holiday special etc.The Target gains Page rang based on the number of backlnks and the authority of those back links. Sites likeslideshare and ezinearticles are authoritative. Blogs by established & respected authors give quality links.In this case study we are promoting the adventure travel destinations site. We publish several uniqueand useful articles using respect authors on respected media resources, we generate high quality back linksand bookmarks.We have establish good ranking in just 4 weeks.Adventure Travel Destinations is one of the most competitive phrases in travel search with 6 million resultsand many well established companies. iExplore, Abercrombie & Kent and National Geographic areamongst the top contenders. They are hard to beat. IExplore has thousands of quality back links. Building agenuine authoritative presence on the net that will complete with these adventure holiday and adventuretravel companies will take several months of careful planning, strategic linking and monitoring, whilebuilding a quality site, with valuable and unique information, good search engine optimised content andnavigation.To gain better position in the short term we will select several long tail target words and adventure phrasesthat was less competitive. Oddly "adventure travel destinations" is not a highly searched phrase and many
  2. 2. alternatives are less competitive with greater relevance to the adventure traveller.The short term objective is to build tracking for adventure holiday specials and adventure holidaydestinations and to promote and Both are redirects to targets within http://adventure-travel-destinations.comWe will build a network on links and relevance for a set of phrases and keywords like family adventuredestinations, romantic holiday adventures, luxury adventures, budget adventure holidays and for specialadventure destinations like Caribbean adventure tours and African Safari Adventure HolidaysThe focus is twofold1.Create an adventure tourism site that travelers will find and which will provide unique valuableinformation and booking options and applications, videos, social media, reviews and information sharing. Theunique focus of the site is that it is not a travel agent and offers many direct bookings options. Travelers areput in direct content with hotels and tourism operate in the adventure destinations of their choice, In somecases where we do not have direct hotel and destination suppliers, we link to independent destination travelagents and adventure tour companies.2. Create an adventure marketing site that tourism advertisers, hotel marketers and destination marketingcompanies will find and which will provide valuable and unique advertising, promotional and marketingopportunities at fair cost for adventure tourism and travel marketing.Once the basic blogging and article ranking is established we will publish our videos and create authorativevideo blogging links and bookmarks.Google results for related adventure travel searchesShowing page.position for targeted media (Site/Blog etc) by keywords searchesADVENTURE MARKETING FOCUSkeywords Searches Site Blog Hubs SlideSh Scribd Arcticles Twatchadventure holiday destinations 1.8 1.3/2.3/4.5/7.1 1.1 1.9/5.3 r/c3.3 1.3/1.7axmarketingadventure travel destinations 3.3 1.1//5.5 1.2/2.5 2.9/5.6 1.7/1.8/2.7/7.7marketingadventure holiday specials marketing 1.8 1.1 1.2 1.4adventure holidays specials marketing 2.2 1.1 1.3 1.4 1.5adventure holidays marketing 1.5/1.9cat2.8/ 1.6/1-.6 7.4 5.1/10.1 2.4/6.5adventure travel marketing 1.9adventure holiday marketing 1.8 1.6adventure destinations marketing 5.5 1.2 1.3 3.6 1.7/3.8
  3. 3. ADVENTURE TRAVELER FOCUSkeywords Searches Site Blog Hubs SlideSh Scribd Arcticles Twatchadventure holiday travel destinations 1.3 6.7 3.1 8.9adventure travel destinations 0 6.7 0 0 0adventure holiday destinations 1.10/2.2 2.4/3.4adventure holiday specials 1.9/2.4 1.1/4.5 6.1tag 3.3/fam/6.9adventure holidays specials 2.3/4.1 1.1/4.6 1.9/2.6/3.8fam/6.3adventure holidays 0 0 0 0 0 0family adventure holidays 0 3.8family adventure travel destinations 0family adventure holiday destinations 10.5 3.5 3.1overseas adventure holidays 0 2.6luxury adventure travel destinations
  4. 4. .