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Timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life


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Prepared by English Language Fellow Ryan Brux

Published in: Education
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Timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life

  1. 1. Martin Luther King, Jr. A Timeline of his Life
  2. 2. Martin Luther King, Jr. is born inAtlanta, Georgia on January15, 1929 to the Reverend andMrs. Martin Luther King, Sr.
  3. 3. After graduatingfrom high schoolat the age of 15,Martin LutherKing, Jr. attendsMorehouseCollege. Hegraduates with asociology degreein 1948. Hegoes on to attendCrozer TheologicalSeminary. Hegraduates in1951.
  4. 4. In 1953 King marries CorettaScott. Together, they have 4 children.
  5. 5. 1954 King becomes minister of Dexter AvenueBaptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
  6. 6. In 1955, Rosa Parks is arrested forrefusing to give up her seat to awhite man. Martin Luther King Jr.leads a boycott against theMontgomery bus company. As aresult of this action, the SupremeCourt rules that buses must bedesegregated.
  7. 7. 1959Inspired by the work of Gandhi, King goesto India to study non-violence.
  8. 8. August 28, 1963: King gives “I Have a Dream”Speech to 200,000 people on the steps of the LincolnMemorial in Washington DC.
  9. 9. October, 1964King wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  10. 10. In early March, 1965, King andothers try to organize a marchfrom Selma to Montgomery,Alabama. The marchers aremet by with Alabama policeand beat.Another march is held onMarch 25th. This time,marchers are protected. MLKgives a speech on the capitalsteps in Montgomery.
  11. 11. March 29, 1968:While at a hotel, King isassassinated (killed).James Earl Ray isconvicted of killing Kingand is sentenced to 99years in jail.
  12. 12. King’s I Have A Dream Speech August 28, 1963 Washington, DC