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2009 Ocs Catalog Final Proof


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This is the latest catalog from Royal Cup Coffee. Please contact me at 770-480-6131 for pricing and more information on how to become a client of Royal Cup.

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2009 Ocs Catalog Final Proof

  2. 2. Birmingham residents in the late 1800’s were drawn to the streets by the aroma of fresh coffee beans as our founder, Henry T. Batterton, made his rounds selling coffee from his horse drawn wagon. Batterton Coffee was so fresh, so flavorful; that it was deemed fit for royalty and became known as the “Royal Cup of Coffee”. In 1950, the William E. Smith family of Birmingham took ownership of the company and renamed it Royal Cup Coffee. In 1958, Royal Cup’s first coffee route was established to provide service to restaurants and hotels. The Office Beverage Division began in 1968. Royal Cup continues as a privately held, family-owned company, carrying on the reputation for providing exceptional products. Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of premium coffees and teas. Royal Cup now reaches markets through- out the United States, into Mexico, and the Caribbean. Our Office Beverage Division is recognized as the leader for quality and personable service in the industry. The strong relationships and service-oriented values implemented with Royal Cup’s first route are the same qualities that contribute to our successes today. Royal Cup Coffee has the understanding and capability to create your complete Office Beverage solution. As market leaders in the office beverage industry, Royal Cup combines skilled expertise with personal service, quality products, and noteworthy professionalism. Come savor the experience of Royal Cup. 1
  3. 3. Quality and Service ....................................................................... 3 See how Royal Cup provides the personal service and quality you deserve. Coffees ........................................................................................... 4 Our finest selection of Centennial, Villa Rey, Private Collection, and Specialty Drinks. Creamers and Sugars .................................................................... 9 Personalize each cup with a wide selection of sugars, creamers, and flavorings. Hot Beverages .................................................................................................................... 10 Bigelow Fine Teas and the superb Novus Collection. Plus hot chocolate and cider. Cold Beverages and Snacks ........................................................ 12 Refresh your office with these cold beverages. Plus popcorn, soups, cookies, and crackers for your office cravings. Sustainable Products ................................................................. 14 A full line of sustainable products and information. Cups, Utensils and Paper Goods ................................................. 15 Disposable cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, napkins, towels, straws, and stir sticks. Cleaning Supplies and Soaps ...................................................... 16 Household and industrial supplies from the brands you trust. Equipment ..................................................................................... 17 Let a Royal Cup Representative advise you on the best coffee, single cup, tea, and water systems. Royal Connection ........................................................................ 18 Our national capability coupled with customized local programs you deserve. 2
  4. 4. QUality and SERviCE Royal Cup has a four-tiered approach to success: • Quality products and services. • Help customers achieve their objectives. • Provide sensational service. • Have deep relationships. We have found that these core business values directly correlate with the needs of the Office Beverage consumer. In every step, bean to cup, Royal Cup ensures that not only the best coffee, but also the best break room products are delivered to your business. Our commitment to providing quality products to our customers begins with the purchase of fine coffees and teas from around the world. Before acceptance, our experts conduct an analysis to evaluate the appearance, aroma, and body of each individual coffee or tea. Only the products that meet our rigorous requirements will be provided to our customers. The result is the best coffees and teas the world has to offer. Unparalleled service methods and high quality products define Royal Cup’s business. Dedicated customer support comes directly from a local management team. Through “face to face” contact, our people are always aware of your evolving needs. Our national capability coupled with customized local programs provides solutions to meet your com- pany requests. Our goal is for each customer to be completely satisfied. Just as it was in 1896. Royal Cup Coffee – an experience worth savoring! 3
  5. 5. COFFEES Centennial line Coffees item # description 1951 Dakota Roast Dark 42/2.5 oz 760 European Gourmet 42/2.0 oz 8368 European Gourmet 42/2.5 oz 8363 European Gourmet 42/3.0 oz 775 Traditional Blend 42/2.5 oz 763 Fancy Gourmet 42/1.75 oz 764 Fancy Gourmet 42/2 oz 8787 Fancy Gourmet 42/2.25 oz 616 Colombian 100% 42/1.75 767 Gourmet Special 42/1.75 oz Our Centennial line of coffees 8662 Gourmet Special 42/2 oz represents the tradition and taste of 1584 Decaf 42/1.75 oz great coffee. Consistent flavor, rich 1578 Decaf 42/2.5 oz and flavorful with a hint of sweetness, good body and aroma are all terms Listed from our darkest to lightest roast coffee. used to describe these wonderful coffees. dakota Roast A rich, dark roasted coffee made from the finest 100% Arabica beans. Dakota Roast has a bold, rich flavor and inviting aroma. European Gourmet The coffee of choice for serious connoisseurs. The finest Arabica beans, roasted in the European style, heighten this coffee’s distinct flavor and rich aroma. traditional Blend Hand picked 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South America delicately roasted make this a truly exceptional coffee. Fancy Gourmet Blended of the finest 100% hand picked Central and South American Arabica coffees. Fancy Gourmet is rich in flavor, color and aroma. Truly a cup to be savored. 100% Colombian Royal Cup’s own 100% Colombian roast. A sweet, rich, and flavorful coffee, distinctive from other Colombian blends. Gourmet Special A blend of the finest mountain grown coffees. Gourmet Special is blended for a heavier body and rich taste. Gourmet decaffeinated Processed in green bean form from the finest 100% Arabica high grown coffees, roasted to give all the rich flavor you expect and, yet it is 98% caffeine-free. 4
  6. 6. COFFEES villa Rey Fine Coffees 9291 Villa Rey Caffe Sumba 42/3 oz 9261 Villa Rey Caffe Sumatra 42/3oz 9267 Villa Rey Caffe Vecchio 42/3 oz 9263 Villa Rey French Roast 42/3 oz 9265 Villa Rey Kenya Estate 42/3oz 9268 Villa Rey Avila Decaffe 42/3 oz 1220 Villa Rey Rainforest 42/2.5 oz 1221 Villa Rey Rainforest Decaf 42/2.5 oz Listed from our darkest to lightest roast. Caffe Sumba The islands of the East Indies are legendary for their earthy, exotic VILLA REY BRINGS YOU THE coffee flavors. These hand picked Arabica coffees are blended and WORLD IN A CUP. customized for a well-balanced cup. Caffe Sumba, our darkest coffee, The full-bodied flavors of Colombia, is a strong, very heavy blend with almost smoky overtones. Costa Rica, and Guatemala embody the vigor and drama of the South and Caffe Sumatra Central American landscapes. The For Caffe Sumatra, we use only the best gourmet Sumatra Mandheling. fertile soils of Sumatra nurture smooth, Roasted to be the heaviest coffee of the offerings, Caffe Sumatra is rich, cultured blends. Rich, aromatic and thick, syrupy, and heavy with chocolate and earthy undertones. high grown, the coffees of Kenya are Caffe vecchio replete with the majesty of East African Kenya AA and high mountain grown Colombian coffee, skillfully plains. The diverse regions from which blended with the finest Central American gourmet coffees, form a these coffees originate infuse their unique, well-rounded blend. Winey, with an acidic character and a hint beans with a distinctive heritage. of nuttiness; Caffe Vecchio is deep, rich and full bodied, capturing the allure of Italy’s legendary age-old coffees. Marseilles French Roast Magnificent gourmet Colombia coffee roasted to a medium dark, creates a dark, rich, full-bodied taste that exhilarates the palate like a fine French wine. Kenya Estate Our winey, acidic, fine East African coffee is grown on the slopes of the beautiful volcano, Mount Kenya. Here, the high altitude, with its cool nights and warm days, combines with the rich volcanic soil to produce flavors not found in other growing regions around the world. avila decaffe Magnificent gourmet coffees of Colombia and Central America roasted to a medium dark. Avila Decaffe is a rich, full-bodied coffee with none of the caffeine. Rainforest alliance Grown in rich soil, high in the rainforests, this is one of the world’s most perfectly balanced coffees. This single origin, Guatemalan coffee produces a rich, sweet, medium-bodied brew that has just the right touch of acidity. It is medium roasted so you experience its full integrity. *Ask your representative for a complete listing of Royal Cup’s sustainable products. 5
  7. 7. COFFEES Flavored Coffees 9479 Private Collection French Vanilla 24/2.5 oz 9340 Private Collection Irish Cream 24/2 oz 9475 Private Collection Irish Cream 24/2.5 oz 9345 Private Collection Hazelnut 24/2 oz 9478 Private Collection Hazelnut 24/2.5 oz 9501 Variety Pack A: Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Bavarian Chocolate, Toasted Cinnamon Nut Cream 24/2 oz 9502 Variety Pack B: Hazelnut, Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Chocolate Almond 24/2 oz 9503 Variety Pack C: Hazelnut, Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Bavarian Chocolate 24/2 oz 9506 Specialty Selection Variety Pack: Supremo, French Roast, Kenya AA, Kona Blend 24/2.5 oz Royal Cup’s Private Collection offers a natiOnal BRandS wide variety of flavored coffees to suit Caribou everyone’s taste. 1085 Caribou Regular Blend 18/2.5 oz *Please ask your Royal Cup Representative 1086 Caribou Decaf 18/2.5 oz for a complete listing of the Private Collection including specialty coffees and whole bean Caribou Regular: Caribou Coffee’s signature blend balances a blends. big-bodied, syrupy taste with a clean, snappy finish. Caribou decaf: Caribou’s signature blend begins with a delightful heaviness on your palate and finishes with a relaxing balance of savory bittersweet chocolate, earthy and fruity flavors. Starbucks 1025 Breakfast Blend 18/2.5 oz 1032 House Blend 18/2.5 oz 1029 French Roast 18/2.5 oz 1030 Caffe Verona 18/2.5 oz 1026 Sumatra 18/2.5 oz 1031 Decaf House Blend 18/2.5 oz Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee 1190 Starbucks House Blend 12/1# 1191 Starbucks Decaf House Blend 12/1 1192 Starbucks French Roast 12/1 1193 Starbucks Colombian 12/1# 1194 Starbucks Verona 12/1# 1195 Starbucks Sumatra 12/1# Breakfast Blend: Mild and flavorful, this light-bodied blend makes a bright first impression and is a wonderful cup of coffee to begin your day. House Blend: A medium-bodied blend of Latin American coffees featuring a vibrant acidity and clean, well-balanced flavor. French Roast: This hearty, dark-roasted blend of Latin American coffees combines an intense, smoky flavor with a surprisingly light body. Caffe verona: A full-bodied blend of Latin American and Asia/Pacific coffees with dark-roasted coffee for added depth and sweetness. Sumatra: This Indonesian coffee is smooth and full-bodied with subtle herbal and spicy notes, and a deep, earthy flavor. decaf House Blend: Starbucks signature blend without the caffeine. Mild and flavorful, this light-bodied blend makes a bright first impression and is a wonderful cup of coffee to begin your day. Folgers, Maxwell House and nescafe. *Ask your Royal Cup Representative for these additional coffees. 6
  8. 8. SinGlE CUP Flavia Gourmet Coffees 2249 Flavia Intense Dark Roast 100/cs 2206 Flavia French Roast 100/cs 2207 Flavia Italian Roast 100/cs 2228 Flavia Espresso Roast 100/cs 2208 Flavia Ethiopian Blend 100/cs Single Origin Coffees 2247 Flavia Sumatra 100/cs It’s a Cappuccino machine, teapot, iced 2226 Flavia Costa Rica 100/cs tea maker, coffee maker and specialty 2205 Flavia Colombia 100/cs coffee house all in one. But with Sustainable Coffees no mess, no cleanup and no added costs for purchasing separate pieces. 2261 Flavia Kona Blend 100/cs 2201 Flavia House Blend 100/cs You get the coffee shop experience 2202 Flavia Breakfast Blend 100/cs without leaving the office. FLAVIA’s 2209 Flavia Kenya 100/cs impressive menu of over 30 gourmet fresh drinks featuring gourmet coffees, Flavored Coffees indulgent creations, real leaf and herbal 2203 Flavia Hazelnut 100/cs teas means employees can make coffee 2215 Flavia French Vanilla 100/cs shop quality hot drinks –whenever they decaf Coffees want it- all one cup at a time! 2227 Flavia French Roast Decaf 100/cs 2204 Flavia House Blend Decaf 100/cs Ask your Royal Cup rep about 2225 Flavia Hazelnut Decaf 100/cs FLAVIA and start brewing enthusiasm in your office with the FLAVIA teas experience. 2251 Flavia Green Tea with Jasmine 140/cs 2214 Flavia Japanese Green Tea 140/cs 2299 Flavia White Tea & Orange 140/cs 2212 Flavia English Breakfast 140/cs 2211 Flavia Earl Grey 140/cs 2253 Flavia English Breakfast Decaf 140/cs 2250 Flavia Exotic Chai 140/cs Sustainable teas 2262 Flavia Malawi Garden 140/cscs Herbal teas 2255 Flavia Raspberry Spark 140/cs 2252 Flavia Lemon Calm 140/cs 2298 Flavia Rooibos Tea 140/cs 2297 Flavia Peppermint Cool 140/cs Chocolates and Specialties 2220 Dove Hot Chocolate 72/cs 2218 Flavia Milky Way Swirl 72/cs 2229 Flavia Cappuccino/Latte Swirl 80/cs 2219 Flavia Latte Creamer 250/cs *Ask your Royal Cup representative about the drinks station for your smaller offices. 7
  9. 9. Keurig® and Green Mountain Coffee® Green Mountain Coffee 3266 K-Cup French Roast 4/24/.25 3263 K-Cup Our Blend 4/24/.25 3492 K-Cup Breakfast Blend 4/24/.25 3264 K-Cup Colombian Supremo 4/24/.25 K-Cup Vermont Country Blend® 4/24/.25 3489 3496 K-Cup Double Black Diamond™ 4/24/.25 Since 1981, we have been roasting 3498 K-Cup Kenya AA 4/24/.25 the finest Arabica beans from coffee- K-Cup Nantucket Blend® 4/24/.25 3499 growing communities around the K-Cup Dark Magic® EXTRA Bold 4/24/.25 3494 world, creating award-winning blends 3491 K-Cup Half Caff 4/24/.25 that inspire and delight the senses. Our goal is to provide you with an Green Mountain Flavored Coffees extraordinary coffee experience that’s 3267 K-Cup Fr Vanilla 4/24/.25 environmentally sound, socially just, 3500 K-Cup Southern Pecan 4/24/.25 and undeniably delicious. Each day, 3493 K-Cup Caramel Vanilla Crème 4/24/.25 we take steps along this path ... and we 3495 K-Cup Hazelnut Dark Roast 4/24/.25 invite you to join us on this journey. 3265 K-Cup Hazelnut 4/24/.25 Even a simple decision, like which Green Mountain decaf Coffees coffee you choose to enjoy each morning, can make a world of 3289 K-Cup Fr Rst Decaf 4/24/.25 K-Cup Vermont Country Blend® Decaf 4/24/.25 3293 difference. 3268 K-Cup Hazelnut Decaf 4/24/.25 3490 K-Cup Breakfast Decaf 4/24/.25 3305 K-Cup Fr. Vanilla Decaf 4/24/.25 Sustainable Coffees K-Cup Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut® 4/24/.25 3497 3501 K-Cup Sumatra Reserve Extra Bold 4/24/.25 3302 K-Cup Newman’s Special 4/24/.25 3303 K-Cup Newman’s Decaf Special 4/24/.25 Green Mountain Hot Chocolate 3426 K-Cup Hot Chocolate 4/24 Celestial Seasonings tea 3427 K-Cup Tea Green 4/24 3428 K-Cup Tea Green Decaf 4/24 3429 K-Cup Tea English Breakfast 4/24 3430 K-Cup Tea Spice Chai 4/24 3431 K-Cup Tea Lemon Zinger 4/24 3432 K-Cup Tea Orange Spice 4/24 3433 K-Cup Tea Sleepy Time 4/24 3434 K-Cup Tea Earl Grey 4/24 Green Mountain Fractional Packs 3284 Green Mountain Breakfast 24/2.2 3285 Green Mountain Col Decaf 24/2.2 3286 Green Mountain French Roast 24/2.2 3299 Green Mountain Our Blend 24/2.2 8
  10. 10. CREaMERS and SUGaRS Creamers and Sugars, and Flavorings: Make each cup your own, with our wide-variety of creamers, flavored creamers, sugars and sweeteners. 3803 Creamer Shaker 24/12oz 3809 Half & Half Regular, Land o Lakes 180 ct 3878 International Delight French Vanilla 192/.5 3876 International Delight Hazelnut 192/.5 3879 International Delight Irish Cream 192/.5 3875 International Delight Original 384-3/8 3880 International Delight Dulce de Leche 288/.5 Creamers: To add richness to your 3732 Royal Cup Creamer Packets 10/100 ct 3837 Carnation Original 12/11 oz coffee, try our International Delight 3827 Carnation French Vanilla 12/15 oz or Land O’Lakes real dairy creamers. 3826 Carnation Hazelnut 12/15 oz They need no refrigeration and stay 3825 Carnation Original Lite 12/11 oz fresh for weeks! Royal Cup also offers fat-free dry creamer in canisters or individual packets. Sugars and Sweeteners 6949 Sugar Shaker 24/20oz 6887 Sugar Sticks 1200/cs 6991 Equal 12/100ct 6995 Equal 500ct 6985 Royal Cup Natra Blue 500ct 6994 Splenda 12/100ct 6993 Splenda 2000ct 7030 Sugar Packets 1/10oz 2m 7003 Dixie-Crystal Sugar 20/100ct 7021 Sugar N The Raw 1200/4.5g Sweeteners: Royal Cup carries a 6990 Sweet N Low 24/100ct variety of products, no matter how you 6986 Sweet N Low 3/1000ct like to sweeten your coffee. Choose from sugar canisters or packets, Equal, Splenda, or Sweet n’ Low. Syrups 9667 Syrup Almond Roca New 6/cs 9687 Syrup Caramel New 6/cs 9695 Syrup Caramel Sugar Free 6/cs 9607 Syrup Cherry New 6/cs 8481 Syrup Chocolate Sauce 6/64 oz 9664 Syrup Hazelnut New 6/cs 9699 Syrup Hazelnut Sugar Free 12/cs 9665 Syrup Irish Cream New 6/cs torani Syrups: Now it’s easy to 9661 Syrup Vanilla New 6/cs flavor your coffee, tea, or soda to suit 9698 Syrup Vanilla Sugar Free 6/cs individual taste preferences with 8482 Syrup White Choc Sauce 6/64 oz Torani flavored syrups. Choose from a delicious array to suit all tastes. 9
  11. 11. Hot Beverages Bigelow tea 2829 Tea Hot Bigelow Apple & Cinnamon 6/28 2709 Tea Hot Bigelow Assorted 6/28 2835 Tea Hot Bigelow Cinnamon Stick 6/28 2826 Tea Hot Bigelow Constant Comment 6/28 2571 Tea Hot Bigelow Cranapple 6/28 501 Tea Hot Bigelow Darjeeling 6/28 2824 Tea Hot Bigelow English TeaTime 6/28 2827 Tea Hot Bigelow Green Decaf 6/28 2828 Tea Hot Bigelow Green w/Lemon 6/28 2572 Tea Hot Bigelow Green 6/28 2569 Tea Hot Bigelow I Love Lemon 6/28 2838 Tea Hot Bigelow Lemon Lift 6/28 Bigelow teas 2830 Tea Hot Bigelow Mint Medley 6/28 Escape the hectic days in the office 2843 Tea Hot Bigelow Orange Spice 6/28 with a soothing cup of hot tea from 2822 Tea Hot Bigelow Plantation Mint 6/28 Bigelow. Bigelow offers a variety of 2855 Tea Hot Bigelow Raspberry Royal 6/28 flavored, traditional, and caffeine free 2836 Tea Hot Bigelow Sweet Dreams 6/28 herbal teas with a commitment to 2844 Tea Hot Bigelow Earl Grey 6/28 quality. 2850 Tea Hot Bigelow English Decaf 6/28 2865 Tea Hot Bigelow Herbal Assortment 6/28 novus Hot tea 2127 Novus Kenilworth Ceylon 1cs/50ct 2123 Novus Kenilworth Ceylon Decaf 1cs/50ct 2124 Novus Darjeeling 1cs/50ct 2125 Organic South Indian Select Fair Trade 1cs/50ct 2133 Novus Dragonwell Green 1cs/50ct 2130 Novus Pai Mu Tan White 1cs/50ct 2126 Organic Jasmine Green 1cs/50ct 2131 Novus Citrus Chamomile Herbal 1cs/50ct 2132 Novus Egypt Mint Herbal 1cs/50ct novus teas 2134 Novus Wild Encounter Herbal Infusion 1cs/50ct For the next generation of tea drinkers, Royal Cup now offers tea that departs from the traditional tea blends and packaging. Novus tea is full leaf in a pyramid-shaped nylon tea bag. It’s flavored and herbal teas are selected from the leading estates throughout the tEa Contaners/Chests world and marry the quality of loose tea with the convenience of tea bag tea. 2860 Tea Chest Empty 2841 Tea Rack Bigelow Empty Rack 2199 Tea Rack Novus Empty *Ask your representative about custom tea racks and tea chests to display your collection in the office. 10
  12. 12. tEa Royal Cup Hot tea In addition to quality coffees, Royal Cup also presents a wide array of related products and alternative beverages. Our fine teas are made from orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea. Ease workday stress with a cup of hot tea. Royal Cup tea 2799 Tea Hot Royal Cup 10/100 ct 2805 Tea Hot Royal Cup Decaf 5/100 ct 2791 Tea Hot Royal Cup Green 12/48 ct Hot Chocolate 3039 Nestle Rich Hot Cocoa 6/50 ct 3071 Nestle Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows 6/30 ct 3042 Nestle Hot Cocoa No Sugar 6/30 ct 3314 Swiss Miss Regular 6/50 ct 3316 Swiss Miss Sugar Free 6/24 ct 3315 Swiss Miss with Marshmallows 6/50 ct 1197 Starbucks Cocoa Bulk 6/2# CidER SElECtiOn 8478 Mott’s Red Delicious 6/15 ct COld BEvERaGES Royal Cup iced teas Tea leaves grown specifically for iced tea providing a naturally sweet flavor. A blend of China Black tea and other specialty teas brings out a rich amber, non-cloudy color, and extraordinary body. iBiS Moon iced tea Cool, dark, and delightful, like the walk of a wading ibis through a still pond at night, Ibis Moon is a gratifying blend of premium teas. It owes its deep color, its clarity when poured over ice, and the roundness of its flavor to aromatic black leaves grown in the Hunan province of China. Delicate leaves from high on the islands of Sumatra and Java impart flowery highlights. And from Malawi, a small East African country, come tea leaves that bring deep fire to its color and bright fancy to its taste. Royal Cup iced tea 2789 Tea Iced Open Brew 36/4oz 2788 Tea Iced Royal Cup Decaf 24/4oz iBiS Moon iced tea 2740 Tea IBIS MOON 24/4 oz 2741 Tea IBIS MOON MANGO BRZ 24/4 oz 2743 Tea IBIS MOON PEACH 24/4 oz 2742 Tea IBIS MOON RSPBRY MIST 24/4 oz 2744 Tea IBIS MOON GREEN TANGERINE 24/4 oz 11
  13. 13. COld BEvERaGES Bottled drinks 4587 Bottle Coke Classic 24/cs 4588 Bottle Diet Coke 24/cs 6093 Bottle Mountain Dew 24/cs 4605 Bottle Sprite 10oz 24/cs Canned drinks 6005 Can Coke 24/cs 6077 Can Diet Coke 24/cs 6062 Can Coke Caff/Free 24/cs 7791 Can Diet Coke Caff/Free 24/cs 7811 Can Cherry Coke 24/cs 6025 Can Diet Cherry Coke 24/cs 6034 Can Coke Zero 24/cs Cold drinks 4595 Can Sprite 24/cs From juices to soft drinks, Royal Cup 6035 Can Diet Sprite 24/cs has a complete line of beverage 4586 Can Dr.Pepper 24/cs supplies at competitive prices. We are 4577 Can Diet Dr.Pepper 24/cs a Coca-Cola USA business partner, 4573 Can Mountain Dew 24/cs distributing a variety of Coca-Cola 6078 Can Diet Mountain Dew 24/cs beverage products. Refresh your office 4574 Can Pepsi 24/cs with soft drinks, juices, and water from 7816 Can Diet Pepsi 24/cs nationally recognized brands including 6097 Can Ginger Ale 24/cs Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Welch’s, and Crystal 7818 Can 7up 24/cs Light. 6055 Can Orange 24/cs 7809 Can Root Beer 24/cs See your Royal Cup Representative for the 4591 Can Red Bull Energy 24/cs complete line of canned and bottled drinks. 4592 Can Red Bull Sugar Free 24/cs We also offer a full line of fountain drinks and juices. Bottled water 6935 Drink Water Crystal Springs 24/16 6934 Drink Water Dasani 24/12 oz 6936 Drink Water Dasani Bottle 24/.5 lit 4687 Drink Water Evian bottled 24/cs 4686 Drink Water Bottles 48/8oz *Please ask your Royal Cup Representative for additional brands of bottled water. See equipment selection for our point of use water filtration units. 12
  14. 14. COld BEvERaGES Juice 4470 Apple Juice 48/5.5 oz 4469 Cranberry Juice 48/6 oz 4475 Grape Juice 48/6 oz 4473 Grapefruit Juice 48/6 oz 4471 Orange Juice 48/6 oz 4467 Orange Pineapple Juice 48/6 4474 V-8 Juice 48/6oz 6271 Welchs Apple Juice 24/10 6274 Welchs Apple Cranberry Juice 24/10 6270 Welchs Grape Juice 24/10 6272 Welchs Grapefruit Juice 24/10 6273 Welchs Orange Juice 24/10 7633 Crystal Lite Lemonade 4/30 7632 Crystal Lite Peach Tea 4/30 7634 Crystal Lite Raspberry Tea 4/30 7093 True Lemon 6/150 SnaCKS Need a quick boost of energy? Let Royal Cup provide your office snacks. See a Royal Cup Representative for our full line of snack products. Snacks 6380 Snacks Popcorn Act 2 butter 36/3.5 3854 Cup of Soup Cream of Chicken 4/22 3855 Cup of Soup Chicken Noodle 4/22 3856 Cup of Soup Vegetable 4/22 3857 Cup of Soup Beef Noodle 4/22 COndiMEntS 7223 Pepper 3M Individual 7210 Salt 3M Individual 7058 Mustard, Individual 13
  15. 15. SUStainaBlE PROdUCtS Sustainable Products are those products providing environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and the environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposition. As a company committed to environmental awareness and socially responsible practices, Royal Cup takes pride in constantly researching and developing our products and coffees. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their objectives, while providing solutions that are environmentally responsible. We offer a full line of sustainable products and information to help you choose the products best suited to your company. Green Products Royal Cup, Inc. has partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to offer high quality 7238 Stir Stix Wooden 10/1000 certified sustainable coffee while 4728 Paper Bowl, Chinet 12oz 1000/cs helping to conserve the rainforest, 4738 Paper Plate, Chinet 8 3/4” 4/125 protect wildlife, and sustain farming 4737 Paper Plate, Chinet 6” 8/125 communities. Royal Cup has added 4353 Paper Napkin, Park Avenue Beverage Napkin 10/300 Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffees 4359 Paper Napkin, Park Avenue Dinner Napkin 6/290 to our legendary Villa Rey line. 4387 Paper Napkin, Coronet Napkin 12/250 4705 Cup Paper, Ecotainer 12 oz 20/50 4704 Cup Paper, Ecotainer 16 oz 20/50 Ask your Royal Cup Representative for 4706 Cup Lid, for Ecotainer 12/16 oz our complete line of Green products and 4707 Cup Sleeve, for Ecotainer 12/16 oz Sustainable Coffees. We will be happy to 4000 Cup Fabrical Greenware 12 oz 1000/cs provide literature, samples, and ideas on 4001 Cup Fabrical Greenware 16 oz 1000/cs how to become a “greener” facility. 4002 Cup Fabrical Greenware 20 oz 1000/cs 4003 Lid Fabrical Greenware 16 oz 1000/cs 7150 EcoSoft Paper Towel 30/cs 3223 Eco Fork Utensil 1M Bulk 3224 Eco Spoon Utensil 1M Bulk 3225 Eco Knife Utensil 1M Bulk 3348 Urn Cleaner, Royal Blue Liquid 12/12.5oz Sustainable Coffees and teas 1220 Villa Rey Rainforest 42/2.5 oz 1221 Villa Rey Rainforest Decaf 42/2.5 oz 1311 Rainforest 30% 128/2.5 1312 Rainforest Bold 30% 128/2.5 2201 Flavia House Blend 100/cs 2202 Flavia Breakfast Blend 100/cs 2209 Flavia Kenya 100/cs 2261 Flavia Kona Blend 100/cs 2262 Flavia Malawi Garden 140/cs 2125 Novus Organic South Indian Select Fair Trade 1 cs/50 ct 2126 Novus Organic Jasmine Green 1 cs/50 ct K-Cup Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut® 4/24/.25 3497 3501 K-Cup Sumatra Reserve Extra Bold 4/24/.25 3302 K-Cup Newman’s Special 4/24/.25 3303 K-Cup Newman’s Decaf Special 4/24/.25 14
  16. 16. CUPS and UtEnSilS Cups 4678 Cup Coke Paper 12 oz 30/80 4515 Cup RC Lion 10 oz 25/60 4516 Cup RC Lion 16 oz 15/40 4693 Cup Paper 10oz Hot 20/50 4705 Cup Paper, Ecotainer 12 oz 20/50 4704 Cup Paper, Ecotainer 16 oz 20/50 4708 Cup Paper RC Cent. 12oz 20/50 4828 Cup Perfect Touch Generic 12oz 20/50 4349 Cup Plastic Clear 16oz 20/50 4781 Cup Plastic Trans 12oz 1000/cs Royal Cup can provide your office 4780 Cup Plastic Trans16oz 1000/cs with a wide selection of various sized 4060 Cup Styro 10oz 40/25 cups and lids for both hot and cold 4061 Cup Styro 12oz 40/25 beverages as well as napkins, paper 4073 Cup Styro 16oz 40/25 towels, plates, plastic ware and cleaning 4076 Cup Styro 8oz 40/25 supplies. 4000 Cup Fabrical Greenware 12 oz 1000/cs 4001 Cup Fabrical Greenware 16 oz 1000/cs 4002 Cup Fabrical Greenware 20 oz 1000/cs lids 4099 Cup Lid Dome 12/16oz 10/100 4059 Cup Lid Dome 12/20 Hot/Cold 10/100 4036 Cup Lid Dome Black 12/16/20 10/100 4094 Cup Lid Grmt CS/ VR 12/16 oz 8/125 4298 Cup Lid Insulair 12oz 10/100 4058 Cup Lid Styro 10oz 10/100 4062 Cup Lid Styro 12oz 10/100 Royal Cup offers a large variety of 4072 Cup Lid Styro 16oz 10/100 utensils in various weights, pack sizes, 4064 Cup Lid Tear-tab 12/16oz 10/100 and colors. Please ask your Royal Cup 4041 Cup Lid Trophy 10 oz 20/100 representative for available options. 4706 Cup Lid for Ecotainer 12/16 oz 12/100 4003 Lid Fabrical Greenware 16 oz 1000/cs Utensils 6305 Fork 10/100 6306 Knife 10/100 6304 Spoons 10/100 6301 Fork, wrapped 1M Bulk 6302 Knife, wrapped 1M Bulk 6303 Spoon, wrapped 1M Bulk 3223 Eco Fork Utensil 1M Bulk 3224 Eco Spoon Utensil 1M Bulk 3225 Eco Knife Utensil 1M Bulk Stir Sticks and Straws 7240 Stir Stix 10/1000 7237 Stir Stix 36/300 7235 Stir Stix 10/1000 7” Double 7238 Stir Stix Wooden 10/1000 4679 Straw 10” Wrapped 12/500 4350 Straw 7-3/4” 24/500 15
  17. 17. PaPER PROdUCtS Paper Goods 4728 Paper Bowl, Chinet 12oz 500/cs 4734 Styro Bowl 12oz 1000/cs White 4737 Paper Plate 6” 4738 Paper Plate 8 3/4” 4759 Paper Plate Paper 9” 12/100 4736 Styrofoam Plate 6” 1m 4741 Styrofoam Plate 9” 500 3351 Paper Napkin 1 Ply 12/500 4387 Paper Napkin 1 Ply 15x17 12/250 4353 Paper Napkin Bev 2 Ply 10x10 10/300 4359 Paper Napkin 3 Ply 17x17 6/290 4775 Paper Towel C Fold 16/240 4777 Paper Towel C Fold 16/150 7156 Paper Towel Large 15/cs 7150 Paper Towel Small 30/cs 3966 Filters 500 count 7155 Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 96 Cleaning Supplies and Soaps 7277 Glove Nitrile Disposable 10/100 3350 Soap Joy 20/22oz 7270 Cleaner Cascade 6/85 7271 Cascade Liquid 1/cs 3398 Cleaner Comet Liquid 3348 Urn Cleaner, Royal Blue Liquid 12/12.5oz 3357 Joy Soap 6/50 3464 Lysol Spray 12/12oz 3356 Soap Dial Pump12/8oz 7267 Glass Cleaner 7266 409 Cleaner Spray 6299 Foodservice Plastic Wrap 6298 Aluminum Foil 16
  18. 18. EQUiPMEnt traditional Brewers Our fully trained and experienced service department can fulfill all of your service needs. Let our Royal Cup team make the best recommendation for your office needs. • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • In-house service team and professional installation • Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance every visit Single Cup Options • Centralized Service Dispatch • Long standing professional relation- ships with equipment manufacturers • Experts in break room planning and organization • Maintain your break room stock Cold Beverages and Water 17
  19. 19. ROyal COnnECtiOn Now you can enjoy the same coffees served in the finest restaurants, hotels, and specialty shops in your office every day. At Royal Cup, we are committed to providing the best quality coffee and sensational service. Royal Cup’s superior history for customizing individual office programs is unmatched in the industry. Royal Connection unites the nations’ leading office beverage providers to offer a single source for customized break room solutions. As market leaders in the office beverage industry, the Royal Connection network combines skilled expertise with personal service, quality products, and noteworthy professionalism. Let Royal Connection help you, nationwide. 18
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