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Environmental issues affecting the uk


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Environmental issues affecting the uk

  1. 1. 162560-457200Research into Environmental Issues Affecting the U.K00Research into Environmental Issues Affecting the U.K<br />One very big issue that affects the United Kingdom in a very bad way is the dumping of food waste and non-recycling recyclable materials. This is causing many injuries and harm to environment because people are falling over these left over materials and they are left to rot on the ground which soon ends up making a bad smell and so the atmosphere is not clean. The dumping of food waste is causing many different issues such as bringing in many different pests and vermin’s. The food waste is attracting animals such as rats and mice that people do not enjoy having in the environment. Rats can cause a lot of damage and spread diseases. Also food waste can attract nasty insects such as cockroaches which spread diseases and wasps which can be dangerous. Food rotting can also release methane which facts state is 20times more damaging then carbon dioxide and it is very bad for the human body.<br />-635192722500Air pollution is another major thing that affects the United Kingdom and the people. Pollution can introduce chemicals, particulate matter or biological materials that are bad and harm humans and animals. It also damages the environment and buildings created. Most pollution is cause by factories burning fuels or travelling such as the use of planes. Also other things create pollution such as dust, paint, hair spray and burning used in farms and greenhouses. Pollution can eventually cause asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory infections. It also affects the ozone layer and helps build up global warming. <br />-259080030099000<br />