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Weisberg Consulting Introduction


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Weisberg Consulting Introduction

  1. 1. Weisberg Consulting, LLC 15  Benedict  Crescent      Tel:  (732)  773-­‐4332   Basking  Ridge,  NJ  07920      Email:    
  2. 2. About Us   Weisberg  ConsulGng  derives  its  experGse  with  an  extensive  experience  in   business  and  corporate  development  as  well  as  building  brands  and  companies   both  in  the  United  States  as  well  as  internaGonal  markets.       Structured  along  the  lines  of  a  pharmaceuGcal  company,  we  have  four  areas  of   specialty:       Corporate  and  Business  Development     Market  intelligence     Brand  management     Brand  and  corporate  strategy.         The  integraGon  of  these  specialGes  allows  for  the  development  of  stakeholder-­‐ driven  and  fact-­‐based  strategies.  This  approach  has  repeatedly  generated   substanGal  and  sustainable  growth,  even  in  mature  markets  –  providing  clarity,   control  and  confidence  in  strategy  to  improve  both  brand  and  business   performance.    
  3. 3. Key Transactions M&A/Out-­‐licensing  Deals     IniGated  and  closed  on  a  $105  million  transacGon  with  Cowen  Healthcare  Royalty  in  which  we   moneGzed  the  royalty  stream  of  a  key  product     NegoGated  several  off-­‐shore  licensing  deals  on  several  key  products     Raised  iniGal  funding  for  the  development  of  a  new  company  involved  in  an  innovaGve   cardiovascular  therapeuGc.     Led  acquisiGon  of  a  business  from  Baxter  Healthcare  enabling  company  to  be  first  entrant  into   $400  million  US  market.     Generated  proceeds  of  $30  million  in  IPO  providing  capital  for  growth  and  product  development.     Concluded  an  iniGal  round  of  funding  with  a  mid-­‐west  venture  capital  group  for  $3.5  million;   leading  the  efforts  to  raise  an  addiGonal  $9  million  in  a  Series  A  financing  for  a  cardiovascular   product     Out-­‐licensed  a  GI  opportunity  to  a  specialty  pharmaceuGcal  company  –  Deal  Value:  $150  million     Out-­‐licensed  an  oncology/immune-­‐enhancement  biologic  to  a  mid-­‐sized  pharmaceuGcal  company   –  Deal  Value:  $200  million     Divested  the  viral  tesGng  business  of  AvenGs  Behring  to  NaGonal  GeneGcs  InsGtute,  subsidiary  of   LabCorp  
  4. 4. Key Transactions Other  Deals     IniGated  and  closed  on  a  partnering  arrangement  to  enhance  product   development  and  add  new  products  into  the  development  pordolio     Led  negoGaGons  on  the  acquisiGon  of  a  cardiovascular  opportunity  –  Deal   Value:  $500  million     Led  the  development  of  a  global  recombinant  albumin  business  valued  in   excess  of  $750  million;  negoGated  out-­‐licensing  agreements  with  a   number  of  major  pharmaceuGcal  companies     NegoGated  a  Licensing  Agreement  with  the  leading  global  medical  device   company  –  Deal  Value:  $650  million     NegoGated  a  Supply  and  DistribuGon  Agreement  that  resulted  a  net  in   excess  of  $100  million  over  several  years    
  5. 5. Key Transactions Other  Deals  (cont’d)     NegoGated  a  licensing  and  development  agreement  with  a  leading  pulmonary   delivery  device  firm  with  a  deal  value  of  $350  million     NegoGated  a  licensing  and  development  agreement  for  a  specialty  medical   product  valued  at  $500  million     NegoGated  agreement  for  the  distribuGon  of  acquired  products  in  US.     Developed  exclusive  global  contract  manufacturing  agreement  with  European   company,     avoiding  expense  of  $75  million  for  construcGon  of  manufacturing  facility.     Managed  transfer  of  proprietary  technology  to  European  manufacturer,   completed  in  less  than     twelve  months  at  75%  of  originally  budgeted  cost.     Led  the  negoGaGon  of  a  License  Agreement  for  a  monoclonal-­‐based  pladorm   opportunity  Deal  Value:  $350  million  
  6. 6. The Licensing Process Our  goal  is  to  idenGfy  licensors  for  hard  to  license   products.  This  is  done  by  conducGng  the  following   analyses:     What  strategic  gaps  in  pipeline  or  pordolio  need  to   be  filled  to  by  the  candidate  licensor?     What  are  the  underlying  dynamics  of  the  product   to  be  licensed?     How  will  potenGal  licensors  relate  to  the  product?     Which  markeGng  levers  will  drive  growth  the   product?  
  7. 7. The Licensing Process Our  approach  will  provide  a  structural   understanding  of  the  product  to  be  licensed.  We   structure,  source  and  analyze  informaBon  in  a   manner  that  provides  a  360o  perspecBve  of  the   product.  Such  a  perspecBve  drives  decision  making   differently.  We  will  provide  clarity  and  transparency   on  brand  performance  issues  as  well  as  provide   insight  into  untapped  sources  of  business.   The  success  of  any  brand  is  based  on  a  number   of  interconnected  elements.  We  will  idenBfy   which  of  these  levers  drives  performance  of   your  brand  and  provides  effecBve  control  over   its  execuBon.     Our  iteraBve  and  highly  dynamic  modeling  approach  enables  you   to  explore,  test  and  analyze  a  range  of  plausible  strategic  scenarios   in  a  risk-­‐free  environment.    Our  custom  built  tools  provide  a  high   degree  of  confidence  in  the  chosen  strategy  for  building  superior   brand  performance.  
  8. 8. Weisberg Consulting, LLC 15  Benedict  Crescent      Tel:  (732)  773-­‐4332   Basking  Ridge,  NJ  07920      Email: