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The gernika


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The gernika

  1. 1. She iluminated the room with a candel and sherepresents the republic.
  2. 2. It represents the cientific advance and theelectronic advance used for destruction.
  3. 3. It represents the inocent victims.
  4. 4. It represents brutality and darkness.
  5. 5. It represents the broke peace.
  6. 6. The child is die and it represents the city ofMadrid.
  7. 7. It represents a little bit of hope in that situation.
  8. 8. UNITUNIT55
  9. 9. a. What angles can you draw using a 45º triangular setsquare? And with a 60º triangular set square?
  10. 10. b. Divide a 77 mm segment into two equalparts, using your compass.
  11. 11. c. Draw a straight line r and any point A on it. Starting atpoint A, draw a 72º angle off the line using a protractor.
  12. 12. d. A straight line can create a sense of volume. On a sheet ofpaper, draw a composition showing this effect
  13. 13. e. Look for a picture painted by Josef Albers which he uses onlyblack and red straight lines, and for the picture named"Homage To The Square: Glow" painted in 1966 by the sameauthor. In which one does the painter create a sense of depth?"Homage+To+The+S
  14. 14. UNIT6
  15. 15. a. What is a triangle? Write a definition.A triangle is a flat shape formed by three straight linesthat intersect each other. It has three sides and threevertices. Its angles add up to 180º.
  16. 16. b. Describe the characteristics of a quadrilateral. Whatquadrilaterals can you name?Quadrilaterals are flat shapes that have four straightside, two of which intersect the other two.The square, rectangle, rhombus, rhomboid,isosceles trapezium, trapezoid.
  17. 17. c. Name and define the important lines of a triangle.The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angledtriangle.
  18. 18. c. What is a trapezoid? How is it different from quadrilateralscalled parallelograms?A trapezoid:none of its sides are equal nor parallel. All itsangles and diagonals are different. The angles are not right-angles and the diagonals are not parallel.
  19. 19. e. Draw the following triangles and quadrilaterals giving step-by-step diagrams. Write simple instructions for each step.A triangle with sides that measure 65, 55 and 45 mm.A diamond with the longest diagonal measuring 60mm and itssmallest diagonal measuring 50mm.A trapezoid with sides measuring 45, 40, 35 and 30 mm and adiagonal of 50 mm
  20. 20. f. Find a picture by Richard Anuszkiewicz that uses justtriangles.
  21. 21. g. Look for the picture "Grande Toile Grise Pour Kassel" paintedby Antoni Tapies in 1964. What polygonal shapes can you see?I can see triangles andrectangles.
  22. 22. h. Look for a Basque Sculptor who uses mostly polygonalshapes in his works.Chillida
  23. 23. i. Look for Pablo Picassos "Accordionist" painted in 1911 andGeorges Braques "Violin and Palette" painted in 1909. Whatmovement do they belong to? What similarities can you see?In the colour andboth have straightlines.