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Social ideas


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Social ideas

  1. Social Ideas Graeme Wood, April 2010
  2. It’s only daunting if you start with the technology Social Media
  3. “ It isn’t about emerging technology, it is about emerging cultural practice” Henry Jenkins, Professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and author of Convergence Culture
  4. People haven’t changed
  5. We form tribes around shared interests We change our behaviour by copying others We rely on other opinions to guide our own We are social animals Photo credit – 416style
  6. Marketing hasn’t changed
  7. 29 Marketing hasn’t changed Tell me and I’ll forget Show me and I’ll remember Involve me and I’ll understand Confucius, c. 500 BC
  8. Connectivity has changed
  9. Connectivity Connectivity means that these fundamental parts of being human happen instantly and globally
  10. Instant, Global and Free = Exponentially more media Exponentially more media = less attention Scarcity Photo credit – Gi
  11. the radical disintermediation of the economics of cultural production Social Media?
  12. ...sorry?
  13. The audience used to look at the stage Photo credit – Miemo
  14. Now they are looking at each other Photo credit- mochida1970
  15. Photo credit – Great Beyond The opportunity for brands is to take advantage of what has changed to appeal to what hasn’t Where to?
  16. Communication needs to be inherently ‘social’ to gain attention The IDEAS are social, not the media Social Ideas
  17. Which is handy, because social networks are about people Not about content Why do people go to social networks? If you were going to a desert island and I gave you the choice of taking your friends or your DVDs, your take your friends. If you didn’t, we’d call you a sociopath. Content isn’t king, content is just something to talk about Cory Doctorow Photo Credit - Muha