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Liberation through Social Media


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CIES 2010 in Chicago presentation on Social Networking and Educational Liberation

Published in: Education, Technology
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Liberation through Social Media

  1. 1. Gramsci, Foucault and Liberation Technology shaping and activating the global learning space with social networking Ira David Socol College of Education Michigan State University PhD Candidate
  2. 2. <ul><li>Teacher Isolation </li></ul><ul><li>Within tightly controlled local and national systems </li></ul><ul><li>Opportunities to see new practices modeled are rare </li></ul><ul><li>Opportunities to hear new theories are rare </li></ul><ul><li>Much Professional Development is viewed as having little value </li></ul>
  3. 3. Open University 2005: DEEP Impact: An Investigation of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Teacher Education in the Global South Leach, J., Ahmed, A., Makalima, S., and Power, T.
  4. 4. SMS Messaging for teacher professional development: -lowered isolation -improved self-assessed practice -improved teacher retention -provided increased global contact for students
  5. 5. Foucault: power “only exists in action” (1996). Twitter and teacher blogging seems to create a “transaction space” for the action which otherwise may not exist.
  6. 6. Creating a space in which teachers can use their own power, without the transaction space limitations of their culture and/or nation.
  7. 7. Twitter and teacher blogs as a way of creating new Gramscian power routes which limit societal hegemonies
  8. 8. Global Teacher Communication open
  9. 9. Aussie educators in my twitter network, can you chime in please? @--- @--- and who else?
  10. 10. With words of caution from @--- - European Commission considers #web #accessibility legislation:
  11. 12. Just Posted: &quot;Teaching, Testing and Counseling&quot; Sigh.
  12. 13. I feel sad after parents ask me how to make things all better. They're trying so hard and I wish I had all the answers.
  13. 14. Here is my parent permission letter so far. Can't bring myself to ask permission yet. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. 15. What would happen if you took a fish into space, would it float out of the water? Please help us with the answer because we don't know! (JG)
  15. 17. Why Social Media Curriculum is Critical in Schools <<great points & outstanding read!
  16. 18. A Rubric For Applied #Math Curriculum -
  17. 19. <ul><li>Using YouTube for Open House - People can get familiar w/ your school, seated at home! </li></ul>
  18. 21. Question: Any other gay educators out there?
  19. 22. to what degree does nsw need associative advocasy accross sectors vs focus on skill/resources.
  20. 24. [1] Light bulb! What if I gave an assignment in class and each student was the expert on one problem and they couldn't ask me for help. They HAD [2] to ask the student in charge of that problem. I know this is a very common teaching strategy but I normally hate it and this way excites me.
  21. 25. Students in tears over HSC 'nightmare' [Gotta love standardised testing
  22. 26. Admin said couldnt show b/c Lou was smoking a cigarette.I worked at alternative school for Pete's sake!Kids had weed!Idiots!
  23. 27. special needs eighth graders all very far behind-no progress last two years- any ideas?
  24. 28. Students' blogs are filling the RSS feed with great #novelstudy posts: (book list: #talonsenglish
  25. 30. Can I write &quot;Dear parent, your son has greatly improved on things not considered important by the school report system&quot;?
  26. 31. Can anyone skype class to class? American math to Johannesburg?
  27. 32. Looking forward to seeing how my gr 7/8 students handle their first full &quot;plan your own day&quot;.They've had blocks of this & now they're ready.
  28. 33. Hmmm, thinking Skype portable will help me get students access to Skype where they are not allowed to install it
  29. 34. Need IWB resources en Francais – world history especially
  30. 35. Reading: &quot;Move to drop honors courses at Boston Latin worries some&quot; The word &quot;learning&quot; never used in the article. Sigh.
  31. 36. “ Add-on” Value to Firefox – Webinar #elearning
  32. 38. rt @irish---------- Inclusion is needed in classrooms
  33. 39. Can you explain TTS to me? Where can I get it?
  34. 40. Arguments for unblocking SM? meeting with head tomorrow
  35. 41. dm me your email and I’ll send you that lesson plan
  36. 42. @--- pointed one of my students your way the other day. He's looking for ipod touch implemention/apps.
  37. 43. Contributing to the MindMeister map on strengths and weaknesses of various mind mapping applications-
  38. 44. Looking for South American classrooms to link up with – age 12-13 or so
  39. 46. #APBio the ratio of a tri-hybrid cross? Phenotype? 27:9:9:9:3:3:3:1 Is that what you needed?
  40. 47. None of our computers have Firefox. Can we get it in South Africa?
  41. 48. Want my FE students to vote for student council the way they do in Ireland. Ireland school for swap?
  42. 49. he doesn’t recognize letters at all. 16 and very smart, but… ideas?
  43. 50. [email_address] @irasocol