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ICTEDU 2012 Keynote LIT Tipperary Part 2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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ICTEDU 2012 Keynote LIT Tipperary Part 2

  1. 1. Michigan State UniversityCollege of Education Why not comfort? …for this century?
  2. 2. Mozilla CorporationMountain View, California Why not comfort? …for this century?
  3. 3. GoogleNew York, New York Why not comfort? …for this century?
  4. 4. The Problem…
  5. 5. •We teach students in factory rooms…•We teach students separated by age…•We teach students with 19th Century tools…•We “evaluate” (test) students by forcing them to use 19th Century tools…•We teach students with a 19th Century schedule and calendar… …the problem…
  6. 6. •We focus on 19th Century communication skills and strategies…•We rarely focus on collaboration in our teaching…•We teach plagiarism by constantly asking already answered questions…•We crush creativity by teaching to exams and pre-cooked curricula… …the problem…
  7. 7. •We separate content into stovepipes rather than integrating it…•We spend much time memorizing the “Googlable”…•We teach as if all of our students grew and progressed at the same rate…•We pretend that “difficult” is valuable and that “failure” is bad… …the problem…
  8. 8. Test Scores vs. Creativity in Economy