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Breaking All the Barriers - ATIA10


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ATIA 10 Chicago Presentation on utilizing technology to break all boundaries limiting student success.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Breaking All the Barriers - ATIA10

  1. 1.  Breaking All Boundaries: Universal Design in the Global Future Ira David Socol Michigan State University College of Education
  2. 2. Universal Design  Creating Access to Information, Communication, Education, for all.  Utilizing Contemporary Technologies (Ubiquitous Technologies) to allow that access.
  3. 3. Barriers  Differing capabilities  Differing locations  Differing languages  Differing resources  Differing preferences
  4. 4. Technology Toolbelt  The collection of tools you have access to, and knowledge of, so that you can use these to manipulate the world in ways which allow success.  Continuous lifespan learning, and lifespan use.
  5. 5. Brand Agnostic Multiple Tool Access  Schools which embrace single systems deny their students both tool learning and life preparation.  1:1 should never suggest “same for all.”
  6. 6. My Toolbelt Today  Firefox with Michigan’s Integrated Technology Supports Access A . (Mac)  Google Docs.  WYNN (Freedom Scientific)  Google Scribe.
  7. 7. My Toolbelt Today  Gutenberg Australia.  Accessible Book Collection.  Audacity.  LibriVox.
  8. 8. Other Toolbelt Items  Windows 7 Speech Recognition.  MITS Freedom Stick.  WordTalk.  PowerTalk.
  9. 9.  Breaking All Boundaries: Universal Design in the Global Future
  10. 10.  Breaking All Boundaries: Universal Design in the Global Future