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Making Online Learning Accessible - A Resource Guide


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Tutorials and Links to support accessibility in Online Learning Environments

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Making Online Learning Accessible - A Resource Guide

  1. 1. Making Online Learning Accessible Why, What, How Ira David Socol James Socol Michigan State University College of Education
  2. 2. What is Accessibility? What does it look like?
  3. 3. Basics Firefox plus Add- Ons Click-Speak FireVox DSpeech Ghotit Natural Reader WordTalk PowerTalk
  4. 4. Simple Mac OS TTS Open System Preferences - it’s the fourth item in the Apple menu. In the “System” section, usually about the fourth line of icons, there is an icon labeled “Speech” which looks like an old fashioned microphone. Click on the Speech icon.
  5. 5. Simple Mac OS TTS Select any key combination that isn’t already used for something else. Now all you need to do is select some text in an application - I suggest you try it first with Safari or Text Edit - and hit your keys and you should hear Mac OS X read out whatever you have selected!
  6. 6. On Line Text-To-Speech
  7. 7. Phone Text-To-Speech VLingo
  8. 8. Phone Speech-to-Text
  9. 9. Phone Text Conversion
  10. 10. PDF
  11. 11. Creating Accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word
  12. 12. Creating Accessible PDFs from Scanned Documents
  13. 13. Creating Accessible PDFs from Online Sources
  14. 14. Accessible PDFs Guidelines/Standards
  15. 15. Word
  16. 16. Creating Accessible Microsoft Word Documents http:// /techniques/word/
  17. 17. PowerPoint
  18. 18. Creating Accessible Microsoft PowerPoints http:// /
  19. 19. Video
  20. 20. Creating Accessible OnLine Video
  21. 21. Web, Blogs, Wikis, Forums
  22. 22. Odiogo http:// /
  23. 23. Link Testing
  24. 24. Creating Accessible OnLine Environments http:// /
  25. 25. Accessible Design is Good Design
  26. 26. Dive into Accessibility (downloadable book) http:// /
  27. 27. Traditional Books
  28. 28. OnLine Sources Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg Australia University of Virginia Literature Network ABC Books Bookshare
  29. 29. Publisher Look Up http:// /
  30. 30. In Class Face-to-Face
  31. 31. “ Ice Breakers” and Innocent Mistakes humiliation at the start
  32. 32. Be sure that class activities – especially first class session activities, before you know your students well – are not “accidentally” humiliating. Physical movement activities, reading aloud, being forced to write by hand, even speaking in front of a group, can force students into unplanned disclosure .
  33. 33. Handling Computers and Mobiles in the Classroom Alternative Formats Alternative Response Forms What Universal Design looks like
  34. 34. allow students to choose their technology, whether their technology is paper and pen, a computer, or a mobile phone. But engage those technologies. Ask those online to look things up, to share…
  35. 35. or bring the online backchannel to the front of the classroom Today’s Meet
  36. 36. Response to Student Work
  37. 37. Voice Comments in Word in Word2007 in Word2003
  38. 38. Ask. How do students want feedback?
  39. 39. http:// /accessibility/resources/
  40. 40. Checks and Evaluation
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Making Online Learning Accessible Why, What, How Ira David Socol James Socol Michigan State University College of Education