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Grammar translation method correcta

  1. 1. The method requires students to translate whole It was called texts word by word and Classical Method The grammar translation memorize numerous since it was first method is a foreign grammatical rules and used in the teachinglanguage teaching method exceptions as well as of the classical derived from the classical enormous vocabulary lists languages.method of teaching Greek and Latin.
  2. 2. 1. The teacher ´s role is to be the authority in the classroom. The 2. Most of the student´s role is interaction in to do what thethe classroom is teacher says. from the teacher to the students. 3. Literary language is considered superior to spoken language and is therefore the language students study.
  3. 3. 4. There is 5. The language much less that is used in attention given class is mostly the to speaking and students´ native listening. language.6. Written tests in which students have to translate 7. If students from their native make errors or language to the don`t know antarget language or answer, the vice versa. teacher supplies them with the correct answer.
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE“The Boy´s Ambition”Each student is called on to read a few lines from the passage.After they have finished reading, they are asked to translateinto Spanish the few lines they have just read. The teacherhelps him with new vocabulary items. When the students havefinished reading and translating the passage, the teacher asksthem in Spanish if they have any questions. They asked aboutthe meaning of some words and the teacher translate intoSpanish.In the next activity students have to answer somecomprehension questions, after some minutes students readthe question and answers in the next activity the teacher givesthe students some words from the passage and the studentshave to give the Spanish meaning, in the last activity theteacher gives two-word verbs that the students haven´tlearned yet and are in the passage, the students have totranslate into Spanish, then they are given the rule for use of adirect object with two-word verbs.
  5. 5. GRAMMAR TRANSLATION METHODS GOALS • Be able to read literature written in the target language.• Teach grammar rules and vocabulary of the target language.
  7. 7. TECHNIQUES• Translate of a Literary Passage: From the target language into their native language.• Reading Comprehension Questions: Students answer questions in the target language based on their understanding of the reading passage.• Antonyms/synonyms: Students are given one set of words and are asked to find antonyms in the reading passage as well as synonyms for a particular set of words.• Cognates: Students are taught to recognize cognates by learning the spelling or sound patters that correspond between the languages.• Deductive Application of Rule: Grammar rules are presented with examples.• Fill-in-the-blanks: Students are given a series of sentences with words missing.• Memorization: Students are given lists of target language vocabulary words and their native language equivalents and are asked to memorize them.• Use Words in Sentences: Students make new sentences in which they use the new words.• Composition: The teacher gives the students a topic to write about it in the target language. Sometimes, instead of creating a composition, students are asked to prepare a presentation of the reading passage.