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Loose boxes shipment process


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Loose boxes shipment process

  1. 1. Loose Boxes Shipment Process At Blue Trading we work hard to make sure we have an easy and convenient cartridge purchase process for our suppliers. Our shipping representative will work with you to find the best suitable shipping method available. Please refer to our Packaging Guidelines to ensure that the cartridges you’re sending don’t get damaged during transportation and avoid cartridges getting rejected during inspection. Please provide us with your list of available cartridges. You can contact a representative either by email, phone or fax. She/he will provide a quote for your inventory. Once the purchase quote has been accepted, your Representative will send you a Purchase Order by email, which you could sign or you can send us an email back that it is approved by you. You should securely package and prepare your cartridges for shipping, use readily available packaging materials [old or used paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, old stretch wrapping materials; anything that will help you avoid to much airspace inside of the boxes. Please remember, if it shakes it brakes!. Mark the boxes with your name [company name] and PO Number on each box. Once you have the boxes ready email us the box count, weights and dimensions; Your representative will email UPS Ground labels. If you have a daily pick up with UPS you can hand them over the boxes, otherwise please drop off the boxes of at your nearest UPS Store location. Please remember we don’t pay for damaged cartridges during shipment. Once the order is received in our warehouse, you will receive an email notification letting you know that order was received and it’s ready to be inspected, in the order it was received. Once the order is processed you will receive an Order Receipt [Inspection Report] by email with all the details and findings of the inspection. The order then will get to the Finance Department to get scheduled to be paid.
  2. 2. Loose Boxes Shipment Process 1 •List of available cartridges 2 •Blue Trading issues a Purchasing Quote 3 •Negotiation and acceptance of the Purchase Quote 4 •Blue Trading issues a Purchase Order 5 •Preparing the boxes •Marking boxes with Company Name and PO # •Email from Supplier with Box Count, dimensions and weights 6 •Blue Trading sends labels •Hand out to UPS Ground [if you have daily pick-up] otherwise drop off at UPS Store location 7 •Supplier receives Warehouse Receipt that load has arrived in our facility •Preparing the load for inspection in the order it was received 8 •Inspection of the goods and data entry into Blue Trading’s system •Email to Supplier with the Inspection Report 9 •Payment of the Purchase Order
  3. 3. Loose Boxes Shipment Process 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1110 12 Name / PO#