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Lesson intro. Introduction to Open Data


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Lesson intro. Introduction to Open Data

Published in: Engineering
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Lesson intro. Introduction to Open Data

  1. 1. Introduction to Open Data Irina Radchenko, Associate Professor @ ITMO University,
 Chief Organiser, Open Knowledge International - Russia
 @iRadche, CESL, University of Arizona, 2017
  2. 2. What is Open Data?
  3. 3. Open Data Definition Open Licenses Machine-Readable 
  4. 4. Open Licenses Open Government Licence Creative Commons Open Data Commons government-licence/version/1/open- government-licence.htm
  5. 5. Machine-readable formats
  6. 6. Machine-readable formats
  7. 7. Open Data Open Gov Data Gov Open Gov Data Open Data Government Source:
  8. 8. Where we can find 
 Open Data?
  9. 9. Open Data Portals
  10. 10. Open Data Portals Catalog
  11. 11. Open Data Portal of World Bank
  12. 12. Open Data Portal of OECD
  13. 13. Open Data Portal of USA
  14. 14. Open Data Portal of Great Britain
  15. 15. Open Data Portal of Russia
  16. 16. h"ps:// @iRadche h"p:// Please leave 
 your feedback h"p:// h"p:// h"p:// h"ps://