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Linked in career hunt

  1. 1. LinkedIn one piece of your career hunt…building professional relationships Dr Ira Kaufman Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics
  2. 2. How to Get Your Profile to 100%•Upload a professional photo•Create a convincing headline•List your current job and two previouspositions•Add your education•Add a profile summary•Include your specialties•Receive 3 recommendations
  3. 3.• customer service associate , student Lynchburg college, dedicated
  4. 4. Tips• Get the LinkedIn URL you want. Most LinkedIn profiles URLs will have be a slash and then your name (/your name) at the end of them. Names can be common, so try to get yours first.• Make sure your LinkedIn profile is public (go to account settings to check). If you want to tap all the capabilities of LinkedIn, and be able to have people search for you and examine your career experience, you need a public profile.• Matchmaker – connecting your strong points with a companys needs
  5. 5. Headline – ~7 words (120 characters)1. Think value proposition - how do you provide value? Be as specific as possible here and remember the old saying: "the nicher, the richer".2. Think target audience - whom do you provide value for and who will read this? Its not always the end customer that is the decision maker.3. Unique selling point - you are likely to be stacked up against your competitors and you had better have your USP in the headline already to stand out.4. Think keywords, pepper your headline with the keywords that you think people will do searches for. The more technical terms here the better (software, standards, certifications etc).5. Think memorable. Your greatest challenge online is to be remembered so be creative and/or funny so that your headline sticks with the people that matter
  6. 6. Ask the ?By reading this we instantly know what theperson does, whom they do it for and what istheir unique offering – even it’s a sense ofhumor.
  7. 7. Headline – samples• Sales executive with 15+ years in the entertainment industry | ABC, NBC, Sony Music & Warner Bros | MBA, Wharton• Visionary Results-Driven Senior Sales Executive• Helping British Farmers Sell Truckloads of Class I Turnips
  8. 8. Summary…Online Resume• 2000 characters• Share your enthusiasm, values and work ethic• Emphasize your value to a organization• Not boastful, clear• Use keywords – What are targeted companies using in their job descriptions; match job requirements (exact wording) – Use on profiles-- website, LinkedIn• Clean up spelling and grammar• List specialties
  9. 9. Sample•
  10. 10. Ask for Recommendations• Business contacts• Internships• Business neighbors• Members of your place of worship
  11. 11. Optimize Your Profile to Get Found•Edit your public profile URL•Include custom links for your website/blog•Write your summary in first person•Include keywords in your summary•Add your Twitter accounts•Use specialties to list your areas of expertise•Include your skills by searching first targetedcompanies•Make your profile publically visible to everyone
  12. 12. Updating your status•Best to update during business hours•Include links back to your website/blog•Use LinkedIn Today for “TOP NEWS”•Share trending news•Choose posts that are relevant to your targetmarkets• Less is better; don’t be wordy•Share your content to multiple sources•Updates can be sent to Twitter
  13. 13. Groups to Join• Delta Sig 3000 + maction=mclk&anetid=36964&impid=36964- 2407547&pgkey=anet_about&actpref=anet_a bout-gbm&trk=anet_about-gbm- group&goback=.gdr_1323141499742_1.anb_ 2407547_*2• 10+ groups that are associated with the career path and expertise
  14. 14. Applications Enrich Your Profile•Share your slideshows with SlideShare•Display your portfolio•Amazon shares your reading list and reviews•Display your latest Blog entries•Add your latest events•Huddle Workspaces•Latest Tweets
  15. 15. A d va n c e d Pe o p l e S E A R CHExamples 1. Category 2. Position 3. Qualities 4. Keywords © 15
  16. 16. Dos and Donts of LinkedIn Etiquette• Remember the reason people join LI is to connect• Be honest; don’t exaggerate• Include a personal message on invites• Don’t say You know someone or are a friend if you don’t – you can be blacklisted• Be professionally appropriate (no pets, quirky backgrounds or funny expressions)• Develop your credibility – and build relationships• Never to ask directly for a job -- it’s not polite or appropriate- unless its listed• Be prompt in your exchanges
  17. 17. How to network?• Status updates with keywords to your targeted firms, jobs• Interact with groups• Build connections--Expand your contact list. – Family, friends, neighbors, members of your church and college friends – Ask your connections to introduce you to their network or a contact – Engage with LI Answers – Target LI Skills aggregates all LI data related to your skill; connect with thought leaders in your network• Use LinkedIn’s in-mail system to contact any members
  18. 18. Answers• Ask question• Search answer category• Answer questions• Make comments• Connect with thought leaders or targeted companies on your interest areas
  19. 19. APS add content -helps make the match• Behance – creative portfolio• Slideshare• Reading list• file upload
  20. 20. How to write about their job?• Prepare• Understand their company culture• Know what they want and• Find people (in the company who are alumni/ contacts from LI Answers) who have similar interests and ask to connect with them- develop a relationship• Be brave – they can only say no• Demonstrate your value
  21. 21. GET TO KNOW COMPANIES You Are Interested• Listen to conversations --Facebook , Twitter• Target advanced company search – drill down- (accountants, Virginia, strong values)• Research Employees median age , backgrounds, degrees, schools and fields – core mission – ST/ LT directions• Company Culture• Value proposition
  22. 22. Upload a resume• Cut and paste it in your profile• Create a free website site, YouTube video and upload it as a PDF as the website – list URL• application – for uploading files to LI
  23. 23. Creativity Buys Precious Attention © 23
  24. 24. 6 Point LinkedIn Strategy1. Every Monday: Change something within your profile and review for keywords/SEO2. Invite people to connect with you;3. Update your status 2 times/ day during business hours4. Join groups in an industry that you want to be in5. Ask Questions and Answer Questions6. Put your contact email in your professional headline
  25. 25. About the PresenterIra Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experienceswith businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the powerof social media for marketing, recruitment and organizationaldevelopment. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to designinteractive environments to by integrating traditional advertising,online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong valuesand sensitivity to organization innovation and change are thefoundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as aconsultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and SeniorExecutive programs. Currently Assistant Professor, LynchburgCollege School of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: © 2011